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Hironao Wakabayashi, M.D., Ph.D.


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Yang F, Zhang L, Wakabayashi H, Myers J, Jiang Y, Cao Y, Jimenez-Ortigosa C, Perlin DS, Rustchenko E. "Tolerance to Caspofungin in Candida albicans Is Associated with at Least Three Distinctive Mechanisms That Govern Expression of FKS Genes and Cell Wall Remodeling." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.. 2017 May 0; 61(5)Epub 2017 Apr 24.

Suwunnakorn S, Wakabayashi H, Rustchenko E. "Chromosome 5 of Human Pathogen Candida albicans Carries Multiple Genes for Negative Control of Caspofungin and Anidulafungin Susceptibility." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.. 2016 Dec 0; 60(12):7457-7467. Epub 2016 Nov 21.

Monaghan M, Wakabayashi H, Griffiths AE, Fay PJ. "Stabilizing interactions between D666-S1787 and T657-Y1792 at the A2-A3 interface support factor VIIIa stability in the blood clotting pathway." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2016 May 0; 14(5):1021-30. Epub 2016 Mar 21.

Xiao J, Moon Y, Li L, Rustchenko E, Wakabayashi H, Zhao X, Feng C, Gill SR, McLaren S, Malmstrom H, Ren Y, Quivey R, Koo H, Kopycka-Kedzierawski DT. "Candida albicans Carriage in Children with Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC) and Maternal Relatedness." PloS one. 2016 11(10):e0164242. Epub 2016 Oct 14.

Yada K, Nogami K, Takeyama M, Ogiwara K, Wakabayashi H, Shima M. "Mild hemophilia A patient with novel Pro1809Leu mutation develops an anti-C2 antibody inhibiting allogeneic but not autologous factor VIII activity." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2015 Oct 0; 13(10):1843-53. Epub 2015 Sep 23.

Leong L, Sim D, Patel C, Tran K, Liu P, Ho E, Thompson T, Kretschmer PJ, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ, Murphy JE. "Noncovalent stabilization of the factor VIII A2 domain enhances efficacy in hemophilia A mouse vascular injury models." Blood.. 2015 Jan 8; 125(2):392-8. Epub 2014 Oct 20.

Monaghan M, Wakabayashi H, Griffiths A, Wintermute J, Fay PJ. "Enhanced factor VIIIa stability of A2 domain interface variants results from an increased apparent affinity for the A2 subunit. Results from an increased apparent affinity for the A2 subunit." Thrombosis and haemostasis.. 2014 Sep 2; 112(3):495-502. Epub 2014 Jun 05.

Kosloski MP, Shetty KA, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ, Balu-Iyer SV. "Effects of replacement of factor VIII amino acids Asp519 and Glu665 with Val on plasma survival and efficacy in vivo." The AAPS journal. 2014 Sep 0; 16(5):1038-45. Epub 2014 Jun 17.

Wakabayashi H, Wintermute JM, Fay PJ. "Combining mutations that modulate inter-subunit interactions and proteolytic inactivation enhance the stability of factor VIIIa." Thrombosis and haemostasis.. 2014 Jul 3; 112(1):43-52. Epub 2014 Mar 06.

Wakabayashi H, Monaghan M, Fay PJ. "Cofactor activity in factor VIIIa of the blood clotting pathway is stabilized by an interdomain bond between His281 and Ser524 formed in factor VIII." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2014 May 16; 289(20):14020-9. Epub 2014 Apr 01.

Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Replacing the factor VIII C1 domain with a second C2 domain reduces factor VIII stability and affinity for factor IXa." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2013 Oct 25; 288(43):31289-97. Epub 2013 Sep 12.

Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Modification of interdomain interfaces within the A3C1C2 subunit of factor VIII affects its stability and activity." Biochemistry.. 2013 Jun 4; 52(22):3921-9. Epub 2013 May 21.

Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Molecular orientation of factor VIIIa on the phospholipid membrane surface determined by fluorescence resonance energy transfer." The Biochemical journal.. 2013 Jun 1; 452(2):293-301.

Yada K, Nogami K, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ, Shima M. "The mild phenotype in severe hemophilia A with Arg1781His mutation is associated with enhanced binding affinity of factor VIII for factor X." Thrombosis and haemostasis.. 2013 Jun 0; 109(6):1007-15. Epub 2013 Mar 07.

Takeyama M, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Contribution of factor VIII light-chain residues 2007-2016 to an activated protein C-interactive site." Thrombosis and haemostasis.. 2013 Feb 0; 109(2):187-98. Epub 2012 Dec 06.

Deangelis JP, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Sequences flanking Arg336 in factor VIIIa modulate factor Xa-catalyzed cleavage rates at this site and cofactor function." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2012 May 4; 287(19):15409-17. Epub 2012 Mar 12.

Wakabayashi H, Griffiths AE, Fay PJ. "Enhancing factor VIII and VIIIa stability by combining mutations at the A2 domain interface and A1-C2 domain interface." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2012 Mar 0; 10(3):492-5.

