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Zhang H, Karakas C, Tyburski H, Turner BM, Peng Y, Wang X, Katerji H, Schiffhauer L, Hicks DG. "HER2-low breast cancers: Current insights and future directions." Seminars in diagnostic pathology.. 2022 Jul 9; Epub 2022 Jul 09.

Kharel Z, Nemer OP, Xi W, Upadhayaya B, Falkson CI, O'Regan RM, Dhakal A. "Inflammatory breast cancer with excellent response to pembrolizumab-chemotherapy combination: A case report." Breast disease.. 2022 41(1):255-260.

Petrolla A, Hicks DG, Skinner KA, Wang X. "Detailed Morphologic Evaluation of Breast Papillary Lesions on Core Biopsy Is Critical for Accurate Classification and Clinical Management: The Experience of an Academic Institute." Clinical breast cancer.. 2021 Dec 14; Epub 2021 Dec 14.

Abu-Farsakh S, Drage MG, Huber AR, Turner BM, Varghese S, Wang X, Whitney-Miller CL, Gonzalez RS. "Interobserver Agreement in the Diagnosis of Anal Dysplasia: Comparison Between Gastrointestinal and Gynaecologic Pathologists and Utility of Consensus Conferences." Histopathology.. 2021 Oct 3; Epub 2021 Oct 03.

Ajabnoor R, Bell PD, Schiffman S, Carmody E, Monu J, Wang X. "Histiocytic Sarcoma Arising From a Long Bone: Report of Two Cases." International journal of surgical pathology.. 2021 Mar 22; :1066896921996464. Epub 2021 Mar 22.

Zhang H, Moisini I, Turner BM, Wang X, Dhakal A, Yang Q, Kovar S, Schiffhauer LM, Hicks DG. "Significance of HER2 in Microinvasive Breast Carcinoma." American journal of clinical pathology.. 2021 Jan 25; Epub 2021 Jan 25.

Zhang H, Moisini I, Ajabnoor RM, Turner BM, D'aguiar M, Cai X, Gao S, Yang Q, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, Hicks DG. "Frequency, Clinicopathologic Characteristics, and Follow-up of HER2-Positive Nonpleomorphic Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast." American journal of clinical pathology.. 2019 Nov 30; Epub 2019 Nov 30.

Bansal M, Chen J, Wang X. "Focal Anomalous Expression of Cytokeratin and p63 in Malignant Phyllodes Tumor: A Comparison With Spindle Cell Metaplastic Carcinoma." Applied immunohistochemistry & molecular morphology : AIMM. 2018 Mar 0; 26(3):198-201.

Wang X, El-Halaby AA, Zhang H, Yang Q, Laughlin TS, Rothberg PG, Skinner K, Hicks DG. "p53 alteration in morphologically normal/benign breast luminal cells in BRCA carriers with or without history of breast cancer." Human pathology.. 2017 Oct 0; 68:22-25. Epub 2017 Apr 21.

Wang X, Stolla M, Ring BZ, Yang Q, Laughlin TS, Rothberg PG, Skinner K, G Hicks D. "p53 alteration in morphologically normal/benign breast tissue in patients with triple-negative high-grade breast carcinomas: breast p53 signature?" Human pathology.. 2016 Sep 0; 55:196-201. Epub 2016 May 28.

Yuan J, Lei ZN, Wang X, Deng YJ, Chen DB. "Interaction between Oc-1 and Lmx1a promotes ventral midbrain dopamine neural stem cells differentiation into dopamine neurons." Brain research.. 2015 May 22; 1608:40-50. Epub 2015 Mar 05.

Wang X, Ring BZ, Seitz RS, Ross DT, Woolf K, Beck RA, Hicks DG, Yeh S. "Expression of a-Tocopherol-Associated protein (TAP) is associated with clinical outcome in breast cancer patients." BMC clinical pathology. 2015 15:21. Epub 2015 Dec 09.

Wang X, Yarid N, McMahon L, Yang Q, Hicks DG. "Expression of androgen receptor and its association with estrogen receptor and androgen receptor downstream proteins in normal/benign breast luminal epithelium." Applied immunohistochemistry & molecular morphology : AIMM. 2014 Aug 0; 22(7):498-504.

Tang P, Wang J, Hicks DG, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, McMahon L, Yang Q, Shayne M, Huston A, Skinner KA, Griggs J, Lyman G. "A lower Allred score for progesterone receptor is strongly associated with a higher recurrence score of 21-gene assay in breast cancer." Cancer investigation.. 2010 Nov 0; 28(9):978-82.

