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Carl H. Andrus, M.D.


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Journal Articles

S Johnykutty, D Hicks, K Skinner, C Andrus, L Schiffhauer, M Worman, X Wang. ""Spindle cell (sarcomatous) carcinoma of the breast: Immunohistochemical profile and the clinical outcome."". Laboratory Investigation. 2009; 89:48A: #207.

Poleshuck EL, Katz J, Andrus CH, Hogan LA, Jung BF, Kulick DI, Dworkin RH. "Risk factors for chronic pain following breast cancer surgery: a prospective study." The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society.. 2006 Sep 0; 7(9):626-34.

Jennifer Katz; Ellen L Poleshuck; Carl H Andrus; Laura A. Hogan; Beth F Jung; Dale I Kulick; Robert H Dworkin. "Risk factors for acute pain and its peristence following breast cancer surgery pain." Journal of Pain. 2005; 119: 16-25.

Shortell CK, Andrus CH, Phillips CE, Schwartz SI. "Carcinoma of the parathyroid gland: a 30-year experience." Surgery.. 1991 Oct 0; 110(4):704-8.

Ouriel K, Andrus CH, Ricotta JJ, DeWeese JA, Green RM. "Acute renal artery occlusion: when is revascularization justified?" Journal of vascular surgery.. 1987 Feb 0; 5(2):348-55.

May AG, Betts RF, Andrus CC, Freeman RB, Hoy WE, Tibi PR, Carey AS. "Effect of cytomegalovirus on renal transplantation." New York state journal of medicine.. 1982 Jul 0; 82(8):1199-206.

Andrus CH; Betts RF; May AG; Freeman RB. "Better Allograft Survival in Erythrocyte Type O Recipeints Correlates with Resistance to Cytomegalovirus Infections." Transplantation Proceedings XIII. 1981; : 120-124.

Gerety RL; Andrus CH; May AG; Rob C; Green R; DeWeese JA. "Surgical Treatment of Occlusive Subclavian Artery Disease." Circulation 64 (Suppl II). 1981; .

Andrus CH. "Instrument and technique for removal of subungual foreign bodies." American journal of surgery.. 1980 Oct 0; 140(4):588.

Andrus CH. "A Technique for Suture of Calcified Arterial Wall". Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics. 1980; 151: 675.

Andrus CH, Betts RF, May AG, Freeman RB. "Cytomegalovirus infection blocks the beneficial effect of pretransplant blood transfusion on renal allograft survival." Transplantation.. 1979 Dec 0; 28(6):451-6.

May AG, Betts RF, Freeman RB, Andrus CH. "An analysis of cytomegalovirus infection and HLA antigen matching on the outcome of renal transplantation." Annals of surgery.. 1978 Feb 0; 187(2):110-7.

Talley TE, Linke CL, Linke CA, May AG, Andrus C, Bryson MF, Cockett AT, Frank IN, Freeman RB, Greene WA, Merin RG, Pabico RC, Ufferman RC, Yakub YN. "Bilateral nephrectomy and splenectomy in renal failure." Urology.. 1974 Oct 0; 4(4):378-83.

Cockett AT' Freeman RB; May AG; Andrus CH; Linke CA; Davis R; Linke CL; Merin R; Talley T; Bryson M; Netto IC. "SONY-W. Sharing of Cadaveric Kidneys for Transplantation". Urology. 1973; 11: 373-374.

Seigler HF, Amos DB, Ward FE, Andrus CH, Southworth JG, Hattler BG, Stickel DL. "Immunogenetics of consanguineous allografts in man. I. Histocompatibility testing and skin allografts." Annals of surgery.. 1970 Aug 0; 172(2):151-9.

Andrus CH, Morton JH. "Rupture of the diaphragm after blunt trauma." American journal of surgery.. 1970 Jun 0; 119(6):686-93.

Amos DB, Andrus CH, Ward FE. "A model for determining haplotype immunogenicity." Transplantation.. 1970 Feb 0; 9(2):143-50.

Seigler HF; Stickel DL; Ward FE; Andrus CH; Klein W; Gunnells JF; Amos DB. "Correlations of Test Skin Grafts and Renal Allograft Function in Human Subjects Genotyped for HL". A Surgery. 1970; 68: 86-91.

Ward FE; Seigler HF; Southworth JA; Andrus CH; Amos DB. "The Immunogenicity of HL- A Antigen". Histocompatibility Testing. 1970; : 399-410.

Andrus CH. "A Model System for Measuring Antigenic Strength". Histocompatibility Testing. 1970; : 417-421.

ANDRUS CH, PECHET G, MACDONALD RA. "Bile duct obstruction and regeneration of the liver." Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine.. 1961 Apr 0; 106:809-12.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Vascular Access
Book Title: Rob and Smith's Operative Surgery
Author List: May AG; Andrus CH
Published By: Butterworth1985 in London

Book Title: Shunts and Fistulae for Hemodialysis in Operative Surgery
Author List: May AG; Andrus CH
Edited By: Rob C; Smith R
Published By: Butterworth1976 in London