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Ann M. Leonhardt Caprio, N.P.


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Journal Articles

Leonhardt-Caprio, AM; Sellers, CR; Palermo, E; Caprio, TV; Holloway, RG. "A Multi-Component Transition of Care Improvement Project to Reduce Hospital Readmissions Following Ischemic Stroke" . The Neurohospitalist. 2021; .

Pearce LA, McClure LA, Anderson DC, Jacova C, Sharma M, Hart RG, Benavente OR, . "Effects of long-term blood pressure lowering and dual antiplatelet treatment on cognitive function in patients with recent lacunar stroke: a secondary analysis from the SPS3 randomised trial." The Lancet. Neurology.. 2014 Dec 0; 13(12):1177-85. Epub 2014 Oct 23.

Elkind MS, Luna JM, McClure LA, Zhang Y, Coffey CS, Roldan A, Del Brutto OH, Pretell EJ, Pettigrew LC, Meyer BC, Tapia J, White C, Benavente OR. "C-reactive protein as a prognostic marker after lacunar stroke: levels of inflammatory markers in the treatment of stroke study." Stroke.. 2014 Mar 0; 45(3):707-16. Epub 2014 Feb 12.

, Benavente OR, Coffey CS, Conwit R, Hart RG, McClure LA, Pearce LA, Pergola PE, Szychowski JM. "Blood-pressure targets in patients with recent lacunar stroke: the SPS3 randomised trial." Lancet.. 2013 Aug 10; 382(9891):507-15. Epub 2013 May 29.

Carroll JD, Saver JL, Thaler DE, Smalling RW, Berry S, MacDonald LA, Marks DS, Tirschwell DL, . "Closure of patent foramen ovale versus medical therapy after cryptogenic stroke." The New England journal of medicine.. 2013 Mar 21; 368(12):1092-100.

, Benavente OR, Hart RG, McClure LA, Szychowski JM, Coffey CS, Pearce LA. "Effects of clopidogrel added to aspirin in patients with recent lacunar stroke." The New England journal of medicine.. 2012 Aug 30; 367(9):817-25.

Joseph JV, Leonhardt A, Patel HR. "The cost of radical prostatectomy: retrospective comparison of open, laparoscopic, and robot-assisted approaches." Journal of robotic surgery.. 2008 May 0; 2(1):21-4. Epub 2008 Feb 07.

Borch M, Hattala P, Baron B, Rust K, Simmons B, Leonhardt A, Kiernan M, Shayder D, Davey A, Yovanovich J. "Laparoscopic radical robotic prostatectomy: a case study." Urologic nursing.. 2007 Apr 0; 27(2):141-3.