Li F, Wang X, Xu H, Roggli VL. "Small neuroendocrine lesions in intrathoracic lymph nodes of patients with primary lung adenocarcinoma: real metastasis?" The American journal of surgical pathology.. 2010 Nov 0; 34(11):1701-7.

Wang X, Ni J, Hsu CL, Johnykutty S, Tang P, Ho YS, Lee CH, Yeh S. "Reduced expression of tocopherol-associated protein (TAP/Sec14L2) in human breast cancer." Cancer investigation.. 2009 Dec 0; 27(10):971-7.

Wang X, Ni J, Hsu CL, Johnykutty S, Tang P, Ho YS, Lee CH, Yeh S. "Reduced Expression of Tocopherol-Associated Protein (TAP/Sec14L2) in Human Breast Cancer." Cancer investigation.. 2009 Jun 22; :1. Epub 2009 Jun 22.

Johnykutty S, Tang P, Zhao H, Hicks DG, Yeh S, Wang X. "Dual expression of alpha-tocopherol-associated protein and estrogen receptor in normal/benign human breast luminal cells and the downregulation of alpha-tocopherol-associated protein in estrogen-receptor-positive breast carcinomas." Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc.. 2009 Jun 0; 22(6):770-5. Epub 2009 Mar 20.

Chen M, Wolfe A, Wang X, Chang C, Yeh S, Radovick S. "Generation and characterization of a complete null estrogen receptor alpha mouse using Cre/LoxP technology." Molecular and cellular biochemistry.. 2009 Jan 0; 321(1-2):145-53. Epub 2008 Oct 25.

Simon RA, Laughlin TS, Nuccie B, Wang N, Rothberg PG, Wang X. "A 46 XY phenotypic female adolescent with bilateral gonadal tumors consisting of five different components." International journal of gynecological pathology : official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists.. 2008 Jul 0; 27(3):407-11.

Tang P, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, Wang J, Bourne P, Yang Q, Quinn A, Hajdu SI. "Relationship between nuclear grade of ductal carcinoma in situ and cell origin markers." Annals of clinical and laboratory science. 2006 36(1):16-22.

Tang P, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, Wang J, Bourne P, Yang Q, Quinn A, Hajdu S. "Expression patterns of ER-alpha, PR, HER-2/neu, and EGFR in different cell origin subtypes of high grade and non-high grade ductal carcinoma in situ." Annals of clinical and laboratory science. 2006 36(2):137-43.

Dupont J, Wang X, Marshall DS, Leitao M, Hedvat CV, Hummer A, Thaler H, O'Reilly RJ, Soslow RA. "Wilms Tumor Gene (WT1) and p53 expression in endometrial carcinomas: a study of 130 cases using a tissue microarray." Gynecologic oncology.. 2004 Aug 0; 94(2):449-55.

Wang X; Ahmed I; Ericson S; Wenger S. "Multiple chromosome abnormalities following bone marrow transplant for chronic myelogenous leukemia". The Journal of the Association of Genetic Technologists. 2004; 30: 7-9.

Wang X, Christiani DC, Mark EJ, Nelson H, Wiencke JK, Gunn L, Wain JC, Kelsey KT. "Carcinogen exposure, p53 alteration, and K-ras mutation in synchronous multiple primary lung carcinoma." Cancer.. 1999 Apr 15; 85(8):1734-9.

Wang X, Egan KM, Gragoudas ES, Kelsey KT. "Constitutional alterations in p16 in patients with uveal melanoma." Melanoma research.. 1996 Dec 0; 6(6):405-10.

Smith CM, Wang X, Hu H, Kelsey KT. "A polymorphism in the delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase gene may modify the pharmacokinetics and toxicity of lead." Environmental health perspectives.. 1995 Mar 0; 103(3):248-53.

Xia F, Wang X, Wang YH, Tsang NM, Yandell DW, Kelsey KT, Liber HL. "Altered p53 status correlates with differences in sensitivity to radiation-induced mutation and apoptosis in two closely related human lymphoblast lines." Cancer research.. 1995 Jan 1; 55(1):12-5.

Wang X; Christiani DC; Mark EJ; Kelsey KT. "Mutations in the p53 gene in lung cancer are associated with cigarette smoking and asbestos exposure". Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. 1995; 4: 543-548.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Lung carcinogenesis: molecular and cellular mechanisms
Book Title: Occupational Lung Disease
Author List: Kelsey KT; Nelson H; Wang X
Published By: Thomas Science & Professional1997