Dina G. Markowitz, Ph.D.

Dina G. Markowitz, Ph.D.

Contact Information

University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box EHSC
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-3171
Fax: (585) 256-2591

Research Bio

As Director of the University of Rochester's Life Sciences Learning Center (LSLC), I am responsible for developing and coordinating a wide variety of science education and outreach programs for students (elementary through high school), teachers, and the general community. LSLC programs emphasize hands-on and minds-on learning to boost science literacy and increase enthusiasm towards learning science. These programs include field trips to our LSLC teaching lab, in-school programs, science camps and clubs, community programs, and science teacher workshops.

I have led numerous science education projects that have involved curriculum development and teacher professional development on a wide variety of topics such environmental health, genetic testing, stem cells, neuroscience, nanoparticles, kidney disease, drug abuse and addiction, cancer, and health literacy. These projects have brought engaging, hands-on and minds-on curriculum materials to teachers and their students throughout the US.

This includes teaching opportunities at the LSLC and various courses and workshops that I have taught on science education and science communication.

Awards & Honors (Local)

Provisional Patent application 61057002 | UR Office of Technology Transfer | for "Science Take-Out Kits" 2008
UR Medical Center License Agreement #AGR-0253 | with Neo/SCI for worldwide distribution of four | Life Sciences Learning Center curriculum modules 2006
Children's Environmental Health Recognition Award | US EPA, Office of Children's Health Protection | for the "My Environment, My Health, My Choices" program 2005
Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines | United States Patent 5,278,056 | with Drs. Arthur Bank and Stephen Goff 1994
Sigma XI Scientific Research Honor Society | Columbia University Kappa Chapter 1988


"Bioterrorism Investigation"

United States Serial NO.: TX 6-439-168
Filed Date: August 4, 2006
Title: Bioterrorism in Western New York
Invented by: Shaw-Ree Chen, Dina Markowitz
"LSLC Outbreak!"

United States Serial NO.: TX 6-424-852
Filed Date: August 4, 2006
Title: LSLC Breakout
Invented by: Shaw-Ree Chen, Kimberly LaCelle, Dina Markowitz
"Science Fair Experiment: How to Get Started"

United States Serial NO.: TX 6-439-554
Filed Date: August 4, 2006
Title: Science fair Experiment: How to get started
Invented by: Amanda Genaux, Christina Sutton, Dina Markowitz

Recent Journal Articles

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Markowitz, D.; Holt, S. "Simulating Science: Manipulative models and small scale simulations that promote learning of complex biological concepts." The Science Teacher. 2011; : 44-48.
Martina, C.; Hursh, D.; Markowitz, D. "Contradictions in educational policy: Implementing integrated problem-based curriculum in a high stakes environment." Environmental Education Research. 2009; 15(3): 279-281.
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Markowitz DG, DuPré MJ. "Graduate Experience in Science Education: the development of a science education course for biomedical science graduate students." CBE life sciences education. 2007 6(3):233-42.

Current Appointments

Professor - Department of Environmental Medicine (SMD) - Primary
Professor - Center for Community Health


PhD | Genetics | Columbia University1989
M. Phil. | Genetics and Development | Columbia University1987
M.A. | Genetics and Development | Columbia University1985
BA | Biology | Brandeis University1984

Post-Doctoral Training & Residency

University of Rochester, Post-doctoral teaching fellowship, Department of Microbiology and Immunology 1998
SmithKline Beecham Corporation, Post-doctoral fellowship. Mentor: Mitchell Gross, Ph.D. 1991
Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Post-doctoral fellowship. Mentor: John Wolfe, V.M.D., Ph.D. 1990