Shannon M. Smith, Ph.D.

Shannon M. Smith, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 604
Rochester, NY 14642

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Smith, S. M., & Reis, H. T. "Perceived responses to capitalization attempts are influenced by self-esteem and relationship threat." Personal Relationships. 2012; 19: 367-385.
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Klein, J. D., Sabaratnam, P., Auerbach, M. M., Smith, S. M., Kodjo, C., Lewis, K., Ryan, S., Dandino, C. "Development and factor structure of a brief instrument to assess the impact of community programs on positive youth development: The Rochester Evaluation of Asset Development for Youth (READY) tool." Journal of Adolescent Health. 2006; 39: 252-260.
Klein, J. D., Postle, C. K., Kreipe, R. E., Smith, S. M., McIntosh, S., Spada, J., & Ossip-Klein, D. "Do physicians discuss needed diet and nutrition health topics with adolescents?". Journal of Adolescent Health. 2006; 38: 608.e1-608.e6.


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