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Vyacheslav A. Korshunov, Ph.D.


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Shi G, Field DJ, Long X, Mickelsen D, Ko KA, Ture S, Korshunov VA, Miano JM, Morrell CN. "Platelet factor 4 mediates vascular smooth muscle cell injury responses." Blood.. 2013 May 23; 121(21):4417-27. Epub 2013 Apr 08.

Pang J, Xu X, Wang X, Majumder S, Wang J, Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "G-protein-coupled receptor kinase interacting protein-1 mediates intima formation by regulating vascular smooth muscle proliferation, apoptosis, and migration." Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2013 May 0; 33(5):999-1005. Epub 2013 Feb 21.

Smolock EM, Machleder DE, Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Identification of a genetic locus on chromosome 11 that regulates leukocyte infiltration in mouse carotid artery." Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2013 May 0; 33(5):1014-9. Epub 2013 Feb 28.

Gerloff, J.; Korshunov , V.A. "Immune modulation of vascular resident cells by axl orchestrates carotid intima-media thickening." Am J Pathol. 2012; 180(5): 2134-2143.

Batchu, S.N.; Korshunov, V.A. "Novel tyrosine kinase signaling pathways: implications in vascular remodeling." Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2012; 21(2): 122-127.

Korshunov, V.A. "Axl-dependent signalling: a clinical update." 2012; 122: 361-368.

Smolock, E.M.; Iluyshkina, I.A.; Ghazalpour, A.; Gerloff, J.; Murashev, A.N.; Lusis, A.J.; Korshunov, V.A. "A genetic locus on mouse chromosome 7 controls elevated heart rate." Physiol Genomics. 2012; 44: 689-698.

Smolock, E.M.; Korshunov, V.A*. "Pharmacological inhibition of Axl affects smooth muscle cell functions under oxidative stress." Vascul Pharmacol. 2010; 53(3-4): 185-192.

Cavet ME, Smolock EM, Menon P, Konishi A, Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Gas6-Axl pathway: The role of redox-dependent association of Axl with non-muscle myosin IIB." Hypertension. 2010; 56(1): 105-111.

Chiang HY; Korshunov VA; Serour A; Shi F; Sottile J. "Fibronectin is an important regulator of flow-induced vascular remodeling." Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. 2009; 29(7): 1074-1079.

Alexis JD; Wang N; Che W; Lerner-Marmarosh N; Sahni A; Korshunov VA; Zou Y; Ding B; Yan C; Berk BC; Abe J. "Bcr kinase activation by Angiotensin II inhibits PPAR? transcriptional activity in vascular smooth muscle cells." Circulation Research. 2009; 104: 69-78.

Korshunov VA; Berk BC. "Genetic modifier loci linked to intima formation induced by low flow in the mouse carotid." Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. 2009; 29(1): 47-53.

Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Smooth muscle apoptosis and vascular remodeling." Current opinion in hematology.. 2008 May 0; 15(3):250-4.

Korshunov VA, Daul M, Massett MP, Berk BC. "Axl mediates vascular remodeling induced by deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertension." Hypertension.. 2007 Dec 0; 50(6):1057-62. Epub 2007 Oct 08.

Korshunov VA, Schwartz SM, Berk BC. "Vascular remodeling: hemodynamic and biochemical mechanisms underlying Glagov's phenomenon." Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2007 Aug 0; 27(8):1722-8. Epub 2007 May 31.

Vasilyeva, ON.; Muravyova, DA.; Korshunov, VA.; Murashev, AN.; Ivashev, MN. "Biological effects of the herb and sum of saponins from Ginseng (Russian)." Farmacia. 2007; 7: 40-41.

Chen C, Korshunov VA, Massett MP, Yan C, Berk BC. "Impaired vasorelaxation in inbred mice is associated with alterations in both nitric oxide and super oxide pathways." Journal of vascular research.. 2007 44(6):504-12. Epub 2007 Jul 30.

Barker TA, Massett MP, Korshunov VA, Mohan AM, Kennedy AJ, Berk BC. "Angiotensin II type 2 receptor expression after vascular injury: differing effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition and angiotensin receptor blockade." Hypertension.. 2006 Nov 0; 48(5):942-9. Epub 2006 Sep 18.

Korshunov VA, Mohan AM, Georger MA, Berk BC. "Axl, a receptor tyrosine kinase, mediates flow-induced vascular remodeling." Circulation research.. 2006 Jun 9; 98(11):1446-52. Epub 2006 Apr 20.

