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Thomas E. Penn, M.D.

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Rochester, NY 14618

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1990 May
Boros, L; Asbury, RF; Chang, AY-C; Penn, TE; Kreiser, D. "Cost controls in autologous bone marrow transplantation." Proceedings of the May 1990 Annual Meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncologists. 1990; . Link
1990 Feb
Boros L, Peng YM, Alberts DS, Asbury RF, Goodman TL, Penn TE, Hickox DE. "Pharmacokinetics of very high-dose oral melphalan in cancer patients." American journal of clinical oncology. 1990 Feb; 13(1):19-22.
1988 Nov 15
Amiraian R, Penn TE, Hamann S, Asbury RF, Boros L, Markowitch W, Goodman TL. "Leukemic dermal infiltrates as a complication of central venous catheter placement." Cancer. 1988 Nov 15; 62(10):2223-5.
1986 Aug
Fiore W, Penn TE, Quill T, Lebowitz E, Rivers RJ. "Giant cell arteritis in a 20-year-old black man: a cause of intermittent calf claudication." Journal of vascular surgery. 1986 Aug; 4(2):192-5.
Ouriel, K; Penn, TE; Ricotta J; May, A; Green, RM; DeWeese, JA. "Carotid endarterectomy in the elderly patient." Surgery, Bynecology & Obstetrics. 1986; : 334-336. Link
1982 May
Lotze, M; Penn, TE; Pietropaoli, J; Rivers, RJ, Jr. "The corrugated artery, a reproducible radiologic sign in buerger's disease." Journal of the American Medical Association. 1982; . Link
Penn, TE; Patterson, WB; Eddy, HA. "Protection of normal tissue during x-ray irradiation by temporary hypoxia." Surgical Forum. 1975; . Link