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Natalie Anika Cort, Ph.D.

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Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
1 Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459

Office: (585) 273-1612
Fax: (585) 273-1082

Journal Articles

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Smith, P. N.; Gamble, S. A.; Cort, N. A.; Ward, E. A.; He, H.; Talbot, N. L. "The relationships of attachment style and social maladjustment to death ideation in depressed women with a history of childhood sexual abuse". Journal of Clinical Psychology. 2012; 68: 78-87.
Smith, P. N.; Gamble, S. A.; Cort, N. A.; Ward, E. A.; He, H.; Talbot, N. L.. "Attachment and alliance in the treatment of depressed, sexually abused women". Depression and Anxiety. 2012; 29(2): 123-130.
Cort, N. A.; Gamble, S. A.; Smith, P. N.; Chaudron, L.; Lu, N.; He, H.; Talbot, N. L. "Predictors of treatment outcomes among depressed women with childhood sexual abuse histories". Depression and Anxiety. 2012; 29(6): 479-486.
Cort, N. A.; Toth, S. L.; Cerulli, C.; Rogosch, F. "Maternal intergenerational transmission of childhood multi-type maltreatment". Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. 2011; 20: 19-38.
Cort, N. A.; Cerulli, C.; He, H. "Investigating health disparities and disproportionality in child maltreatment reporting: 2002-2006." Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. 2010; 16(4): 329-336.
Poleshuck, E. L.; Gamble, S. A.; Cort, N.; Hoffman-King, D.; Cerrito, B.; Rosario-McCabe, L.; Giles, D. E. "Interpersonal psychotherapy for co-occurring depression and chronic pain". Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 2010; 41(4): 312-318.
Cort, N. A.; Stewart-Fahs, P. "Heart disease: The hidden killer of rural black women". Journal of Multicultural Nursing and Health. 2001; 7: 37-41.