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Marcia Anne Winter, Ph.D.

Contact Information

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Office: (585) 276-4903



My research focuses on the mechanisms by which stress exposure influences child health. I am particularly interested in how children are affected emotionally, at the level of interpreting and making meaning of challenging situations, and physically, at the level of immune function and health outcomes. In addition, I examine how various processes, for example parenting and family processes, can be protective for children.

My most recent research, entitled Child & Adolescent Physical & Emotional Development - Cancer Context (CAPED-C; K99HD070953), is currently in the pilot phase. We are investigating how families and children cope with a diagnosis of pediatric cancer. Specifically, we examine how broad sociodemographic and life stress, biological factors, health behaviors, and psychosocial processes interact to influence mental health and immunologic factors, which in turn influences disease processes and quality of life. This research advances a novel, integrative biopsychosocial model of pediatric mental and immune function in the context of sociodemographic and family risk and protective factors. The public health significance of this work lies in its potential to highlight multiple, individual- and family-level points of intervention within populations of vulnerable, immunocompromised children.


Journal Articles

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Winter, M. A. & O'Connor, T. G. "Child Immune Function and Family Processes." 2013; In prep.

Winter, M. A., O'Connor, T. G., Moynihan, J. A., Caserta, M. T., & Carnahan, J. "Sociodemographic risk and child immune function." 2013; In prep.

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