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Annette E. Sessions, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Sessions, A, E. and Macchiavelli, D. "Acupuncture: Integrative Therapy for Patient Care". M.D. News. 2009; 6: 10-1.

Sessions, A., Mevorach, R. A., Hulbert, W. C., Goldstein, M. M., and Rabinowitz, R. "Testicular Torsion: Direction, Degree, Duration, and Disinformation". The Journal of Urology. 2003; 169: 663-5.

Erturk, E., Sessions, A., and Joseph, J. V. "Impact of Ureteral Stent Diameter on Symptoms and Tolerability". Journal of Endourology. 2003; 17: 59-62.

Sessions, A., Eichel, L., Messing, E.M., Schwarz, E., and Wood, R. "Continuous Bladder Infusion Methods For Studying Voiding Function In The Ambulatory Mouse". Urology. 2002; 60:707-13.

Sessions, A. E. and Messing, E. M. "Timing Hormonal Therapy in Prostate Cancer". Urology Clinics in North America. 2002; 29: 223-7.

Dogra, V. S., Sessions, A., Mevorach, R. A., and Rubens, D. J. "Reversal of Diastolic Pleateau in Partial Testicular Torsion". Journal of Clinical Ultrasound. 2001; 29: 105-108.

Abbas, H.K., Tanaka, T., Duke, S.O., Porter, J.K., Wray, E.M., Hodges, L., Sessions, A.E., Wang, E., Merrill, A.H., Jr., and Riley, R.T. "Fumonisin- and AAL- Toxin-Induced Disruption of Sphingolipid Metabolism and Accumulation of Free Sphingolipid Bases". Plant Physiol. 1994; 106: 1085-1093.