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Evelyn Arana, M.S., Dr.P.H.


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Cartujano-Barrera F, Peña-Vargas CI, Arana-Chicas E, Pérez-Ramos JG, Mattei J, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Costas-Muñiz R, Jiménez J, Cupertino AP, Castro EM. "Decídetexto: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention in Puerto Rico." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 Feb 3; 18(4)Epub 2021 Feb 03.

Arana-Chicas E, Gómez-Trillos S, Cartujano-Barrera F, Xinico Aju SA, Alvarez Privado CS, Adsul P, Braithwaite D, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Cupertino AP. "Cancer Prevention in Indigenous Communities from Guatemala: A Needs Assessment Study" . J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2020; 31(4).

Cartujano-Barrera F, Arana-Chicas E, Catley D, Cox LS, Diaz FJ, Ellerbeck EF, Graves KD, Ogedegbe C, Cupertino AP. "Decídetexto: Mobile cessation support for latino smokers. study protocol for a randomized clinical trial." Contemporary clinical trials.. 2020 Oct 17; :106188. Epub 2020 Oct 17.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Arana-Chicas E, Gallegos-Carrillo K, N Flores Y, Pérez-Rubio G, Falfán-Valencia R, F Ellerbeck E, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Cupertino AP. "Enhancing nicotine replacement therapy usage and adherence through a mobile intervention: Secondary data analysis of a single-arm feasibility study in Mexico." . 2020 18:36. Epub 2020 May 04.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Sanderson Cox L, Arana-Chicas E, Ramírez M, Perales-Puchalt J, Valera P, Díaz FJ, Catley D, Ellerbeck EF, Cupertino AP. "Feasibility and Acceptability of a Culturally- and Linguistically-Adapted Smoking Cessation Text Messaging Intervention for Latino Smokers." Frontiers in public health.. 2020 8:269. Epub 2020 Jun 30.

Arana-Chicas E, Ihde E, Cartujano-Barrera F, Suarez N, Tiznado D, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Ramírez-Mantilla M, Cox LS, Ellerbeck EF, Cupertino AP. "Exploring Latinidad, Migration Processes, and Immigrant Experiences: Experiences Influencing Latino Health." . 2019 Nov 0; 12(4):125-131. Epub 2019 Nov 25.

Arana-Chicas E; Kioumarsi A; Massey P; Carroll-Scott A; Klassen AC; Yudell M. "Barriers and facilitators to mammography among women with intellectual disabilities: A qualitative approach." Disability and Society. 2019; 35(8): 1290-1314.

Cartujano-Barrera F; Perales J; Arana E; Cox LS; Yeh HW; Ellerbeck EF; Richter KP; Cupertino AP. "Increasing access to smoking cessation treatment among Latino smokers using case management." Journal of Smoking Cessation. 2019; 14(3): 168-175.

Arana E; Massey PM; Lee N; Carroll-Scott A; Klassen AC; Yudell M. "Racial/ethnic disparities in mammogram frequency among women with intellectual disabilities." Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 2019; 57(3): 177-187.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Arana-Chicas E, Ramírez-Mantilla M, Perales J, Cox LS, Ellerbeck EF, Catley D, Cupertino AP. ""Every day I think about your messages": assessing text messaging engagement among Latino smokers in a mobile cessation program." Patient preference and adherence.. 2019 13:1213-1219. Epub 2019 Jul 22.

Caplan A; Chernak E; Arana E; Blank N; Field R; Yudell M. "Vaccination Mandates for Healthcare Professionals – An Evaluation of Current Practices and Recommendations for Implementation." White Paper Prepared for the National Vaccine Program Office. 2013; .