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Bogdan V. Polevoda, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Polevoda B, McDougall WM, Bennett RP, Salter JD, Smith HC. "Structural and functional assessment of APOBEC3G macromolecular complexes." Methods : a companion to Methods in enzymology.. 2016 Sep 1; 107:10-22. Epub 2016 Mar 14.

Polevoda B, McDougall WM, Tun BN, Cheung M, Salter JD, Friedman AE, Smith HC. "RNA binding to APOBEC3G induces the disassembly of functional deaminase complexes by displacing single-stranded DNA substrates." Nucleic acids research.. 2015 Oct 30; 43(19):9434-45. Epub 2015 Sep 30.

Xu F, Huang Y, Li L, Gannon P, Linster E, Huber M, Kapos P, Bienvenut W, Polevoda B, Meinnel T, Hell R, Giglione C, Zhang Y, Wirtz M, Chen S, Li X. "Two N-terminal acetyltransferases antagonistically regulate the stability of a nod-like receptor in Arabidopsis." The Plant cell.. 2015 May 0; 27(5):1547-62. Epub 2015 May 12.

Van Damme P, Lasa M, Polevoda B, Gazquez C, Elosegui-Artola A, Kim DS, De Juan-Pardo E, Demeyer K, Hole K, Larrea E, Timmerman E, Prieto J, Arnesen T, Sherman F, Gevaert K, Aldabe R. "N-terminal acetylome analyses and functional insights of the N-terminal acetyltransferase NatB." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 2012 Jul 31; 109(31):12449-54. Epub 2012 Jul 18.

Kamita M, Kimura Y, Ino Y, Kamp RM, Polevoda B, Sherman F, Hirano H. "N(?)-Acetylation of yeast ribosomal proteins and its effect on protein synthesis." Journal of proteomics.. 2011 Apr 1; 74(4):431-41. Epub 2010 Dec 22.

Polevoda B, Arnesen T, Sherman F. "A synopsis of eukaryotic Nalpha-terminal acetyltransferases: nomenclature, subunits and substrates." BMC proceedings. 2009 Aug 4; 3 Suppl 6:S2. Epub 2009 Aug 04.

Polevoda B, Hoskins J, Sherman F. "Properties of Nat4, an N(alpha)-acetyltransferase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that modifies N termini of histones H2A and H4." Molecular and cellular biology.. 2009 Jun 0; 29(11):2913-24. Epub 2009 Mar 30.

Arnesen T, Van Damme P, Polevoda B, Helsens K, Evjenth R, Colaert N, Varhaug JE, Vandekerckhove J, Lillehaug JR, Sherman F, Gevaert K. "Proteomics analyses reveal the evolutionary conservation and divergence of N-terminal acetyltransferases from yeast and humans." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 2009 May 19; 106(20):8157-62. Epub 2009 May 06.

Polevoda B, Brown S, Cardillo TS, Rigby S, Sherman F. "Yeast N(alpha)-terminal acetyltransferases are associated with ribosomes." Journal of cellular biochemistry.. 2008 Feb 1; 103(2):492-508.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "Methylation of proteins involved in translation." Molecular microbiology.. 2007 Aug 0; 65(3):590-606. Epub 2007 Jul 04.

Polevoda B, Span L, Sherman F. "The yeast translation release factors Mrf1p and Sup45p (eRF1) are methylated, respectively, by the methyltransferases Mtq1p and Mtq2p." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2006 Feb 3; 281(5):2562-71. Epub 2005 Dec 01.

Polevoda B, Panciera Y, Brown SP, Wei J, Sherman F. "Phenotypes of yeast mutants lacking the mitochondrial protein Pet20p." Yeast (Chichester, England). 2006 Jan 30; 23(2):127-39.

Polevoda B, Cardillo TS, Doyle TC, Bedi GS, Sherman F. "Nat3p and Mdm20p are required for function of yeast NatB Nalpha-terminal acetyltransferase and of actin and tropomyosin." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2003 Aug 15; 278(33):30686-97. Epub 2003 Jun 03.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "Composition and function of the eukaryotic N-terminal acetyltransferase subunits." Biochemical and biophysical research communications.. 2003 Aug 15; 308(1):1-11.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "N-terminal acetyltransferases and sequence requirements for N-terminal acetylation of eukaryotic proteins." Journal of molecular biology.. 2003 Jan 24; 325(4):595-622.

Kimura Y, Saeki Y, Yokosawa H, Polevoda B, Sherman F, Hirano H. "N-Terminal modifications of the 19S regulatory particle subunits of the yeast proteasome." Archives of biochemistry and biophysics.. 2003 Jan 15; 409(2):341-8.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "The diversity of acetylated proteins." Genome biology.. 2002 3(5):reviews0006. Epub 2002 Apr 30.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "NatC Nalpha-terminal acetyltransferase of yeast contains three subunits, Mak3p, Mak10p, and Mak31p." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2001 Jun 8; 276(23):20154-9. Epub 2001 Mar 27.

