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2016 Aug
Herr MM, Mohile NA, van Wijngaarden E, Brown EB, Rich DQ. "Antidepressant use and risk of central nervous system metastasis." Journal of neuro-oncology. 2016 Aug; 129(1):179-87. Epub 2016 Jun 11.
2016 Jun
Clarke BL, Brown EM, Collins MT, Jüppner H, Lakatos P, Levine MA, Mannstadt MM, Bilezikian JP, Romanischen AF, Thakker RV. "Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Hypoparathyroidism." The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2016 Jun; 101(6):2284-99. Epub 2016 Mar 04.
2015 Dec 15
Haynes-Gimore N, Banach M, Brown E, Dawes R, Edholm ES, Kim M, Robert J. "Semi-solid tumor model in Xenopus laevis/gilli cloned tadpoles for intravital study of neovascularization, immune cells and melanophore infiltration." Developmental biology. 2015 Dec 15; 408(2):205-12. Epub 2015 Jan 17.
2015 Nov 10
Van Hove AH, Burke K, Antonienko E, Brown E, Benoit DS. "Enzymatically-responsive pro-angiogenic peptide-releasing poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels promote vascularization in vivo." Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society. 2015 Nov 10; 217:191-201. Epub 2015 Sep 11.
2015 Sep 16
Van Hove AH, Antonienko E, Burke K, Brown E, Benoit DS. "Temporally tunable, enzymatically responsive delivery of proangiogenic peptides from poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels." Advanced healthcare materials. 2015 Sep 16; 4(13):2002-11. Epub 2015 Jul 07.
2015 Jul
Huang C, Ness VP, Yang X, Chen H, Luo J, Brown EB, Zhang X. "Spatiotemporal Analyses of Osteogenesis and Angiogenesis via Intravital Imaging in Cranial Bone Defect Repair." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. 2015 Jul; 30(7):1217-30.
2015 May 27
Kottmann RM, Sharp J, Owens K, Salzman P, Xiao GQ, Phipps RP, Sime PJ, Brown EB, Perry SW. "Second harmonic generation microscopy reveals altered collagen microstructure in usual interstitial pneumonia versus healthy lung." Respiratory research. 2015 May 27; 16:61. Epub 2015 May 27.
2015 May
Burke KA, Dawes RP, Cheema MK, Van Hove A, Benoit DS, Perry SW, Brown E. "Second-harmonic generation scattering directionality predicts tumor cell motility in collagen gels." Journal of biomedical optics. 2015 May; 20(5):051024.
2015 Feb
Bouta EM, Li J, Ju Y, Brown EB, Ritchlin CT, Xing L, Schwarz EM. "The role of the lymphatic system in inflammatory-erosive arthritis." Seminars in cell & developmental biology. 2015 Feb; 38:90-7. Epub 2015 Jan 15.
2015 Jan 5
Sullivan KD, Majewska AK, Brown EB. "Single- and two-photon fluorescence recovery after photobleaching." Cold Spring Harbor protocols. 2015 Jan 5; 2015(1):pdb.top083519. Epub 2015 Jan 05.
2014 Aug 16
Shapovalov Y, Zettel M, Spielman SC, Amico-Ruvio SA, Kelly EA, Sipe GO, Dickerson IM, Majewska AK, Brown EB. "Fluoxetine modulates breast cancer metastasis to the brain in a murine model." BMC cancer. 2014 Aug 16; 14:598. Epub 2014 Aug 16.
2014 Mar 15
Bouta EM, Wood RW, Brown EB, Rahimi H, Ritchlin CT, Schwarz EM. "In vivo quantification of lymph viscosity and pressure in lymphatic vessels and draining lymph nodes of arthritic joints in mice." The Journal of physiology. 2014 Mar 15; 592(6):1213-23. Epub 2014 Jan 13.
2013 Dec
Szpunar MJ, Burke KA, Dawes RP, Brown EB, Madden KS. "The antidepressant desipramine and ?2-adrenergic receptor activation promote breast tumor progression in association with altered collagen structure." Cancer prevention research. 2013 Dec; 6(12):1262-72.
