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2013 Aug
O'Connor TG, Winter MA, Hunn J, Carnahan J, Pressman EK, Glover V, Robertson-Blackmore E, Moynihan JA, Eun-Hyung Lee F, Caserta MT. "Prenatal maternal anxiety predicts reduced adaptive immunity in infants." Brain, behavior, and immunity. 2013 Aug; 32:21-8. Epub 2013 Feb 21.
Winter, M. A. & O'Connor, T. G. "Child Immune Function and Family Processes." 2013; In prep.
Winter, M. A., O'Connor, T. G., Moynihan, J. A., Caserta, M. T., & Carnahan, J. "Sociodemographic risk and child immune function." 2013; In prep.
O'Connor TG; Winter MA; O'Connor B; Robertson-Blackmore E; Glover V; Pressman EK; Gunnar M; Moynihan JA; Caserta MT. "Prenatal Maternal Anxiety Alters Infant Stress Reactivity". 2013; .
2012 May
Raymond KP, Fiese BH, Winter MA, Knestel A, Everhart RS. "Helpful hints: caregiver-generated asthma management strategies and their relation to pediatric asthma symptoms and quality of life." Journal of pediatric psychology. 2012 May; 37(4):414-23. Epub 2012 Mar 09.
2011 Dec
Winter MA, Fiese BH, Spagnola M, Anbar RD. "Asthma severity, child security, and child internalizing: using story stem techniques to assess the meaning children give to family and disease-specific events." Journal of family psychology : JFP : journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 43). 2011 Dec; 25(6):857-67. Epub 2011 Nov 07.
Fiese BH, Winter MA, Botti JC. "The ABCs of family mealtimes: observational lessons for promoting healthy outcomes for children with persistent asthma." Child development. 2011 82(1):133-45.
2010 Apr 1
Winter MA, Davies PT, Cummings EM. "Children's Security in the Context of Family Instability and Maternal Communications." Merrill-Palmer quarterly (Wayne State University. Press). 2010 Apr 1; 56(2):131-142.
2010 Feb
Fiese BH, Winter MA, Wamboldt FS, Anbar RD, Wamboldt MZ. "Do family mealtime interactions mediate the association between asthma symptoms and separation anxiety?" Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines. 2010 Feb; 51(2):144-51. Epub 2009 Sep 14.
2008 Nov
Sturge-Apple ML, Davies PT, Winter MA, Cummings EM, Schermerhorn A. "Interparental conflict and children's school adjustment: the explanatory role of children's internal representations of interparental and parent-child relationships." Developmental psychology. 2008 Nov; 44(6):1678-90.
2008 Mar
Fiese B, Winter M, Anbar R, Howell K, Poltrock S. "Family climate of routine asthma care: associating perceived burden and mother-child interaction patterns to child well-being." Family process. 2008 Mar; 47(1):63-79.
Davies PT, Woitach MJ, Winter MA, Cummings EM. "Children's insecure representations of the interparental relationship and their school adjustment: the mediating role of attention difficulties." Child development. 2008 79(5):1570-82.
2007 Mar
Fiese BH, Winter MA, Sliwinski M, Anbar RD. "Nighttime waking in children with asthma: an exploratory study of daily fluctuations in family climate." Journal of family psychology : JFP : journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 43). 2007 Mar; 21(1):95-103.
2006 Jun
Winter MA, Davies PT, Hightower AD, Meyer SC. "Relations among family discord, caregiver communication, and children's family representations." Journal of family psychology : JFP : journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 43). 2006 Jun; 20(2):348-51.
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