Takeyama M, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Factor VIII light chain contains a binding site for factor X that contributes to the catalytic efficiency of factor Xase." Biochemistry.. 2012 Jan 24; 51(3):820-8. Epub 2012 Jan 17.

Deangelis JP, Varfaj F, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "The role of P4-P3' residues flanking Arg336 in facilitating activated protein C-catalyzed cleavage and inactivation of factor VIIIa." Thrombosis research.. 2011 Nov 0; 128(5):470-6. Epub 2011 Apr 05.

Wakabayashi H, Griffiths AE, Fay PJ. "Increasing hydrophobicity or disulfide bridging at the factor VIII A1 and C2 domain interface enhances procofactor stability." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2011 Jul 22; 286(29):25748-55. Epub 2011 May 31.

Novakovic VA, Cullinan DB, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ, Baleja JD, Gilbert GE. "Membrane-binding properties of the Factor VIII C2 domain." The Biochemical journal.. 2011 Apr 1; 435(1):187-96.

Wakabayashi H, Griffiths AE, Fay PJ. "Factor VIII lacking the C2 domain retains cofactor activity in vitro." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2010 Aug 13; 285(33):25176-84. Epub 2010 Jun 07.

Wakabayashi H, Griffiths AE, Fay PJ. "Combining mutations of charged residues at the A2 domain interface enhances factor VIII stability over single point mutations." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2009 Mar 0; 7(3):438-44. Epub 2008 Dec 04.

Wakabayashi H, Varfaj F, Deangelis J, Fay PJ. "Generation of enhanced stability factor VIII variants by replacement of charged residues at the A2 domain interface." Blood.. 2008 Oct 1; 112(7):2761-9. Epub 2008 Jul 23.

Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Identification of residues contributing to A2 domain-dependent structural stability in factor VIII and factor VIIIa." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2008 Apr 25; 283(17):11645-51. Epub 2008 Feb 25.

Varfaj F, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Residues surrounding Arg336 and Arg562 contribute to the disparate rates of proteolysis of factor VIIIa catalyzed by activated protein C." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2007 Jul 13; 282(28):20264-72. Epub 2007 May 22.

Wakabayashi H, Zhou Q, Varfaj F, Fay PJ. "A3 domain residue Glu1829 contributes to A2 subunit retention in factor VIIIa." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2007 May 0; 5(5):996-1001. Epub 2007 Feb 26.

Varfaj F, Neuberg J, Jenkins PV, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Role of P1 residues Arg336 and Arg562 in the activated-Protein-C-catalysed inactivation of Factor VIIIa." The Biochemical journal.. 2006 Jun 1; 396(2):355-62.

Wakabayashi H, Zhou Q, Nogami K, Ansong C, Varfaj F, Miles S, Fay PJ. "pH-dependent association of factor VIII chains: enhancement of affinity at physiological pH by Cu2+." Biochimica et biophysica acta.. 2006 Jun 0; 1764(6):1094-101. Epub 2006 Apr 22.

Wakabayashi H, Su YC, Ahmad SS, Walsh PN, Fay PJ. "A Glu113Ala mutation within a factor VIII Ca2+-binding site enhances cofactor interactions in factor Xase." Biochemistry.. 2005 Aug 2; 44(30):10298-304.

Nogami K, Zhou Q, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Thrombin-catalyzed activation of factor VIII with His substituted for Arg372 at the P1 site." Blood.. 2005 Jun 1; 105(11):4362-8. Epub 2005 Feb 10.

Nogami K, Zhou Q, Myles T, Leung LL, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Exosite-interactive regions in the A1 and A2 domains of factor VIII facilitate thrombin-catalyzed cleavage of heavy chain." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2005 May 6; 280(18):18476-87. Epub 2005 Mar 03.

Nogami K, Wakabayashi H, Ansong C, Fay PJ. "Localization of a pH-dependent, A2 subunit-interactive surface within the factor VIIIa A1 subunit." Biochimica et biophysica acta.. 2004 Sep 1; 1701(1-2):25-35.

Nogami K, Freas J, Manithody C, Wakabayashi H, Rezaie AR, Fay PJ. "Mechanisms of interactions of factor X and factor Xa with the acidic region in the factor VIII A1 domain." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2004 Aug 6; 279(32):33104-13. Epub 2004 May 27.

Nogami K, Lapan KA, Zhou Q, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Identification of a factor Xa-interactive site within residues 337-372 of the factor VIII heavy chain." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2004 Apr 16; 279(16):15763-71. Epub 2004 Feb 04.

Wakabayashi H, Freas J, Zhou Q, Fay PJ. "Residues 110-126 in the A1 domain of factor VIII contain a Ca2+ binding site required for cofactor activity." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2004 Mar 26; 279(13):12677-84. Epub 2004 Jan 13.

