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Jiong Wang, B.Med., M.S.


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Wang J, Zhang G, Bambara RA, Li D, Liang H, Wu H, Smith HM, Lowe NR, Demeter LM, Dykes C. "Nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-resistant HIV is stimulated by efavirenz during early stages of infection." Journal of virology.. 2011 Oct 0; 85(20):10861-73. Epub 2011 Aug 10.

Wang J, Bambara RA, Dykes C. "Reduced fitness in cell culture of HIV-1 with nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-resistant mutations correlates with relative levels of reverse transcriptase content and RNase H activity in virions." Journal of virology.. 2010 Sep 0; 84(18):9377-89. Epub 2010 Jun 30.

Wang J, Liang H, Bacheler L, Wu H, Deriziotis K, Demeter LM, Dykes C. "The non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor efavirenz stimulates replication of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 harboring certain non-nucleoside resistance mutations." Virology.. 2010 Jul 5; 402(2):228-37. Epub 2010 Apr 18.

Wang J, Jin X. "HIV vaccine could use a little help." Human vaccines. 2010 Jun 0; 6(6):476-81. Epub 2010 Jun 01.

Koval CE, Dykes C, Wang J, Demeter LM. "Relative replication fitness of efavirenz-resistant mutants of HIV-1: correlation with frequency during clinical therapy and evidence of compensation for the reduced fitness of K103N + L100I by the nucleoside resistance mutation L74V." Virology.. 2006 Sep 15; 353(1):184-92. Epub 2006 Jun 21.

Dykes C, Wang J, Jin X, Planelles V, An DS, Tallo A, Huang Y, Wu H, Demeter LM. "Evaluation of a multiple-cycle, recombinant virus, growth competition assay that uses flow cytometry to measure replication efficiency of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in cell culture." Journal of clinical microbiology.. 2006 Jun 0; 44(6):1930-43.

Wang J, Dykes C, Domaoal RA, Koval CE, Bambara RA, Demeter LM. "The HIV-1 reverse transcriptase mutants G190S and G190A, which confer resistance to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, demonstrate reductions in RNase H activity and DNA synthesis from tRNA(Lys, 3) that correlate with reductions in replication efficiency." Virology.. 2006 May 10; 348(2):462-74. Epub 2006 Feb 28.

Qiong Huang, Yanhua Hu, Qihan Li, Jiong Wang. "The Expression of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) from Fibroblast in the Rabbit Cornea". Chinese Journal of Opthalmology. 2004; 40(6): 414-415.

Qiong Huang, Yanhua Hu, Qihan Li, Jiong Wang. "The Effect of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) on ?5?1 Integrin Expression in Cultured Corneal Fibroblasts". Chinese Journal of Optometry & Ophthalmology,. 2004; 6(3): 165-167.

Qiong Huang, Yanhua Hu, Qihan Li, Jiong Wang. "The Effect of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) on Biological Function of Corneal Fibroblasts". Chinese Ophthalmology Research. 2004; 22(6): 569-572.

Qiong Huang, Yanhua Hu, Qihan Li, Jiong Wang. "Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) Expression in Rabbit Corneal Fibroblast and Its Effect on Fibroblast Proliferation in Vitro". 2003; 23(1): 81-84.

Qihan Li, Chenghong Dong, Jiong Wang, Yanchun Che, Li Jiang, Jinjing Wang. "Induction of Hepatitis C Virus-Specific Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Mice and Rhesus by Artificial Multiple Epitopes Sequence". Viral Immunology. 2003; 16(3): 321-333.

Jiong Wang, Longding Liu, Chenghong Dong, Ming Sun. "Cloning and analyzing a new PEBP like protein gene in human fibroblast cell infected by HSV I". Virologica Sinica. 2002; 17(2): 97-101.

Ming Sun, Honglin Zhao, Linchun Wang, Jiong Wang, Shaoqing He, Qian Li. "The Yeast Expression and Activity Assay of Angiostain K1-3 Struction". Chinese Biochemical Pharmacy Journal. 2001; 2(1): 3-5.

Jiong Wang, Chenghong Dong, lichun Wang. "The different gene response in the procedure of fibroblast proliferation induced by CTGF and FGF". The Chinese Journal of Cellular Biology. 2001; 23(3): 169-173.

Jiong Wang, Chenghong Dong, Lichun Wang. "The anti-tumor effect of single Angiostatin, and combine with IL-7 gene therapy with directly plasmid injected into tumor". Chinese Journal of Cancer. 2001; 21(5): 318-322.

Qihan Li, HongLing Zhao, Jiong Wang, Jiazhong Fu. "Investigation of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF)'s Gene Cloning". Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae. 2000; 22(1): 48-51.

Ming Sun, Jiong Wang, Chenhong Dong. "A preliminary analysis on the DNA vaccination with different sizes of repeat sequences of circumsporozoite protein gene". Shanghai Journal of Immunology,. 2000; 20(6): 326-328.

Jiong Wang, Ming Sun, Chenhong Dong. "The anti-tumor effect of direct IL-7 gene injection in tumor model". Tumor (Shanghai). 2000; 19(10): 879-883.

Li QH, Dong CH, Wang J, Wang LC, Sun M, Yang F. "Early Expression of Protooncogenes Induced by the Binding to Cells of Two Viruses." Sheng wu hua xue yu sheng wu wu li xue bao Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica.. 2000 32(2):145-148.

Qihan Li, HongLing Zhao, LiChun Wang, Ming Sun, Li Jiang, Chenhong Dong, Jiong Wang. "Establishment of Transient Expression System of Poliovirus Defective Recombinant Vector". Virologica Sinica. 1999; 14(2): 116-122.

Jiong Wang, Chenhong Dong. "The process of studying of Angiostatin". Foreign Medical Sciences, Biological Product for Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy. 1999; 22(6): 250-252.

Qihan Li, HongLing Zhao, Xaoqing He, LiChun Wang, Shudong Zhao, Jiong Wang. "The Research on Expression in E.Coli of Human Connective Tissue Growth Factor(CTGF)". Chinese Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 1999; 15(5): 833-835.

Jiong Wang, Qihan Li, Chenhong Dong. "The study of complex gene vaccine of HAV and HBV". Shanghai Journal of Immunology. 1998; 18(3): 172-174.

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Jiong Wang; Chenhong Gong. "Study on the physicochemical characteristics of yolk Immunoglobulin (IgY) to Polio virus type III". The Chinese Journal of Biologicals. 1997; 10(3): 140-143.

Yaping Chang,;Shuhe Wang, Jiong Wang, Wei Ying, Guizhen Yang. "Effect of MLW on Immunofunctions of Swiss Mice and Naked Mice". Journal in Norman Bethune University Medical Science. 1997; 23(6): 606-608.

Jiong Wang, Guizhen Yang. "The Immunomodulation of MLW (a compound Chinese medicine) on bone marrow suppressive model mice". Chinese Journal of Immunology. 1997; 13(6): 358-360.

Qihan Li, Jiong Wang, Chunmei Gong. "Gene cloning and expression of human IL-7". Chinese Experimental and Clinical Immunology. 1997; 9(5): 1-5.

Chunmei Gong; Shudong Zhao; Jiazong Fu;Shufan Ni; Hong Lu; Xia Song; Wenyan Zhang; Yunlin Wei; Jiong Wang. "Preliminary report of Preparation of IgY antibody against Poliovirus". Yunnan Medicine. 1996; 17(5): 327-328.

Jiong Wang; Guizhen Yang. "Biological effects and affects of TGF-? on some disease". Foreign Medical Sciences, Immunology. 1995; 18(1): 18-21.