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Shannon M. Smith, Ph.D.

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Appointment: (585) 276-3000

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BA | Wellesley College

MA | University of Rochester
Social Psychology

PhD | University of Rochester
Social Psychology


Journal Articles

Smith SM, Jensen MP, He H, Kitt R, Koch J, Pan A, Burke LB, Farrar JT, McDermott MP, Turk DC, Dworkin RH. "A Comparison of the Assay Sensitivity of Average and Worst Pain Intensity in Pharmacologic Trials: An ACTTION Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis." The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society.. 2018 Sep 0; 19(9):953-960. Epub 2018 Mar 26.

Smith SM, Dworkin RH, Turk DC, Baron R, Polydefkis M, Tracey I, Borsook D, Edwards RR, Harris RE, Wager TD, Arendt-Nielsen L, Burke LB, Carr DB, Chappell A, Farrar JT, Freeman R, Gilron I, Goli V, Haeussler J, Jensen T, Katz NP, Kent J, Kopecky EA, Lee DA, Maixner W, Markman JD, McArthur JC, McDermott MP, Parvathenani L, Raja SN, Rappaport BA, Rice AS, Rowbotham MC, Tobias JK, Wasan AD, Witter J. "The Potential Role of Sensory Testing, Skin Biopsy, and Functional Brain Imaging as Biomarkers in Chronic Pain Clinical Trials: IMMPACT Considerations." The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society.. 2017 Jul 0; 18(7):757-777. Epub 2017 Feb 27.

Gewandter JS, Burke L, Cavaletti G, Dworkin RH, Gibbons C, Gover TD, Herrmann DN, McArthur Mb JC, McDermott MP, Rappaport BA, Reeve BB, Russell JW, Smith AG, Smith SM, Turk DC, Vinik AI, Freeman R. "Content validity of symptom-based measures for diabetic, chemotherapy, and HIV peripheral neuropathy." Muscle & nerve.. 2017 Mar 0; 55(3):366-372. Epub 2016 Dec 23.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: The self and intimate relationships.
Book Title: The Self
Author List: Carmichael, C. L., Tsai, F., Smith, S. M., Caprariello, P. A., & Reis, H. T.
Edited By: C. Sedikides & S. Spencer
Published By: Psychology Press 2007 in New York

Chapter Title: Defensive pessimism: Positive past, anxious present, and pessimistic future.
Book Title: Judgments over time: The interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Author List: Norem, J. K., & Smith, S.
Edited By: L. J. Sanna & E. C. Chang
Published By: Oxford University Press 2006 in London