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2001 Jun
Voter KZ, Whitin JC, Torres A, Morrow PE, Cox C, Tsai Y, Utell MJ, Frampton MW. "Ozone exposure and the production of reactive oxygen species by bronchoalveolar cells in humans." Inhalation toxicology. 2001 Jun; 13(6):465-83.
Azadniv M, Utell MJ, Morrow PE, Gibb FR, Nichols J, Roberts Jr NJ, Speers DM, Torres A, Tsai Y, Abraham MK, Voter KZ, Frampton MW. "Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide exposure on human host defense". Inhal Toxicol. 1998; 10: 585-601.
1997 Nov
Long CE, Voter KZ, Barker WH, Hall CB. "Long term follow-up of children hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus lower respiratory tract infection and randomly treated with ribavirin or placebo." The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 1997 Nov; 16(11):1023-8.
1997 Sep
Torres A, Utell MJ, Morow PE, Voter KZ, Whitin JC, Cox C, Looney RJ, Speers DM, Tsai Y, Frampton MW. "Airway inflammation in smokers and nonsmokers with varying responsiveness to ozone." American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 1997 Sep; 156(3 Pt 1):728-36.
1997 Jun
Frampton MW, Morrow PE, Torres A, Voter KZ, Whitin JC, Cox C, Speers DM, Tsai Y, Utell MJ. "Effects of ozone on normal and potentially sensitive human subjects. Part II: Airway inflammation and responsiveness to ozone in nonsmokers and smokers." Research report (Health Effects Institute). 1997 Jun; (78):39-72; discussion 81-99.
1997 Jan
Frampton MW, Morrow PE, Torres A, Cox C, Voter KZ, Utell MJ. "Ozone responsiveness in smokers and nonsmokers." American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 1997 Jan; 155(1):116-21.
1996 Mar
Torres A, Voter KZ, Utell MJ, Whitin JC, Morrow PE, Frampton MW. "Production of reactive oxygen intermediates following exposure to ozone. Relative contribution of alveolar macrophages." Chest. 1996 Mar; 109(3 Suppl):8S.
1992 Oct
Voter KZ, Leigh MW, Boat TF, Carson JL, Wood RE. "Development of mucociliary transport in the postnatal ferret trachea." Journal of applied physiology. 1992 Oct; 73(4):1500-3.
1992 Sep
Frampton MW, Voter KZ, Morrow PE, Roberts NJ, Culp DJ, Cox C, Utell MJ. "Sulfuric acid aerosol exposure in humans assessed by bronchoalveolar lavage." The American review of respiratory disease. 1992 Sep; 146(3):626-32.
1992 Feb
Henderson FW, Stewart PW, Burchinal MR, Voter KZ, Strope GL, Ivins SS, Morris R, Wang OL, Henry MM. "Respiratory allergy and the relationship between early childhood lower respiratory illness and subsequent lung function." The American review of respiratory disease. 1992 Feb; 145(2 Pt 1):283-90.
1988 Feb
Voter KZ, Henry MM, Stewart PW, Henderson FW. "Lower respiratory illness in early childhood and lung function and bronchial reactivity in adolescent males." The American review of respiratory disease. 1988 Feb; 137(2):302-7.
White ST, Voter K, Perry J. "Surreptitious warfarin ingestion." Child abuse & neglect. 1985 9(3):349-52.


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