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Eric P. Weinberg, M.D.

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2003 Feb
Hollenberg GM, Beitia AO, Tan RK, Weinberg EP, Adams MJ. "Imaging of the spine in sports medicine." Current sports medicine reports. 2003 Feb; 2(1):33-40.
2002 Jan 15
Hollenberg GM, Beattie PF, Meyers SP, Weinberg EP, Adams MJ. "Stress reactions of the lumbar pars interarticularis: the development of a new MRI classification system." Spine. 2002 Jan 15; 27(2):181-6.
2001 Sep
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2000 May
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Weinberg EP; Adams MJ; Hollenberg GM. "Color doppler sonography of patellar tendinosis. September 1998;171:743-744". American Journal of Radiology. 1998; 171: 743-744. Link
Hollenberg GM; Adams MJ; Weinberg EP. "Ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound of acute and subacute Achilles tendon ruptures. Sept/Oct 1998;5(5):317-323". Emergency Radiology. 1998; 5(5): 317-323. Link
1997 Jun
Weinberg E, Griggs J, Zotalis G, Gottileb RH. "Skeletal muscle mass in an asymptomatic male." Academic radiology. 1997 Jun; 4(6):458-60.
Gottlieb RH; Weinberg EP; Rubens DJ; Monk RD; Grossman EB. "Renal sonography: can it be used more selectively in the setting of an elevated serum creatinine level?". American Journal of Kidney Disease. 1997; 29(3): 362-367. Link
1996 Apr
Weinberg EP, Cooper J. "Periportal varices detected on a radionuclide bleeding study." Clinical nuclear medicine. 1996 Apr; 21(4):335-6.
Murphy KJ; Kazerooni EA; Braun MA; Weinberg EP; Killam DA; Hendrick WJ. "Radiographic appearance of intrathoracic complicationsof pregnancy." Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiology. 1996; 47(6): 453-459. Link
1993 Feb
Weinberg E, Hoisington S, Eastman AY, Rice DK, Malfetano J, Ross JS. "Uterine cervical lymphoepithelial-like carcinoma. Absence of Epstein-Barr virus genomes." American journal of clinical pathology. 1993 Feb; 99(2):195-9.


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