Takashi Kitanosono, M.D.

Takashi Kitanosono, M.D.

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Honolulu, HI 96815-1867

Office: (585) 275-5434
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Morita, S.; Kitanosono, T.; Lee, D.; Syed, L.; Butani, D.; Holland, G.; Waldman, D. "Comparison of Technical Success and Complications of Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography and Biliary Drainage between Patients with and without Transplanted Liver." AJR. 2012; .
Fujisawa, H.; Kushihashi, T.; Ukisu, R.; Ichikawa, T.; Kitanosono, T.; Takenaka, H. "Diagnostic Imaging for Sports Injuries of Shoulder and Upper Arm in Baseball Pitchers". The Radiologist. 2001; . Link
Gokan, T.; Kushihashi, T.; Kitanosono, T. "CT Demonstration of Dilated Gonadal Vein as a Portosystemic Shunt of Mesenteric Varices". JCAT. 2001; 25: 798-801. Link
Kitanosono T, Honda M, Matsui S, Hashimoto T, Munechika H, Hishida T, Okubo K, Koizumi K. "Migration of Gianturco expandable metallic stents in the upper trachea." Cardiovascular and interventional radiology. 1997 20(3):216-8.
Munechika H, Kitanosono T, Gokan T, Nobusawa H, Ishihara Y, Yoshida H, Ohta S. "Small cell carcinoma of the prostate: CT and MRI findings." Radiation medicine. 1995 13(3):137-42.


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