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Lynn C. Liu, M.D.

Neurology, Pediatrics


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Journal Articles

Karan SB, Rackovsky E, Voter WA, Kanel JA, Farris N, Jensen J, Liu L, Ward DS. "A Randomized, Prospective, Double-Blinded Study of Physostigmine to Prevent Sedation-Induced Ventilatory Arrhythmias." Anesthesia and analgesia.. 2015 Sep 0; 121(3):652-60.

Fernandez G, Lee JA, Liu LC, Gassler JP. "The Baroreflex in Hypertension." Current hypertension reports.. 2015 Mar 0; 17(3):19.

B.T. Adornato, O. Drogan, P. Thoresen, M. Coleman, V.W. Henderson, K.A. Henry, L. Liu, J.A. Mortimer, M.J. Schneck, and A.R. Borenstein. "The practice of neurology, 2000–2010: Report of the AAN Member Research Subcommittee". Neurology. 2011; 77(21): 1921-1928.

Rao M, Rajda G, Uppuluri S, Beck GR, Liu L, Bisognano JD. "The role of continuous positive airway pressure in the treatment of hypertension in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypoapnea syndrome: a review of randomized trials." Reviews on recent clinical trials. 2010 Jan 0; 5(1):35-42.

Liu L, Henry JC. "New-onset partial epilepsy in adults." Current treatment options in neurology.. 2009 Jul 0; 11(4):242-52.

Ciafaloni E, Mignot E, Sansone V, Hilbert JE, Lin L, Lin X, Liu LC, Pigeon WR, Perlis ML, Thornton CA. "The hypocretin neurotransmission system in myotonic dystrophy type 1." Neurology.. 2008 Jan 15; 70(3):226-30.

Benbadis SR, Liu L. "CPAP: a treatment for epilepsy?" Neurology.. 2007 Nov 6; 69(19):1814-5.

Scharf C, Cho YK, Bloch KE, Brunckhorst C, Duru F, Balaban K, Foldvary N, Liu L, Burgess RC, Candinas R, Wilkoff BL. "Diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders by visual analysis of transthoracic impedance signals in pacemakers." Circulation.. 2004 Oct 26; 110(17):2562-7. Epub 2004 Oct 18.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Reproductive Issues
Book Title: Practical Epilepsy
Author List: Liu, L.
Edited By: Aatif Husain
Published By: Springer Publishing2015

Chapter Title: Sleep Disorders
Book Title: Cecil's Essentials of Medicine, 8th Edition
Author List: Liu, L
Edited By: Thomas Andreoli, Ivor Benjamin, Robert Griggs, and Edward Wing
Published By: Saunders2010 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: Sleep Disorders
Book Title: Principles of Drug Therapy in Neurology
Author List: Liu, L.
Edited By: Michael Johnston & Robert Gross
Published By: Oxford2008

Chapter Title: "EEG Including Ambulatory and Invasive Studies in Relation to Abnormal Movements During Sleep"
Book Title: Sleep in Movement Disorders
Author List: Liu, L; Dinner, D.
Edited By: Sudhansu Chokroverty, MD
Published By: Buttterworth Heinemann2003