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Clayton E. Stablein, M.S.

Contact Information


Professional Background

Mr. Clay Stablein earned his M.Sc. degree in Radiological Physics at Wayne State University, Detroit, USA. Specializing in Superconducting Cyclotron applications, he worked specifically on developing a novel wedge using the micro-MLC rods for Head and Neck treatments.

As a clinician, Mr. Stablein is broadly interested in transit dosimetry and Monte Carlo techniques with particular interest in moving on from table look up double-check methods to Monte Carlo methods as well as in-vivo dosimetry per patient.

As a leader in RT, currently his research focuses on safety culture in RT utilizing TG-100 methods as well as continuing to explore non-personalist management styles within the process of taking a patient from consult to follow-up. Additionally, he is exploring the feasibility of using Varian’s MPC (or like technology) as the sole check of the machine and eliminating the redundant Task Group reports now supported by NRC and Agreement States.



BS | University of Washington

MS | Wayne State University
Radiological Physics