Nogami K, Wakabayashi H, Fay PJ. "Mechanisms of factor Xa-catalyzed cleavage of the factor VIIIa A1 subunit resulting in cofactor inactivation." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 May 9; 278(19):16502-9. Epub 2003 Feb 26.

Nogami K, Wakabayashi H, Schmidt K, Fay PJ. "Altered interactions between the A1 and A2 subunits of factor VIIIa following cleavage of A1 subunit by factor Xa." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 Jan 17; 278(3):1634-41. Epub 2002 Nov 07.

Wakabayashi H, Zhen Z, Schmidt KM, Fay PJ. "Mn2+ binding to factor VIII subunits and its effect on cofactor activity." Biochemistry.. 2003 Jan 14; 42(1):145-53.

Wakabayashi H, Schmidt KM, Fay PJ. "Ca(2+) binding to both the heavy and light chains of factor VIII is required for cofactor activity." Biochemistry.. 2002 Jul 2; 41(26):8485-92.

Wakabayashi H, Koszelak ME, Mastri M, Fay PJ. "Metal ion-independent association of factor VIII subunits and the roles of calcium and copper ions for cofactor activity and inter-subunit affinity." Biochemistry.. 2001 Aug 28; 40(34):10293-300.

Fay PJ, Mastri M, Koszelak ME, Wakabayashi H. "Cleavage of factor VIII heavy chain is required for the functional interaction of a2 subunit with factor IXA." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2001 Apr 13; 276(15):12434-9. Epub 2001 Jan 22.

Nicolson GL, Nakajima M, Wakabayashi H, Boyd DD, Diaz D, Irimura T. "Cancer cell heparanase activity associated with invasion and metastasis." Advances in enzyme regulation.. 1998 38:19-32.

Sawada H, Wakabayashi H, Nawa A, Mora E, Cavanaugh PG, Nicolson GL. "Differential motility stimulation but not growth stimulation or adhesion of metastatic human colorectal carcinoma cells by target organ-derived liver sinusoidal endothelial cells." Clinical & experimental metastasis.. 1996 May 0; 14(3):308-13.

Wakabayashi H, Cavanaugh PG, Nicolson GL. "Purification and identification of mouse lung microvessel endothelial cell-derived chemoattractant for lung-metastasizing murine RAW117 large-cell lymphoma cells: identification as mouse monocyte chemotactic protein 1." Cancer research.. 1995 Oct 1; 55(19):4458-64.

Wakabayashi H, Cavanaugh PG, Nicolson GL. "Responses to paracrine chemotactic and autocrine chemokinetic factors and lung metastatic capability of mouse RAW117 large-cell lymphoma cells." British journal of cancer.. 1994 Dec 0; 70(6):1089-94.

Kawaguchi T, Ono T, Wakabayashi H, Igarashi S. "Cell surface laminin-like substances and laminin-related carbohydrates of rat ascites hepatoma AH7974 and its variants with different lung-colonizing potential." Clinical & experimental metastasis.. 1994 May 0; 12(3):203-12.

Kawaguchi T, Igarashi S, Wakabayashi H, Yokoya S, Fukui K. "Substrate adhesiveness and experimental metastatic potential of rat ascites hepatoma AH7974-derived variant sublines." Clinical & experimental metastasis.. 1992 Jul 0; 10(4):225-38.

Kawaguchi, T., Sugino, T., and Wakabayashi, H. "Microcirculation disturbance in malignant neoplasms." Biomedicine and Therapeutics. 1992; 26: 19-23.

Wakabayashi H, Kawaguchi T. "Fibronectin degradation by human gastric carcinoma cell lines and its associated proteases in relation to stromal invasion in nude mice." Invasion & metastasis. 1992 12(5-6):284-300.

Watanabe K, Saito A, Wakabayashi H, Kawaguchi T, Suzuki T. "Two autopsy cases of primary leiomyosarcoma of the liver. Superiority of muscle-specific actin immunoreactivity in diagnosis." Acta pathologica japonica.. 1991 Jun 0; 41(6):461-5.

Kawaguchi, T., Ono, T., Sakuma, A., Igarashi, S., Wakabayashi, H., and Yokoya, S. "Expression of fibronectin and laminin of tumor cells with different substratum adhesiveness and experimental metastatic potential." Igaku-no-Ayumi. 1990; 152: 113-114.

Kawaguchi, T., Ono, T., Igarashi, S., and Wakabayashi, H. "Expression of laminin and laminin carbohydrates and metastatic potential of tumor cells." Medical English. 1990; 7: 4-6.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Transfilter cell invasion assays
Book Title: Cell Biology: A laboratory Handbook
Author List: Wakabayashi, H. and Nicolson G. L.
Edited By: Celis J.E.
Published By: Academic press1998 in San Diego

Chapter Title: Determination of invasive ability into Matrigel or Collagen.
Book Title: Cell Culture Handbook
Author List: Wakabayashi, H.
Edited By: Suzuki T.
Published By: Chugain Igaku Co.1993 in Tokyo, Japan