2013 Sep 5
Perry SW, Schueckler JM, Burke K, Arcuri GL, Brown EB. "Stromal matrix metalloprotease-13 knockout alters Collagen I structure at the tumor-host interface and increases lung metastasis of C57BL/6 syngeneic E0771 mammary tumor cells." BMC cancer. 2013 Sep 5; 13:411. Epub 2013 Sep 05.
2013 Aug 15
Arendt O, Schwaller B, Brown EB, Eilers J, Schmidt H. "Restricted diffusion of calretinin in cerebellar granule cell dendrites implies Ca²?-dependent interactions via its EF-hand 5 domain." The Journal of physiology. 2013 Aug 15; 591(16):3887-99. Epub 2013 Jun 03.
2013 Aug
Burke RM, Madden KS, Perry SW, Zettel ML, Brown EB. "Tumor-associated macrophages and stromal TNF-? regulate collagen structure in a breast tumor model as visualized by second harmonic generation." Journal of biomedical optics. 2013 Aug; 18(8):86003.
2013 May
Chen T, Hilton MJ, Brown EB, Zuscik MJ, Awad HA. "Engineering superficial zone features in tissue engineered cartilage." Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2013 May; 110(5):1476-86. Epub 2012 Dec 27.
2013 Mar 1
Madden KS, Zettel ML, Majewska AK, Brown EB. "Brain tumor imaging: live imaging of glioma by two-photon microscopy." Cold Spring Harbor protocols. 2013 Mar 1; 2013(3)Epub 2013 Mar 01.
2013 Mar 1
Madden KS, Zettel ML, Majewska AK, Brown EB. "Brain tumor imaging: imaging brain metastasis using a brain-metastasizing breast adenocarcinoma." Cold Spring Harbor protocols. 2013 Mar 1; 2013(3)Epub 2013 Mar 01.
2013 Mar
Madden KS, Szpunar MJ, Brown EB. "Early impact of social isolation and breast tumor progression in mice." Brain, behavior, and immunity. 2013 Mar; 30 Suppl:S135-41. Epub 2012 May 17.
2013 Mar
Burke K, Tang P, Brown E. "Second harmonic generation reveals matrix alterations during breast tumor progression." Journal of biomedical optics. 2013 Mar; 18(3):31106.
2012 Feb
Perry SW, Burke RM, Brown EB. "Two-photon and second harmonic microscopy in clinical and translational cancer research." Annals of biomedical engineering. 2012 Feb; 40(2):277-91. Epub 2012 Jan 19.
2011 Dec
Madden KS, Szpunar MJ, Brown EB. "?-Adrenergic receptors (?-AR) regulate VEGF and IL-6 production by divergent pathways in high ?-AR-expressing breast cancer cell lines." Breast cancer research and treatment. 2011 Dec; 130(3):747-58. Epub 2011 Jan 14.
2011 Dec
Bouta EM, Wood RW, Perry SW, Brown EB, Ritchlin CT, Xing L, Schwarz EM. "Measuring intranodal pressure and lymph viscosity to elucidate mechanisms of arthritic flare and therapeutic outcomes." Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 2011 Dec; 1240:47-52.
2011 May
Sullivan KD, Brown EB. "Multiphoton fluorescence recovery after photobleaching in bounded systems." Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics . 2011 May; 83(5 Pt 1):051916. Epub 2011 May 16.
2011 Feb
Perry SW, Norman JP, Barbieri J, Brown EB, Gelbard HA. "Mitochondrial membrane potential probes and the proton gradient: a practical usage guide." BioTechniques. 2011 Feb; 50(2):98-115.
Sullivan, K.;Brown, E. "Diffusion and multi-photon fluorescence recovery after photobleaching in bounded systems". Physical review E. In Press. 2011; .
Perry, S.; Norman, J.; Barbieri, J.; Brown, E.; Gelbard, H. "Mitochondrial membrane potential probes and the proton gradient: a practical usage guide". BioTechniques. In Press. 2011; .
2010 Aug
Kozai TD, Marzullo TC, Hooi F, Langhals NB, Majewska AK, Brown EB, Kipke DR. "Reduction of neurovascular damage resulting from microelectrode insertion into the cerebral cortex using in vivo two-photon mapping." Journal of neural engineering. 2010 Aug; 7(4):046011. Epub 2010 Jul 19.
