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Alpert AB, Sayegh SJ, Strawderman M, Cunliffe S, Griggs JJ, Cerulli C. "Methodologic Approaches for Using Electronic Medical Records to Identify Experiences of Violence in Transgender and Cisgender People: Closing the Gap Between Diagnostic Coding and Lived Experiences." Medical care.. 2023 Apr 18; Epub 2023 Apr 18.

Bleasdale J, Morse DS, Cerulli C, Hordes M, Wilson K, Gabriel SJ, Przybyla SM. "Women's Motivators to Engage in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment While Enrolled in an Opioid Intervention Court." Substance use & misuse.. 2022 Apr 5; :1-8. Epub 2022 Apr 05.

Mastrocinque JM, Cerulli C, Thew D, Chin NP, Pollard RQ. "Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Involving the Deaf Population." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2020 May 12; :886260520916265. Epub 2020 May 12.

Chaudron LH, Anson E, Bryson Tolbert JM, Inoue S, Cerulli C. "Meeting the Needs of Mid-Career Women in Academic Medicine: One Model Career Development Program." Journal of women's health.. 2020 Mar 31; Epub 2020 Mar 31.

Poleshuck E, Wittink M, Crean HF, Juskiewicz I, Bell E, Harrington A, Cerulli C. "A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Two Patient-Centered Interventions for Women with Unmet Social Needs: Personalized Support for Progress and Enhanced Screening and Referral." Journal of women's health.. 2019 Sep 9; Epub 2019 Sep 09.

Cerulli C, Winterfeld A, Younger M, Krueger J. "Public Health Law Strategies for Suicide Prevention Using the Socioecological Model." The Journal of law, medicine & ethics : a journal of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics.. 2019 Jun; 47(2_suppl):31-35.

Gallegos AM, Trabold N, Cerulli C, Pigeon WR. "Sleep and Interpersonal Violence: A Systematic Review." Trauma, violence & abuse.. 2019 May 26; :1524838019852633. Epub 2019 May 26.

Poleshuck E, Perez-Diaz W, Wittink M, ReQua M, Harrington A, Katz J, Juskiewicz I, Stone JT, Bell E, Cerulli C. "Resilience in the midst of chaos: Socioecological model applied to women with depressive symptoms and socioeconomic disadvantage." Journal of community psychology.. 2019 Apr 18; Epub 2019 Apr 18.

Iovine-Wong PE, Nichols-Hadeed C, Thompson Stone J, Gamble S, Cross W, Cerulli C, Levandowski BA. "Intimate Partner Violence, Suicide, and Their Overlapping Risk in Women Veterans: A Review of the Literature." Military medicine.. 2019 Jan 24; Epub 2019 Jan 24.

Cerulli C, Inoue S, Cerulli J. "How to identify, assess, and refer patients experiencing interpersonal violence across the lifespan: the role of US pharmacists in integrated pharmacy research and practice." Integrated pharmacy research & practice.. 2019 8:115-125. Epub 2019 Nov 15.

Cerulli C, Faurot C, Thevenet-Morrison K, Thompson Stone J, Nichols-Hadeed C, Resch K, Mittal M. "Examining Associations Between Strangulation and Depressive Symptoms in Women With Intimate Partner Violence Histories." Violence and victims.. 2018 Dec; 33(6):1072-1087.

Poleshuck E, Mazzotta C, Resch K, Rogachefsky A, Bellenger K, Raimondi C, Thompson Stone J, Cerulli C. "Development of an Innovative Treatment Paradigm for Intimate Partner Violence Victims With Depression and Pain Using Community-Based Participatory Research." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2018 Sep; 33(17):2704-2724. Epub 2016 Feb 12.

Katz J, Crean HF, Cerulli C, Poleshuck EL. "Material Hardship and Mental Health Symptoms Among a Predominantly Low Income Sample of Pregnant Women Seeking Prenatal Care." Maternal and child health journal.. 2018 Sep; 22(9):1360-1367.

Chen S, Conwell Y, Cerulli C, Xue J, Chiu HFK. "Primary care physicians' perceived barriers on the management of depression in China primary care settings." Asian journal of psychiatry.. 2018 Aug; 36:54-59. Epub 2018 Jun 28.

Mazzotta CM, Crean HF, Pigeon WR, Cerulli C. "Insomnia, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms, and Danger: Their Impact on Victims' Return to Court for Orders of Protection." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2018 Mar 1; :886260518766565. Epub 2018 Mar 01.

Hou F, Cerulli C, Wittink MN, Caine ED, Qiu P. "Using confirmatory factor analysis to explore associated factors of intimate partner violence in a sample of Chinese rural women: a cross-sectional study." BMJ open.. 2018 Feb 2; 8(2):e019465. Epub 2018 Feb 02.

Qiu P, Caine ED, Hou F, Cerulli C, Wittink MN. "Depression as seen through the eyes of rural Chinese women: Implications for help-seeking and the future of mental health care in China." Journal of affective disorders.. 2018 Feb; 227:38-47. Epub 2017 Oct 06.