Polevoda B, Sherman F. "Nalpha -terminal acetylation of eukaryotic proteins." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2000 Nov 24; 275(47):36479-82.

Polevoda B, Martzen MR, Das B, Phizicky EM, Sherman F. "Cytochrome c methyltransferase, Ctm1p, of yeast." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2000 Jul 7; 275(27):20508-13.

Kimura Y, Takaoka M, Tanaka S, Sassa H, Tanaka K, Polevoda B, Sherman F, Hirano H. "N(alpha)-acetylation and proteolytic activity of the yeast 20 S proteasome." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2000 Feb 18; 275(7):4635-9.

Roublevskaia IN, Polevoda BV, Ludlow JW, Haake AR. "Induced G2/M arrest and apoptosis in human epidermoid carcinoma cell lines by semisynthetic drug Ukrain." Anticancer research.. 2000 20(5A):3163-7.

Roublevskaia IN, Haake AR, Ludlow JW, Polevoda BV. "Induced apoptosis in human prostate cancer cell line LNCaP by Ukrain." Drugs under experimental and clinical research. 2000 26(5-6):141-7.

Roublevskaia IN, Haake AR, Polevoda BV. "Bcl-2 overexpression protects human keratinocyte cells from Ukrain-induced apoptosis but not from G2/M arrest." Drugs under experimental and clinical research. 2000 26(5-6):149-56.

Arnold RJ, Polevoda B, Reilly JP, Sherman F. "The action of N-terminal acetyltransferases on yeast ribosomal proteins." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 1999 Dec 24; 274(52):37035-40.

Polevoda B, Norbeck J, Takakura H, Blomberg A, Sherman F. "Identification and specificities of N-terminal acetyltransferases from Saccharomyces cerevisiae." The EMBO journal.. 1999 Nov 1; 18(21):6155-68.

Maines MD, Polevoda B, Coban T, Johnson K, Stoliar S, Huang TJ, Panahian N, Cory-Slechta DA, McCoubrey WK. "Neuronal overexpression of heme oxygenase-1 correlates with an attenuated exploratory behavior and causes an increase in neuronal NADPH diaphorase staining." Journal of neurochemistry.. 1998 May 0; 70(5):2057-69.

Maines MD, Polevoda BV, Huang TJ, McCoubrey WK. "Human biliverdin IXalpha reductase is a zinc-metalloprotein. Characterization of purified and Escherichia coli expressed enzymes." European journal of biochemistry. 1996 Jan 15; 235(1-2):372-81.

Perepnikhatka VI, Polevoda BV. "[The genetic aspects of the study of Pseudomonas syringae bacteria]." Mikrobiolohichny? zhurnal. = Mikrobiologichny zhurnal.. 1995 57(3):84-97.

Polishchuk LV, Polevoda BV, Zaverukha VB, Matseliukh BP. "[The stability of plasmid pSG 1912 inheritance by the cells of Streptomyces globisporus 1912 and of heterologous streptomycete strains]." Mikrobiologicheski? zhurnal. 1992 54(3):9-14.

Zaverukha VB, Polevoda BV, Polishchuk LV, Matseliukh BP. "[The cloning of fragments of the streptomycete plasmid pSG1912 as a part of the vector pUC19]." Mikrobiologicheski? zhurnal. 1992 54(5):30-5.

Polevoda BV, Gribanova LK, Ugarov VI, Lebedev AN, Tso? TV. "[Mapping of the regions participating in the replication, maintenance and mobilization of the R-plasmid pBS222 with a wide circle of bacterial hosts]." Genetika. 1988 Mar 0; 24(3):405-13.

Polevoda BV, Tso? TV, Boronin AM. "[Molecular genetic organization and origin of plasmid pBS52 with a broad range of bacterial hosts]." Genetika. 1987 Oct 0; 23(10):1823-31.

Polevoda BV, Tso? TV, Boronin AM. "[Structural-functional organization of R-plasmid pBS222 with a broad range of bacterial hosts]." Molekuliarnaia genetika, mikrobiologiia i virusologiia. 1986 Dec 0; (12):3-10.

Polevoda BV, Tso? TV, Boronin AM. "[Genetic characteristics and physical organization of the R-plasmid pBS52 with a broad range of bacterial hosts]." Molekuliarnaia genetika, mikrobiologiia i virusologiia. 1986 Nov 0; (11):18-23.

Anisimova LA, Viatkina GG, Polevoda BV, Korotiaev AI, Boronin AM. "[Comparative study of non-conjugative R-plasmids from enterobacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa]." Molekuliarnaia genetika, mikrobiologiia i virusologiia. 1985 Jun 0; (6):24-8.

Stefanishin EE, Dekhtiarenko TD, Polishchuk LV, Polevoda BV. "[Restriction analysis of hybrid plasmids pESO1-2 and pESG1-2]." Mikrobiologicheski? zhurnal. 1983 45(2):40-3.