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Mesut Muyan, D.V.M., Ph.D.


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Huang Y, Li X, Muyan M. "Estrogen receptors similarly mediate the effects of 17?-estradiol on cellular responses but differ in their potencies." Endocrine.. 2011 Feb 0; 39(1):48-61. Epub 2010 Nov 11.

Nott SL, Huang Y, Kalkanoglu A, Harper K, Chen M, Paoni SF, Fenton BM, Muyan M. "Designer monotransregulators provide a basis for a transcriptional therapy for de novo endocrine-resistant breast cancer." Molecular medicine.. 2010 16(1-2):10-8. Epub 2009 Nov 17.

Chen, M.; Ni, J.; Chang, H. C.; Lin, C. Y.; Muyan, M.; Yeh, S.;. "CCDC62/ERAP75 functions as a coactivator to enhance estrogen receptor beta-mediated transactivation and target gene expression in prostate cancer cells". Carcinogenesis. 2009; 30(35): 841-50.

Nott, S. L.; Huang, Y.; Li, X.; Fluharty, B. R.; Qiu, X.; Welshons, W. V.; Yeh, S.; Muyan, M.;. "Genomic responses from the estrogen-responsive element-dependent signaling pathway mediated by estrogen receptor alpha are required to elicit cellular alterations". J Biol Chem. 2009; 284(322): 15277-88.

Nott, S. L.; Huang, Y.; Fluharty, B. R.; Sokolov, A. M.; Huang, M.; Cox, C.; Muyan, M.;. "Do Estrogen Receptor beta Polymorphisms Play A Role in the Pharmacogenetics of Estrogen Signaling?". Curr Pharmacogenomics Person Med. 2008; 6(34): 239-259.

Li, X.; Huang, J.; Fluharty, B. R.; Huang, Y.; Nott, S. L.; Muyan, M.;. "What are comparative studies telling us about the mechanism of ERbeta action in the ERE-dependent E2 signaling pathway?". J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2008; .

Li, X.; Nott, S. L.; Huang, Y.; Hilf, R.; Bambara, R. A.; Qiu, X.; Yakovlev, A.; Welle, S.; Muyan, M.;. "Gene expression profiling reveals that the regulation of estrogen-responsive element-independent genes by 17beta-estradiol-estrogen receptor beta is uncoupled from the induction of phenotypic changes in cell models". J Mol Endocrinol. 2008; 40(35): 211-29.

Chen, M.; Ni, J.; Zhang, Y.; Muyan, M.; Yeh, S.;. "ERAP75 functions as a coactivator to enhance estrogen receptor alpha transactivation in prostate stromal cells". Prostate. 2008; 68(312): 1273-82.

Huang J, Li X, Qiao T, Bambara RA, Hilf R, Muyan M. "A tale of two estrogen receptors (ERs): how differential ER-estrogen responsive element interactions contribute to subtype-specific transcriptional responses." Nuclear receptor signaling. 2006 4:e015. Epub 2006 Jul 07.

Huang J, Li X, Hilf R, Bambara RA, Muyan M. "Molecular basis of therapeutic strategies for breast cancer." Current drug targets. Immune, endocrine and metabolic disorders. 2005 Dec 0; 5(4):379-96.

Li X, Huang J, Yi P, Bambara RA, Hilf R, Muyan M. "Single-chain estrogen receptors (ERs) reveal that the ERalpha/beta heterodimer emulates functions of the ERalpha dimer in genomic estrogen signaling pathways." Molecular and cellular biology.. 2004 Sep 0; 24(17):7681-94.

Huang J, Li X, Yi P, Hilf R, Bambara RA, Muyan M. "Targeting estrogen responsive elements (EREs): design of potent transactivators for ERE-containing genes." Molecular and cellular endocrinology.. 2004 Apr 15; 218(1-2):65-78.

Yi P, Bhagat S, Hilf R, Bambara RA, Muyan M. "Differences in the abilities of estrogen receptors to integrate activation functions are critical for subtype-specific transcriptional responses." Molecular endocrinology.. 2002 Aug 0; 16(8):1810-27.

Sathya G, Yi P, Bhagat S, Bambara RA, Hilf R, Muyan M. "Structural regions of ERalpha critical for synergistic transcriptional responses contain co-factor interacting surfaces." Molecular and cellular endocrinology.. 2002 Jun 28; 192(1-2):171-85.

Yi P, Driscoll MD, Huang J, Bhagat S, Hilf R, Bambara RA, Muyan M. "The effects of estrogen-responsive element- and ligand-induced structural changes on the recruitment of cofactors and transcriptional responses by ER alpha and ER beta." Molecular endocrinology.. 2002 Apr 0; 16(4):674-93.

Muyan M, Yi P, Sathya G, Willmert LJ, Driscoll MD, Hilf R, Bambara RA. "Fusion estrogen receptor proteins: toward the development of receptor-based agonists and antagonists." Molecular and cellular endocrinology.. 2001 Sep 0; 182(2):249-63.

Driscoll MD, Sathya G, Muyan M, Klinge CM, Hilf R, Bambara RA. "Sequence requirements for estrogen receptor binding to estrogen response elements." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 1998 Nov 6; 273(45):29321-30.

Muyan M, Ruddon RW, Norton SE, Boime I, Bedows E. "Dissociation of early folding events from assembly of the human lutropin beta-subunit." Molecular endocrinology.. 1998 Oct 0; 12(10):1640-9.

Muyan M, Boime I. "The carboxyl-terminal region is a determinant for the intracellular behavior of the chorionic gonadotropin beta subunit: effects on the processing of the Asn-linked oligosaccharides." Molecular endocrinology.. 1998 May 0; 12(5):766-72.

Garcia-Campayo V, Sato A, Hirsch B, Sugahara T, Muyan M, Hsueh AJ, Boime I. "Design of stable biologically active recombinant lutropin analogs." Nature biotechnology.. 1997 Jul 0; 15(7):663-7.

Muyan M, Boime I. "Secretion of chorionic gonadotropin from human trophoblasts." Placenta.. 1997 May 0; 18(4):237-41.

Muyan M, Furuhashi M, Sugahara T, Boime I. "The carboxy-terminal region of the beta-subunits of luteinizing hormone and chorionic gonadotropin differentially influence secretion and assembly of the heterodimers." Molecular endocrinology.. 1996 Dec 0; 10(12):1678-87.

Muyan M, Ryzmkiewicz DM, Boime I. "Secretion of lutropin and follitropin from transfected GH3 cells: evidence for separate secretory pathways." Molecular endocrinology.. 1994 Dec 0; 8(12):1789-97.

Muyan M, Roser JF, Dybdal N, Baldwin DM. "Modulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated luteinizing hormone release in cultured male equine anterior pituitary cells by gonadal steroids." Biology of reproduction.. 1993 Aug 0; 49(2):340-5.

Muyan M, Baldwin DM. "Testosterone suppresses 8-bromo-adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate and gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated luteinizing hormone subunit synthesis." Endocrinology.. 1992 Jun 0; 130(6):3337-44.

Baldwin DM, Roser JF, Muyan M, Lasley B, Dybdal N. "Direct effects of free and conjugated steroids on GnRH stimulated LH release in cultured equine anterior pituitary cells." Journal of reproduction and fertility. Supplement. 1991 44:327-32.