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Michael Krasner, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Krasner, Michael S. "Through the Lens of Attention, Apprenticeship, and Attachment in Health and Healing" . Zen Bow. 2006; 29(1): 10-14.

Krasner, Michael S. "Mindfulness-Based Interventions: A Coming of Age?" . Families, Systems, & Health. 2004; 22(2): 207-212.

Krasner, Michael S. "The Gift of Mindfulness" . Families, Systems, &Health. 2004; 22(2): 213-215.

OJ Krasner, DBA, Scott A. Krasner, MD, Michael S. Krasner, MD. "MD's Who Have Given Up Clinical Practice to Become Entrepreneurs: Circumstances, Experiences-to-Date, and Risk Propensity Profiles" . Presented to and abstracted in the Proceedings of the Society for Entrepreneurial Research Conference, Pepperdine University. 1987; .