2010 May 10
Han X, Brown E. "Measurement of the ratio of forward-propagating to back-propagating second harmonic signal using a single objective." Optics express. 2010 May 10; 18(10):10538-50.
2010 Feb 26
Sullivan KD, Brown EB. "Measuring diffusion coefficients via two-photon fluorescence recovery after photobleaching." Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 2010 Feb 26; (36)Epub 2010 Feb 26.
Li, J.; Sullivan, K.; Brown, E.;Anthamatten, M. "Thermally activated diffusion in reversibly associating polymers". Soft matter. 2010; 6: 235-238.
Sullivan, K.;Brown, E. "Measuring Diffusion Coefficients via Two-Photon Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching". Journal of visualized experiments. 2010; 36.
2009 Jul 8
Chauhan VP, Lanning RM, Diop-Frimpong B, Mok W, Brown EB, Padera TP, Boucher Y, Jain RK. "Multiscale measurements distinguish cellular and interstitial hindrances to diffusion in vivo." Biophysical journal. 2009 Jul 8; 97(1):330-6.
2009 Jun 17
Sullivan KD, Sipprell WH, Brown EB, Brown EB. "Improved model of fluorescence recovery expands the application of multiphoton fluorescence recovery after photobleaching in vivo." Biophysical journal. 2009 Jun 17; 96(12):5082-94.
2008 Feb 4
Han X, Burke RM, Zettel ML, Tang P, Brown EB. "Second harmonic properties of tumor collagen: determining the structural relationship between reactive stroma and healthy stroma." Optics express. 2008 Feb 4; 16(3):1846-59.
2007 Feb
Schmidt H, Arendt O, Brown EB, Schwaller B, Eilers J. "Parvalbumin is freely mobile in axons, somata and nuclei of cerebellar Purkinje neurones." Journal of neurochemistry. 2007 Feb; 100(3):727-35.
2005 Nov
Tyrrell JA, Mahadevan V, Tong RT, Brown EB, Jain RK, Roysam B. "A 2-D/3-D model-based method to quantify the complexity of microvasculature imaged by in vivo multiphoton microscopy." Microvascular research. 2005 Nov; 70(3):165-78. Epub 2005 Oct 18.
2005 Jun
Stroh M, Zimmer JP, Duda DG, Levchenko TS, Cohen KS, Brown EB, Scadden DT, Torchilin VP, Bawendi MG, Fukumura D, Jain RK. "Quantum dots spectrally distinguish multiple species within the tumor milieu in vivo." Nature medicine. 2005 Jun; 11(6):678-82. Epub 2005 May 08.
2004 Sep 1
Duda DG, Fukumura D, Munn LL, Booth MF, Brown EB, Huang P, Seed B, Jain RK. "Differential transplantability of tumor-associated stromal cells." Cancer research. 2004 Sep 1; 64(17):5920-4.
2004 May
Brown EB, Boucher Y, Nasser S, Jain RK. "Measurement of macromolecular diffusion coefficients in human tumors." Microvascular research. 2004 May; 67(3):231-6.
2004 Mar 18
Garkavtsev I, Kozin SV, Chernova O, Xu L, Winkler F, Brown E, Barnett GH, Jain RK. "The candidate tumour suppressor protein ING4 regulates brain tumour growth and angiogenesis." Nature. 2004 Mar 18; 428(6980):328-32.
2004 Feb
Alexandrakis G, Brown EB, Tong RT, McKee TD, Campbell RB, Boucher Y, Jain RK. "Two-photon fluorescence correlation microscopy reveals the two-phase nature of transport in tumors." Nature medicine. 2004 Feb; 10(2):203-7. Epub 2004 Jan 11.
2003 Nov 15
Znati CA, Rosenstein M, McKee TD, Brown E, Turner D, Bloomer WD, Watkins S, Jain RK, Boucher Y. "Irradiation reduces interstitial fluid transport and increases the collagen content in tumors." Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2003 Nov 15; 9(15):5508-13.