Mastrocinque JM, Thew D, Cerulli C, Raimondi C, Pollard RQ, Chin NP. "Deaf Victims' Experiences With Intimate Partner Violence: The Need for Integration and Innovation." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2017 Dec; 32(24):3753-3777. Epub 2015 Sep 13.

Hou F, Cerulli C, Crean HF, Wittink MN, Caine ED, Chan KL, Qiu P. "Implementing a New Tool to Predict the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Rural China." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2017 Nov 1; :886260517742152. Epub 2017 Nov 01.

Lamberti JS, Weisman RL, Cerulli C, Williams GC, Jacobowitz DB, Mueser KT, Marks PD, Strawderman RL, Harrington D, Lamberti TA, Caine ED. "A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Rochester Forensic Assertive Community Treatment Model." Psychiatric services : a journal of the American Psychiatric Association.. 2017 Oct 1; 68(10):1016-1024. Epub 2017 Jun 01.

Cerulli C. "The relationship between trauma and research: A response to Burge et al. (2017)." Families, systems & health : the journal of collaborative family healthcare.. 2017 Mar; 35(1):88-90.

Volpe EM, Quinn CR, Resch K, Sommers MS, Wieling E, Cerulli C. "Narrative Exposure Therapy: A Proposed Model to Address Intimate Partner Violence-Related PTSD in Parenting and Pregnant Adolescents." Family & community health.. 2017 40(3):258-277.

Morse DS, Wilson JL, McMahon JM, Dozier AM, Quiroz A, Cerulli C. "Does a Primary Health Clinic for Formerly Incarcerated Women Increase Linkage to Care?" Women's health issues : official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health.. 2017 27(4):499-508. Epub 2017 Mar 13.

Quinn CR, Liu C, Kothari C, Cerulli C, Thurston SW. "Psychological Distress Among Youth Probationers: Using Social Determinants of Health to Assess Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors." Adolescent psychiatry.. 2017 7(2):89-104.

Qiu P, Caine ED, Hou F, Cerulli C, Wittink MN, Li J. "The Prevalence of Distress and Depression among Women in Rural Sichuan Province." PloS one.. 2016 11(8):e0161097. Epub 2016 Aug 15.

Morse DS, Silverstein J, Thomas K, Bedel P, Cerulli C. "Finding the loopholes: a cross-sectional qualitative study of systemic barriers to treatment access for women drug court participants." Health & justice.. 2015 Dec; 3:12. Epub 2015 Jun 17.

Pigeon WR, Heffner KL, Crean H, Gallegos AM, Walsh P, Seehuus M, Cerulli C. "Responding to the need for sleep among survivors of interpersonal violence: A randomized controlled trial of a cognitive-behavioral insomnia intervention followed by PTSD treatment." Contemporary clinical trials.. 2015 Nov; 45(Pt B):252-260. Epub 2015 Sep 04.

Brown J, Burnette ML, Cerulli C. "Correlations Between Sexual Abuse Histories, Perceived Danger, and PTSD Among Intimate Partner Violence Victims." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2015 Sep; 30(15):2709-25. Epub 2014 Oct 16.

Cerulli C, Edwardsen EA, Hall D, Chan KL, Conner KR. "Improving coordinated responses for victims of intimate partner violence: law enforcement compliance with state-mandated intimate partner violence documentation." Violence against women.. 2015 Jul; 21(7):897-907. Epub 2015 Apr 29.

Poleshuck E, Wittink M, Crean H, Gellasch T, Sandler M, Bell E, Juskiewicz I, Cerulli C. "Using patient engagement in the design and rationale of a trial for women with depression in obstetrics and gynecology practices." Contemporary clinical trials.. 2015 Jul; 43:83-92. Epub 2015 Apr 30.

Hou F, Cerulli C, Wittink MN, Caine ED, Qiu P. "Depression, social support and associated factors among women living in rural China: a cross-sectional study." BMC women's health.. 2015 Mar 21; 15:28. Epub 2015 Mar 21.

Gardella JH, Nichols-Hadeed CA, Mastrocinque JM, Stone JT, Coates CA, Sly CJ, Cerulli C. "Beyond Clery Act statistics: a closer look at college victimization based on self-report data." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2015 Feb; 30(4):640-58. Epub 2014 Jun 12.

Cerulli C, Nichols-Hadeed C, Raimondi C, Stone JT, Cerulli J. "Facilitating Intimate Partner Violence Education among Pharmacy Students: What Do Future Pharmacists Want to Know?" Currents in pharmacy teaching & learning.. 2015 7(3):283-291.

Kothari CL, Butkiewicz R, Williams ER, Jacobson C, Morse DS, Cerulli C. "Does gender matter? Exploring mental health recovery court legal and health outcomes." Health & justice.. 2014 Dec 5; 2(1):12.

