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Emily B. Nazarian, M.D.

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2015 Mar
Cholette JM, Pietropaoli AP, Henrichs KF, Alfieris GM, Powers KS, Phipps R, Spineli SL, Swartz M, Gensini F, Daugherty LE, Nazarian E, Rubenstein JS, Sweeney D, Eaton M, Blumberg N. "Longer RBC storage duration is associated with increased postoperative infections in pediatric cardiac surgery." Pediatric critical care medicine : a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies. 2015 Mar; 16(3):227-35.
Walker R; Sethi K; Nazarian EB; Daugherty LE; Benoit M. "Evaluating Attitudes on Post-tonsillectomy ICU Admission Among Pediatric Otolaryngologists and Pediatric Intensivists: A Nationwide Survey". Paper in progress. 2014; .
2012 May
Jill M. Cholette, MD; Kelly F. Henrichs, MT(ASCP); George M. Alfieris, MD; Karen S. Powers, MD; Richard Phipps, PhD; Sherry L. Spinelli, PhD; Michael Swartz, PhD; Francisco Gensini, MD; L. Eugene Daugherty, MD; Emily Nazarian, MD; Jeffrey S. Rubenstein, MD, MBA; Dawn Sweeney, MD; Michael Eaton, MD; Norma B. Lerner, MD, MPH; Neil Blumberg, MD. "Washing Red Blood Cells and Platelets Transfused in Cardiac Surgery Reduces Postoperative Inflammation and Number of Transfusions: Results of a Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial." Pediatric Critical Care. 2012; 13(3): 290-9.
Thomas NJ; Ramnarayan P; Bell MJ; Maheshwari P; Wilson S; Nazarian EB; Phipps LM; Stockwell DC; Engel M; Maffei FA; Vyas HG; Britto J. "An international assessment of a web- based diagnostic tool in critically ill children." Technology and Health Care. 2008; 16: 103-110.
2005 Jun
Powers KS, Nazarian EB, Tapyrik SA, Kohli SM, Yin H, van der Jagt EW, Sullivan JS, Rubenstein JS. "Bispectral index as a guide for titration of propofol during procedural sedation among children." Pediatrics. 2005 Jun; 115(6):1666-74.
2000 Feb
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