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Rebecca Lynne Lowery, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Lowery RL, Cealie MY, Lamantia CE, Mendes MS, Drew PD, Majewska AK. "Microglia and astrocytes show limited, acute alterations in morphology and protein expression following a single developmental alcohol exposure." Journal of neuroscience research.. 2021 Feb 19; Epub 2021 Feb 19.

Lowery RL, Mendes MS, Sanders BT, Murphy AJ, Whitelaw BS, Lamantia CE, Majewska AK. "Loss of P2Y12 Has Behavioral Effects in the Adult Mouse." International journal of molecular sciences.. 2021 Feb 13; 22(4)Epub 2021 Feb 13.

Lowery RL, Latchney SE, Peer RP, Lamantia CE, Opanashuk L, McCall M, Majewska AK. "Acute 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin exposure in adult mice does not alter the morphology or inflammatory response of cortical microglia." Neuroscience letters.. 2020 Nov 20; :135516. Epub 2020 Nov 20.

Lowery RL, Tremblay ME, Hopkins BE, Majewska AK. "The microglial fractalkine receptor is not required for activity-dependent plasticity in the mouse visual system." Glia.. 2017 Nov; 65(11):1744-1761. Epub 2017 Aug 24.

Sipe GO, Lowery RL, Tremblay MÈ, Kelly EA, Lamantia CE, Majewska AK. "Microglial P2Y12 is necessary for synaptic plasticity in mouse visual cortex." Nature communications.. 2016 Mar 7; 7:10905. Epub 2016 Mar 07.

Lowery RL, Majewska AK. "Intracranial injection of adeno-associated viral vectors." Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE.. 2010 Nov 17; (45)Epub 2010 Nov 17.

Tremblay MÈ, Lowery RL, Majewska AK. "Microglial interactions with synapses are modulated by visual experience." PLoS biology.. 2010 Nov 2; 8(11):e1000527. Epub 2010 Nov 02.

Lowery RL, Zhang Y, Kelly EA, Lamantia CE, Harvey BK, Majewska AK. "Rapid, long-term labeling of cells in the developing and adult rodent visual cortex using double-stranded adeno-associated viral vectors." Developmental neurobiology.. 2009 Sep 1; 69(10):674-88.