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Shannon Patrick Hilchey, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 675
Rochester, NY 14642

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Shah, S., Divekar A.A., Hilchey, S.P., Cho, H.M., Newman, C.L., Shin, S.U., Nechustan, H., Challita-Eid, P.M., Segal, B.M., Yi, K.H., Rosenblatt, J.D. "Increased rejection of primary tumors in mice lacking B cells: Inhibition of anti-tumor CTL and TH1 cytokine responses by B cells." International Journal of Cancer. 2005; 117: 574-586. Link
2001 Jul 15
Tolba KA, Bowers WJ, Hilchey SP, Halterman MW, Howard DF, Giuliano RE, Federoff HJ, Rosenblatt JD. "Development of herpes simplex virus-1 amplicon-based immunotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia." Blood. 2001 Jul 15; 98(2):287-95.
1998 Oct 1
Challita-Eid PM, Abboud CN, Morrison SL, Penichet ML, Rosell KE, Poles T, Hilchey SP, Planelles V, Rosenblatt JD. "A RANTES-antibody fusion protein retains antigen specificity and chemokine function." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 1998 Oct 1; 161(7):3729-36.
1997 Aug 8
Hilchey SP, Wu L, Koudelka GB. "Recognition of nonconserved bases in the P22 operator by P22 repressor requires specific interactions between repressor and conserved bases." The Journal of biological chemistry. 1997 Aug 8; 272(32):19898-905.
1997 Jan 17
Hilchey SP, Koudelka GB. "DNA-based loss of specificity mutations. Effects of DNA sequence on the contacted and non-contacted base preferences of bacteriophage P22 repressor." The Journal of biological chemistry. 1997 Jan 17; 272(3):1646-53.
Koudelka, G.B., Bell, A.C., Hilchey, S.P. "Indirect Effects of DNA Sequence of Protein-DNA Interactions." Biological Structure and Dynamics. 1996; 1: 1-19. Link


Hilchey, S.P., Xu, J., Koudelka, G.B.. "Indirect Effects of DNA Sequence on Transcriptional Activation by Prokaryotic DNA Binding Proteins.". Nucleic Acids & Molecular Biology. : Mechanisms in Transcription, 1997.