2003 Sep
Abdul-Karim MA, Al-Kofahi K, Brown EB, Jain RK, Roysam B. "Automated tracing and change analysis of angiogenic vasculature from in vivo multiphoton confocal image time series." Microvascular research. 2003 Sep; 66(2):113-25.
2003 Jun
Brown E, McKee T, diTomaso E, Pluen A, Seed B, Boucher Y, Jain RK. "Dynamic imaging of collagen and its modulation in tumors in vivo using second-harmonic generation." Nature medicine. 2003 Jun; 9(6):796-800. Epub 2003 May 18.
2003 Apr
Schmidt H, Brown EB, Schwaller B, Eilers J. "Diffusional mobility of parvalbumin in spiny dendrites of cerebellar Purkinje neurons quantified by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching." Biophysical journal. 2003 Apr; 84(4):2599-608.
2003 Feb
Wei X, Henke VG, Strübing C, Brown EB, Clapham DE. "Real-time imaging of nuclear permeation by EGFP in single intact cells." Biophysical journal. 2003 Feb; 84(2 Pt 1):1317-27.
2002 Dec 1
Campbell RB, Fukumura D, Brown EB, Mazzola LM, Izumi Y, Jain RK, Torchilin VP, Munn LL. "Cationic charge determines the distribution of liposomes between the vascular and extravascular compartments of tumors." Cancer research. 2002 Dec 1; 62(23):6831-6.
2002 Oct
Migliorini C, Qian Y, Chen H, Brown EB, Jain RK, Munn LL. "Red blood cells augment leukocyte rolling in a virtual blood vessel." Biophysical journal. 2002 Oct; 83(4):1834-41.
2002 Sep
Ramanujan S, Pluen A, McKee TD, Brown EB, Boucher Y, Jain RK. "Diffusion and convection in collagen gels: implications for transport in the tumor interstitium." Biophysical journal. 2002 Sep; 83(3):1650-60.
2002 Jun 7
Padera TP, Kadambi A, di Tomaso E, Carreira CM, Brown EB, Boucher Y, Choi NC, Mathisen D, Wain J, Mark EJ, Munn LL, Jain RK. "Lymphatic metastasis in the absence of functional intratumor lymphatics." Science. 2002 Jun 7; 296(5574):1883-6. Epub 2002 Apr 25.
2001 Jul
Brown EB, Campbell RB, Tsuzuki Y, Xu L, Carmeliet P, Fukumura D, Jain RK. "In vivo measurement of gene expression, angiogenesis and physiological function in tumors using multiphoton laser scanning microscopy." Nature medicine. 2001 Jul; 7(7):864-8.
2001 Apr 10
Pluen A, Boucher Y, Ramanujan S, McKee TD, Gohongi T, di Tomaso E, Brown EB, Izumi Y, Campbell RB, Berk DA, Jain RK. "Role of tumor-host interactions in interstitial diffusion of macromolecules: cranial vs. subcutaneous tumors." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2001 Apr 10; 98(8):4628-33. Epub 2001 Mar 27.
2000 Mar 1
Majewska A, Brown E, Ross J, Yuste R. "Mechanisms of calcium decay kinetics in hippocampal spines: role of spine calcium pumps and calcium diffusion through the spine neck in biochemical compartmentalization." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2000 Mar 1; 20(5):1722-34.
1999 Nov
Brown EB, Wu ES, Zipfel W, Webb WW. "Measurement of molecular diffusion in solution by multiphoton fluorescence photobleaching recovery." Biophysical journal. 1999 Nov; 77(5):2837-49.
1999 Jan
Brown EB, Shear JB, Adams SR, Tsien RY, Webb WW. "Photolysis of caged calcium in femtoliter volumes using two-photon excitation." Biophysical journal. 1999 Jan; 76(1 Pt 1):489-99.
Brown EB, Webb WW. "Two-photon activation of caged calcium with submicron, submillisecond resolution." Methods in enzymology. 1998 291:356-80.
1996 May 15
Shear JB, Brown EB, Webb WW. "Multiphoton-excited fluorescence of fluorogen-labeled neurotransmitters." Analytical chemistry. 1996 May 15; 68(10):1778-83.


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