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2016 May
Erba G, Giussani G, Juersivich A, Magaudda A, Chiesa V, Laganà A, Di Rosa G, Bianchi E, Langfitt J, Beghi E. "The semiology of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures revisited: Can video alone predict the diagnosis? Preliminary data from a prospective feasibility study." Epilepsia. 2016 May; 57(5):777-85. Epub 2016 Mar 07.
2016 Feb
Giussani G, Canelli V, Bianchi E, Franchi C, Nobili A, Erba G, Beghi E, . "A population-based study of active and drug-resistant epilepsies in Northern Italy." Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. 2016 Feb; 55:30-7. Epub 2015 Dec 28.
2015 Aug
Selioutski O, Seltzer LE, Burchfiel J, Paciorkowski AR, Erba G. "Characteristic Features of the Interictal EEG Background in 2 Patients With Malignant Migrating Partial Epilepsy in Infancy." Journal of clinical neurophysiology : official publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society. 2015 Aug; 32(4):e23-9.
2015 Jan
Cianchetti C, Messina P, Pupillo E, Crichiutti G, Baglietto MG, Veggiotti P, Zamponi N, Casellato S, Margari L, Erba G, Beghi E, . "The perceived burden of epilepsy: Impact on the quality of life of children and adolescents and their families." Seizure : the journal of the British Epilepsy Association. 2015 Jan; 24:93-101. Epub 2014 Sep 16.
2013 Oct
Erba G, Messina P, Pupillo E, Beghi E, . "Acceptance of epilepsy surgery in the pediatric age - what the parents think and what the doctors can do." Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. 2013 Oct; 29(1):112-20. Epub 2013 Aug 10.
2012 Jul
Erba G, Messina P, Pupillo E, Beghi E, . "Acceptance of epilepsy surgery among adults with epilepsy--what do patients think?" Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. 2012 Jul; 24(3):352-8. Epub 2012 May 30.
2012 Mar 7
Engel J, McDermott MP, Wiebe S, Langfitt JT, Stern JM, Dewar S, Sperling MR, Gardiner I, Erba G, Fried I, Jacobs M, Vinters HV, Mintzer S, Kieburtz K, . "Early surgical therapy for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy: a randomized trial." JAMA. 2012 Mar 7; 307(9):922-30.
2012 Jan
Erba G, Moja L, Beghi E, Messina P, Pupillo E. "Barriers toward epilepsy surgery. A survey among practicing neurologists." Epilepsia. 2012 Jan; 53(1):35-43. Epub 2011 Oct 05.
2010 Oct
Engel J, McDermott MP, Wiebe S, Langfitt JT, Erba G, Gardiner I, Stern J, Dewar S, Sperling MR, Jacobs M, Kieburtz K, . "Design considerations for a multicenter randomized controlled trial of early surgery for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy." Epilepsia. 2010 Oct; 51(10):1978-86.
2005 Sep
Harding G, Wilkins AJ, Erba G, Barkley GL, Fisher RS, . "Photic- and pattern-induced seizures: expert consensus of the Epilepsy Foundation of America Working Group." Epilepsia. 2005 Sep; 46(9):1423-5.
Erba G. ""Deep Red" Alert - The Visual System is Under Attack: The Role of Color (Commentary)." Neurology. 2005; 64: 771.
Fisher RS, Harding G, Erba G, Barkley GL, Wilins AJ. "Photic - and pattern- induced seizures: A review for the Epilepsy Foundation of America working group." Epilepsia. 2005; 49: 1426-1441.
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Erba, Giuseppe. "Preventing seizures from "Pocket Monsters". A way to control reflex epilepsy." Neurology. 2001; 57(10): 1747-8.
2000 Jun
Ziegler RG, Erba G, Holden L, Dennison H. "The coordinated psychosocial and neurologic care of children with seizures and their families." Epilepsia. 2000 Jun; 41(6):732-43.
1999 Jun
Langfitt JT, Wood BL, Brand KL, Brand J, Erba G. "Family interactions as targets for intervention to improve social adjustment after epilepsy surgery." Epilepsia. 1999 Jun; 40(6):735-44.
1998 Apr
Wood BL, McDaniel S, Burchfiel K, Erba G. "Factors distinguishing families of patients with psychogenic seizures from families of patients with epilepsy." Epilepsia. 1998 Apr; 39(4):432-7.
1998 Mar
McBride MC, Bronstein KS, Bennett B, Erba G, Pilcher W, Berg MJ. "Failure of standard magnetic resonance imaging in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy." Archives of neurology. 1998 Mar; 55(3):346-8.
1995 Jul
Oestreich LJ, Berg MJ, Bachmann DL, Burchfiel J, Erba G. "Ictal contralateral paresis in complex partial seizures." Epilepsia. 1995 Jul; 36(7):671-5.
1992 Dec
Erba G, Winston KR, Adler JR, Welch K, Ziegler R, Hornig GW. "Temporal lobectomy for complex partial seizures that began in childhood." Surgical neurology. 1992 Dec; 38(6):424-32.
1992 Dec
Winston KR, Welch K, Adler JR, Erba G. "Cerebral hemicorticectomy for epilepsy." Journal of neurosurgery. 1992 Dec; 77(6):889-95.
1991 Feb
Adler J, Erba G, Winston KR, Welch K, Lombroso CT. "Results of surgery for extratemporal partial epilepsy that began in childhood." Archives of neurology. 1991 Feb; 48(2):133-40.
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1988 Jul
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1985 Jun
Wilkins DE, Hallett M, Erba G. "Primary generalised epileptic myoclonus: a frequent manifestation of minipolymyoclonus of central origin." Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. 1985 Jun; 48(6):506-16.
1984 Jan
Duffy FH, Jensen F, Erba G, Burchfiel JL, Lombroso CT. "Extraction of clinical information from electroencephalographic background activity: the combined use of brain electrical activity mapping and intravenous sodium thiopental." Annals of neurology. 1984 Jan; 15(1):22-30.
1982 Feb
Janati A, Erba G. "Electroencephalographic correlates of near-drowning encephalopathy in children." Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology. 1982 Feb; 53(2):182-91.
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1972 Nov
Papeschi R, Molina-Negro P, Sourkes TL, Erba G. "The concentration of homovanillic and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acids in ventricular and lumbar CSF. Studies in patients with extrapyramidal disorders, epilepsy, and other diseases." Neurology. 1972 Nov; 22(11):1151-9.
1970 Dec
Lombroso CT, Erba G, Yogo T, Logowitz N, Hilaire JS. "Two-dimensional sonar scanning for detection of intracranial lesions. A comparison with isotope scans, electroencephalograms, and radiological studies in 97 cases." Archives of neurology. 1970 Dec; 23(6):518-27.
1970 Apr
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