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2013 May
Huang J, Wang JK, Sun Y. "Molecular pathology of prostate cancer revealed by next-generation sequencing: opportunities for genome-based personalized therapy." Current opinion in urology. 2013 May; 23(3):189-93.
2013 May
Li Z, Chen CJ, Wang JK, Hsia E, Li W, Squires J, Sun Y, Huang J. "Neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer." Asian journal of andrology. 2013 May; 15(3):328-32. Epub 2013 Mar 18.
2012 Oct
Liu N, Tai S, Ding B, Thor RK, Bhuta S, Sun Y, Huang J. "Arsenic trioxide synergizes with everolimus (Rad001) to induce cytotoxicity of ovarian cancer cells through increased autophagy and apoptosis." Endocrine-related cancer. 2012 Oct; 19(5):711-23. Epub 2012 Sep 21.
2012 Jun
Chen H, Sun Y, Wu C, Magyar C, Li X, Cheng L, Yao JL, Shen S, Osunkoya AO, Liang C, Huang J. "Pathogenesis of prostatic small cell carcinoma involves the inactivation of the P53 pathway." Endocrine-related cancer. 2012 Jun; 19(3):321-31. Epub 2012 May 24.
2012 Apr 27
Ding B, Sun Y, Huang J. "Overexpression of SKI oncoprotein leads to p53 degradation through regulation of MDM2 protein sumoylation." The Journal of biological chemistry. 2012 Apr 27; 287(18):14621-30. Epub 2012 Mar 12.
2011 Nov
Tai S, Sun Y, Squires JM, Zhang H, Oh WK, Liang CZ, Huang J. "PC3 is a cell line characteristic of prostatic small cell carcinoma." The Prostate. 2011 Nov; 71(15):1668-79. Epub 2011 Mar 22.
2011 Jan
Sun Y, Huang JT. "Novel genetic loci associated with prostate cancer in the Japanese population." Asian journal of andrology. 2011 Jan; 13(1):120-1. Epub 2010 Oct 11.
Sun Y, Niu J, Huang J. "Neuroendocrine differentiation in prostate cancer." American journal of translational research. 2009 1(2):148-62. Epub 2009 Feb 05.
2006 Feb 16
Sun Y, Gao D, Liu Y, Huang J, Lessnick S, Tanaka S. "IGF2 is critical for tumorigenesis by synovial sarcoma oncoprotein SYT-SSX1." Oncogene. 2006 Feb 16; 25(7):1042-52.
2001 Mar
Liu X, Sun Y, Weinberg RA, Lodish HF. "Ski/Sno and TGF-beta signaling." Cytokine & growth factor reviews. 2001 Mar; 12(1):1-8.
2000 Nov 30
Liu X, Sun Y, Ehrlich M, Lu T, Kloog Y, Weinberg RA, Lodish HF, Henis YI. "Disruption of TGF-beta growth inhibition by oncogenic ras is linked to p27Kip1 mislocalization." Oncogene. 2000 Nov 30; 19(51):5926-35.
2000 Apr 10
Liu X, Constantinescu SN, Sun Y, Bogan JS, Hirsch D, Weinberg RA, Lodish HF. "Generation of mammalian cells stably expressing multiple genes at predetermined levels." Analytical biochemistry. 2000 Apr 10; 280(1):20-8.
1999 Oct 26
Sun Y, Liu X, Ng-Eaton E, Lodish HF, Weinberg RA. "SnoN and Ski protooncoproteins are rapidly degraded in response to transforming growth factor beta signaling." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1999 Oct 26; 96(22):12442-7.
1999 Oct
Sun Y, Liu X, Eaton EN, Lane WS, Lodish HF, Weinberg RA. "Interaction of the Ski oncoprotein with Smad3 regulates TGF-beta signaling." Molecular cell. 1999 Oct; 4(4):499-509.
1999 Feb 26
Wells RG, Gilboa L, Sun Y, Liu X, Henis YI, Lodish HF. "Transforming growth factor-beta induces formation of a dithiothreitol-resistant type I/Type II receptor complex in live cells." The Journal of biological chemistry. 1999 Feb 26; 274(9):5716-22.
1997 Sep 30
Liu X, Sun Y, Constantinescu SN, Karam E, Weinberg RA, Lodish HF. "Transforming growth factor beta-induced phosphorylation of Smad3 is required for growth inhibition and transcriptional induction in epithelial cells." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1997 Sep 30; 94(20):10669-74.
1995 Jul
Wanker EE, Sun Y, Savitz AJ, Meyer DI. "Functional characterization of the 180-kD ribosome receptor in vivo." The Journal of cell biology. 1995 Jul; 130(1):29-39.