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Sundeep Malik, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Tesmer JJ. "Pharmacology. Hitting the hot spots of cell signaling cascades." Science.. 2006 Apr 21; 312(5772):377-8.

Malik S, Ghosh M, Bonacci TM, Tall GG, Smrcka AV. "Ric-8 enhances G protein betagamma-dependent signaling in response to betagamma-binding peptides in intact cells." Molecular pharmacology.. 2005 Jul 0; 68(1):129-36. Epub 2005 Mar 31.

Bonacci, Tabetha M.; Ghosh, Mousumi; Malik, Sundeep; and Smrcka, Alan V. "Regulatory interactions between the amino terminus of G-protein beta/gamma subunits and the catalytic domain of PLCbeta2." J Bio Chem. 2004; 10: 1074.

Garry MG, Malik S, Yu J, Davis MA, Yang J. "Knock down of spinal NMDA receptors reduces NMDA and formalin evoked behaviors in rat." Neuroreport.. 2000 Jan 17; 11(1):49-55.

Wang, S.; Cheng, Q.; Malik, S.; and Yang, J. "Interleukin 1-B inhibits GABA gated current in cultured hippocampal neurons." J Pharmacol Exp Therapeutics. 2000; 292: 497-504.

Malik S, Huang CF, Schmidt J. "The role of the CANNTG promoter element (E box) and the myocyte-enhancer-binding-factor-2 (MEF-2) site in the transcriptional regulation of the chick myogenin gene." European journal of biochemistry. 1995 May 15; 230(1):88-96.

Deb, J.K.; Malik, S.; Ghosh, V.K.; Mahai, S.; and Sethi, R. "Intergeneric protoplast fusion between xylanase producing Bacillus Subtilis and corynebacterium acetoacidophilium ATCC 21476." FEMS Microbio Lett. 1991; 71: 287-292.

Cameron, S.J.; Malike, S.; Lerner-Marmarosh, N.; Yan, C.; Akaike, M.; Lee, J-D; Abe, J-I; and Yang, J. "Regulation of EGF-induced Connexin 43 gap junction communication by BMK1/ERK5 but not ERK1/2 kinase activiation." J. Biol. Chem. 278(20): 18682-18688.

Goubaeva, F.; Ghosh, M.; Malik, S.; Yang, J.; Hinkle, P.M.; Griendling, K.K.; Neubig, R.R.; and Smrcka, A.V. "Stimulation of cellular signaling and G protein subunit dissociation by G protein beta gamma subunit binding peptides." J Biol Chem. 278(22): 19634-19641.

Cameron, S.J.; Abe, J.I.; Malik, S.; Che, W.; Yang, J. "Differential Role of MEK5(alpha) and MEK5 (beta) in BMK1/ERK5 Activiation." J Biol Chem. 279(2): 1506-1512.