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James M. Stormont, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Stowe SP, Redmond SR, Stormont JM, Shah AN, Chessin LN, Segal HL, Chey WY. "An epidemiologic study of inflammatory bowel disease in Rochester, New York. Hospital incidence." Gastroenterology.. 1990 Jan 0; 98(1):104-10.

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Norris; Forbes, H.; Panner, Bernard J; and Stormont, James M. "Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis." Arch. Neurol. 1968; 1.2: 88-98.

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Stormont, J.M.; Subtelmy, M.J.; and Sahler, C.o. "Right Hepatectomy and Portacoval Shunt in a Cirrhatic Patient with Subsequent Hepatic Regeneration." Abstract Gastroent. 1964; 46: 762.

Stormont, J.M.; Waterhouse, C. "Effect of variations in previous diet on fasting plasma lipids." J. Lab and Clin. Med. 1963; 15: 107-116.

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Stormont, J.M.; Waterhouse, C. "The effect of changes in diet on fat metabolism and transport in man." Abstract- J. Clin. Invest. 1961; 4.0: 1084.

Oishi, N.; Swisher, S.; Stormont, J.M.; and Schwartz, S. "Portal hypertension in myeloid metaplasia". Arch. Surg. 1960; 1: 80-86.

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Stormont, James M.; Crabbe, J.; Fast, Bernard B.; Wolfe, Stanley J.; Davidson, Charles S. "The effect of prednisone and amphenone on fluid and electrolyte balance and on aldosterone excretion of patients with cirrhosis and ascites." J. Lab and Clin. Med. 1959; 5(1): 396-416.

Stormont, James M.; Hirshberg, E.; and Davidson, Charles S.:. "Experiences with the perioxideerythrocyte hemolysis test in patients with cirrhosis, jaundice and with polyneuritis." Am. J. Clin. Nut. 1959; 1: 206-212.

Stormont, James M,; Mackie, Joseph E.; Kass, E.H.; and Davidson, Charles S. "Bacteriologic culture of the diseased human liver." Ann. Int. Med. 1959; 5(1): 17-23.

Fast, Bernard B.; Wolfe, S.J.; Stormont, James M.; and Davidson, Charles S. "Fat absorption in alcoholics with cirrhosis." Gastroent. 1959; 17: 321-324.

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Stormont, James M.; Mackie, Joseph E.; and Davidson, Charles S. "Observations on antibiotics in the treatment of hepatic coma and on factors contributing to prognosis". New Eng. J. Med. 1958; 212: 1145-1150.

Wolfe, S.J.; Fast, B.; Stormont, J.M.; and Davidson, C.S. "Sodium diuresis from amphenone given to patients with cirrhosis and ascites". New Eng. J. Med. 1957; 25(1): 215-218.