Cerulli C, Stephens B, Bossarte R. "Examining the Intersection Between Suicidal Behaviors and Intimate Partner Violence Among a Sample of Males Receiving Services From the Veterans Health Administration." American journal of men's health.. 2014 Sep; 8(5):440-3. Epub 2014 Feb 25.

Blosnich JR, Dichter ME, Cerulli C, Batten SV, Bossarte RM. "Disparities in adverse childhood experiences among individuals with a history of military service." JAMA psychiatry.. 2014 Sep; 71(9):1041-8.

Liebman RE, Burnette ML, Raimondi C, Nichols-Hadeed C, Merle P, Cerulli C. "Piloting a psycho-social intervention for incarcerated women with trauma histories: lessons learned and future recommendations." International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology.. 2014 Aug; 58(8):894-913. Epub 2013 Jun 26.

Cerulli C, Kothari CL, Dichter M, Marcus S, Wiley J, Rhodes KV. "Victim Participation in Intimate Partner Violence Prosecution: Implications for Safety." Violence against women.. 2014 May; 20(5):539-560. Epub 2014 Jun 02.

Pollard RQ, Sutter E, Cerulli C. "Intimate partner violence reported by two samples of deaf adults via a computerized American sign language survey." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2014 Mar; 29(5):948-65. Epub 2013 Oct 17.

Morse DS, Cerulli C, Bedell P, Wilson JL, Thomas K, Mittal M, Lamberti JS, Williams G, Silverstein J, Mukherjee A, Walck D, Chin N. "Meeting health and psychological needs of women in drug treatment court." Journal of substance abuse treatment.. 2014 Feb; 46(2):150-7. Epub 2013 Sep 24.

Cerulli C, Bossarte RM, Dichter ME. "Exploring intimate partner violence status among male veterans and associated health outcomes." American journal of men's health.. 2014 Jan; 8(1):66-73. Epub 2013 Jul 05.

White AM, Lu N, Cerulli C, Tu X. "Examining Benefits of Academic-Community Research Team Training: Rochester's Suicide Prevention Training Institutes." Progress in community health partnerships : research, education, and action.. 2014 8(1):125-37.

Lamberti JS, Russ A, Cerulli C, Weisman RL, Jacobowitz D, Williams GC. "Patient experiences of autonomy and coercion while receiving legal leverage in forensic assertive community treatment." Harvard review of psychiatry.. 2014 22(4):222-30.

Giannandrea SA, Cerulli C, Anson E, Chaudron LH. "Increased risk for postpartum psychiatric disorders among women with past pregnancy loss." Journal of women's health.. 2013 Sep; 22(9):760-8.

Volpe EM, Hardie TL, Cerulli C, Sommers MS, Morrison-Beedy D. "What's age got to do with it? Partner age difference, power, intimate partner violence, and sexual risk in urban adolescents." Journal of interpersonal violence.. 2013 Jul; 28(10):2068-87. Epub 2013 Jan 23.

Trabold N, Waldrop DP, Nochajski TH, Cerulli C. "An exploratory analysis of intimate partner violence and postpartum depression in an impoverished urban population." Social work in health care.. 2013 52(4):332-50.

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Flicker SM, Cerulli C, Swogger MT, Talbot NL. "Depressive and posttraumatic symptoms among women seeking protection orders against intimate partners: relations to coping strategies and perceived responses to abuse disclosure." Violence against women.. 2012 Apr; 18(4):420-36. Epub 2012 Jun 26.

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Cerulli C, Talbot NL, Tang W, Chaudron LH. "Co-occurring intimate partner violence and mental health diagnoses in perinatal women." Journal of women's health.. 2011 Dec; 20(12):1797-803. Epub 2011 Sep 16.

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Cerulli C. "Research ethics in victimization studies: widening the lens: a response and alternative view." Violence against women.. 2011 Dec; 17(12):1529-35; discussion 1549-58.

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Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Reducing Suicide Risk in the Justice System through Court Based Community-Based Participatory Research
Book Title: Suicide: Risk Factors and Prevention
Author List: White, A.M.; Nichols-Hadeed, C.; Steadman, H.J.; Cerulli, C.
Edited By: Lavigne, J.
Published By: Nova Science Publishers2014 in Happauge, NY

Chapter Title: Moving Research to Practice: Unlikely Partners in the Conduct of Ethical Research
Book Title: Routledge International Handbook on Gender and Crime Studies
Author List: Cerulli, C.; Raimondi, C.; Nichols-Hadeed, C.
Edited By: Renzetti, C.; Miller, S.; Glover, A.
Published By: Routledge2012

Chapter Title: Intimate Partner Violence at Work and Economic Impact
Book Title: Workplace Violence in Mental and General Health Care Setting
Author List: Nichols-Hadeed, C.; Cerulli, C.
Edited By: Privitera, M.R.
Published By: Jones and Bartlett Publishers2010

Chapter Title: Utilizing State Laws to Our Advantage: What Data is Publicly Available
Book Title: Ethical and Legal Issues in Research with High Risk Populations:
Author List: Cerulli, C.; Thomas, C.
Published By: American Psychological Association2007