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2016 Jul 15
Papuga MO, Mesfin A, Molinari R, Rubery PT. "Correlation of PROMIS Physical Function and Pain CAT Instruments With Oswestry Disability Index and Neck Disability Index in Spine Patients." Spine. 2016 Jul 15; 41(14):1153-9.
2016 May
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2016 Mar
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2016 Mar
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2016 Feb
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2015 Dec
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2015 Dec
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2015 Dec
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2015 Dec
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2015 Oct
Robert Molinari W*, Ryan McAssey RN. "Chronic Back Pain from Four-Level Lumbar Spondylolysis with Associated Spondylolisthesis: Case Report and Review of the Literature". . Int J Neurorehabilitation. 2015; 2(10): 2376-81. Link
2015 Jun
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2014 Oct
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2014 Apr
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2013 Aug
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2013 May
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2012 Jul
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2011 Nov
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2011 Oct
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2010 May
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2008 Mar
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2007 May
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2007 Feb
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2005 Nov
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2005 Oct
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2005 Feb
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2004 Dec 1
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2003 Jul
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2002 Nov 15
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2002 Jan
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1999 Aug 15
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1999 May 15
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1994 Nov
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