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Anita Roselyn Peoples, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 658
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-7091
Fax: (585) 461-5601

Journal Articles

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2012 Jul
Peoples AR, Lee J, Weinfeld M, Milligan JR, Bernhard WA. "Yields of damage to C4' deoxyribose and to pyrimidines in pUC18 by the direct effect of ionizing radiation." Nucleic acids research. 2012 Jul; 40(13):6060-9. Epub 2012 Mar 29.
2010 Jul 22
Peoples AR, Mercer KR, Bernhard WA. "What fraction of DNA double-strand breaks produced by the direct effect is accounted for by radical pairs?" The journal of physical chemistry. B. 2010 Jul 22; 114(28):9283-8.