Nagel DJ, Aizawa T, Jeon KI, Liu W, Mohan A, Wei H, Miano JM, Florio VA, Gao P, Korshunov VA, Berk BC, Yan C. "Role of nuclear Ca2+/calmodulin-stimulated phosphodiesterase 1A in vascular smooth muscle cell growth and survival." Circulation research.. 2006 Mar 31; 98(6):777-84. Epub 2006 Mar 02.

Korshunov VA, Nikonenko TA, Tkachuk VA, Brooks A, Berk BC. "Interleukin-18 and macrophage migration inhibitory factor are associated with increased carotid intima-media thickening." Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2006 Feb 0; 26(2):295-300. Epub 2005 Nov 17.

Berk BC, Korshunov VA. "Genetic determinants of vascular remodelling." The Canadian journal of cardiology.. 2006 Feb 0; 22 Suppl B:6B-11B.

Plekhanova OS, Solomatina MA, Men'shikov MIu, Bashtrykov PP, Korshunov VA, Berk BS, Tkachuk BA, Parfenova EV. "[Plasminogen activators and matrix metalloproteinases during arterial remodeling]." Kardiologiia.. 2006 46(9):47-56.

Korshunov, VA.; Berk, BC. "Response to the Letter to Editor (Wentzel JJ et al): Can the "Glagov phenomenon" be studied in non-atherosclerotic mice by inducing low shear stress conditions?". Circulation. 2005; 110(9): e119.

Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Strain-dependent vascular remodeling: the "Glagov phenomenon" is genetically determined." Circulation.. 2004 Jul 13; 110(2):220-6. Epub 2004 Jun 28.

Konishi A, Aizawa T, Mohan A, Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Hydrogen peroxide activates the Gas6-Axl pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2004 Jul 2; 279(27):28766-70. Epub 2004 Apr 28.

Lobanov AV, Rzhevskii DI, Korshunov VA, Murashev AN. "Effect of cholinergic and adrenergic receptor blockade on arrhythmogenic activity of endothelin-1 during inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis in awake mice." Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine. 2004 Feb 0; 137(2):111-3.

Korshunov VA, Massett MP, Carey RM, Berk BC. "Role of Angiotensin-converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidase in flow-dependent remodeling." Journal of vascular research.. 2004 41(2):148-56. Epub 2004 Mar 03.

Korshunov VA, Solomatina MA, Plekhanova OS, Parfyonova YV, Tkachuk VA, Berk BC. "Plasminogen activator expression correlates with genetic differences in vascular remodeling." Journal of vascular research.. 2004 41(6):481-90. Epub 2004 Oct 28.

Korshunov VA, Berk BC. "Flow-induced vascular remodeling in the mouse: a model for carotid intima-media thickening." Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.. 2003 Dec 0; 23(12):2185-91. Epub 2003 Oct 23.

Murashev AN, Rzhevskii DI, Korshunov VA, Lobanov AV. "Arrhythmogenic effects of endothelin-1 under conditions of NO-synthase blockade with L-NAME in NMRI mice." Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine. 2003 Apr 0; 135(4):370-3.

Murashev, AN.; Korshunov, VA.; Khokhlova, ON.; Rzhevskii, DI.; Gmoshinskii, IV.; Lysivok IuA.; Mazo, VK. "Quantitative characteristics of expertimental systemic anaphylaxis in the Sprague-Dawley rate (Russian)." Russ J Physiol. 2000; 86(2): 190-195.

Monastyrskaia, EA.; Murashev, AN.;, Khokhlova, ON.; Saprunova, VB.; Korshunov, VA.; Koshelev, VB. "Genetic aspects of arterial hypertension: the role of Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA (Russian)." Russ J Physiol. 2000; 86(6): 671-680.

Korshunov, VA.; Murashev, AN.; Ivashev, MN.; Dugin, SF.; Medvedev, OS. "Hemodynamic effects of tetrindol in alert normotensive mice and rats after blockade of nitric oxide synthesis." Bull Exp Biol Med. 2000; 130(8): 193-195.

Korshunov, VA.; Murashev, AN.; Ivashev, MN.; Dugin, SF.; Medvedev, OS . "Comparative study of hemodynamic effects of antidepressants (tetrindole and desipramine) during immobilization stress in hypertensive rats (Russian)." Exp Clin Pharmacol (Moscow). 2000; 63(5): 18-20.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Apoptosis and vascular disease
Book Title: Modern Insights Into Disease From Molecules to Man
Author List: Korshunov, V.A.
Edited By: Victor R Preedy
Published By: Apoptosis2010

Chapter Title: Flow-induced Vascular Remodeling
Book Title: In A Handbook of Mouse Models for Cardiovascular Disease
Author List: Korshunov, VA.; Berk, BC.
Edited By: Quingbo Xu
Published By: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.2006