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2013 Nov
Koltz PF, Frey JD, Bell DE, Girotto JA, Christiano JG, Langstein HN. "Evolution of abdominal wall reconstruction: development of a unified algorithm with improved outcomes." Annals of plastic surgery. 2013 Nov; 71(5):554-60.
2013 Oct
Koltz PF, Frey JD, Langstein HN. "The use of human acellular dermal matrix in the first stage of implant-based breast reconstruction simplifies the exchange procedure." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2013 Oct; 132(4):691e-692e.
2013 Oct
Koltz PF, Frey JD, Langstein HN. "Insurance coverage and reduction mammaplasty: a systematic review of current health care policies." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2013 Oct; 132(4):692e-693e.
2012 Nov
Shaw RB, Katzel EB, Koltz PF, Kahn DM, Puzas EJ, Langstein HN. "Facial bone density: effects of aging and impact on facial rejuvenation." Aesthetic surgery journal. 2012 Nov; 32(8):937-42. Epub 2012 Sep 24.
2011 Sep
Sbitany H, Langstein HN. "Acellular dermal matrix in primary breast reconstruction." Aesthetic surgery journal. 2011 Sep; 31(7 Suppl):30S-7S.
2011 Jun
Katzel EB, Koltz PF, Tierney R, Williams JP, Awad HA, O'keefe RJ, Langstein HN. "The impact of Smad3 loss of function on TGF-? signaling and radiation-induced capsular contracture." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2011 Jun; 127(6):2263-9.
2011 May
Katzel EB, Wolenski M, Loiselle AE, Basile P, Flick LM, Langstein HN, Hilton MJ, Awad HA, Hammert WC, O'Keefe RJ. "Impact of Smad3 loss of function on scarring and adhesion formation during tendon healing." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. 2011 May; 29(5):684-93. Epub 2010 Sep 14.
2011 Mar
Hanasono MM, Langstein HN. "Extended Karapandzic flaps for near-total and total lower lip defects." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2011 Mar; 127(3):1199-205.
2011 Jan 15
Banerjee S, Lin CF, Skinner KA, Schiffhauer LM, Peacock J, Hicks DG, Redmond EM, Morrow D, Huston A, Shayne M, Langstein HN, Miller-Graziano CL, Strickland J, O'Donoghue L, De AK. "Heat shock protein 27 differentiates tolerogenic macrophages that may support human breast cancer progression." Cancer research. 2011 Jan 15; 71(2):318-27. Epub 2011 Jan 11.
2011 Jan
Shaw RB, Katzel EB, Koltz PF, Yaremchuk MJ, Girotto JA, Kahn DM, Langstein HN. "Aging of the facial skeleton: aesthetic implications and rejuvenation strategies." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2011 Jan; 127(1):374-83.
2010 Nov
Katzel EB, Koltz PF, Tierney R, Williams JP, Awad HA, O'keefe RJ, Langstein HN. "A novel animal model for studying silicone gel-related capsular contracture." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2010 Nov; 126(5):1483-91.
2010 Sep
Sbitany H, Koltz PF, Girotto JA, Vega SJ, Langstein HN. "Assessment of donor-site morbidity following rectus femoris harvest for infrainguinal reconstruction." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2010 Sep; 126(3):933-40.
Shaw, R Jr; Katzel, E.; Koltz, P.; Kahn D.; Girotto, J.; Langstein H. "Aging of The Mandible and its Aestetic implications: A Three Dimensional CT Study". Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery. 2010; 1(125): 332-42.
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Shaw, R/Jr;Katzel, E.; Koltz P.;Kahn,D.; John Girotto; Langstein H. "Aging of the Mandible and its Aesthetic Implications: A Three Dimensional CT Study". Plast Reconstr Surg. 2009; 6(123): 10-142.
Sbitany H.; Koltz P; Girotto J; Langstein H. "Quadriceps Muscle Function Following Harvest Of The Rectus Femoris Muscle as a Pedicle Flap For Complecs Groin Wound Reconstruction". Plast Reconstr Surg. 2009; 6(123): 10-142.
Katzel, E.; Koltz, P.;Awad, H.; O' Keefe, R.;Williams, J.; Langstein, H. "A Novel Animal Model To Study Capsular Contracture Utilizing Livescan MicroCT technology". Plast Reconstr Surg. 2009; 6(123).
Katzel, E; Koltz, P.; Awad, H.; O'Keefe, R.; Williams, J.; Langstein, H. "A Novel Animal Model to Study Capsular Contracture Utilizing Livescan MicroCT Technology." Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery. 2009; 4S(124): 19-20.
Gusenoff, J.; Koltz, P.; O'Malley; William J.; Messing, S; Chen, R.; Langstein, H. "Breast Cancer And Bariatric Surgery:Temporal Relationships of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Reconstruction." Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery. 2009; 4(124): 1025-1032.
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2008 Mar
Basile P, Dadali T, Jacobson J, Hasslund S, Ulrich-Vinther M, Søballe K, Nishio Y, Drissi MH, Langstein HN, Mitten DJ, O'Keefe RJ, Schwarz EM, Awad HA. "Freeze-dried tendon allografts as tissue-engineering scaffolds for Gdf5 gene delivery." Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy. 2008 Mar; 16(3):466-73. Epub 2008 Jan 08.
2008 Feb
Marin V.P.; Pytynia K.B.; Langstein H.N. Dahlstrom K.R. Wei Q; Sturgis E.M. "Serum cotinine concentration and wound complications and in head and neck reconstruction." Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 2008; 121(2): 451-7.
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Gusenoff J.A.; Pennino R.P.; Messing S.; O'Malley W.E. Boss T.J.; Langstein H.N. "Post-bariatric surgery reconstruction: patients myths perceptions, cost, and attainability strategies." Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 2008; 122(1): 1e-9e.
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Gusenoff JA; Messing S; O'Malley W; Langstein HN. "Patterns of plastic surgical use after gastric bypass:who can afford it and who will return for more." Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 2008; 3(122): 951-958.
2007 Jan
Miller RB, Reece G, Kroll SS, Chang D, Langstein H, Ziogas A, Robb G, Evans GR. "Microvascular breast reconstruction in the diabetic patient." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2007 Jan; 119(1):38-45; discussion 46-8.
2006 Nov 1
Saint-Cyr M, Langstein HN. "Reconstruction of the hand and upper extremity after tumor resection." Journal of surgical oncology. 2006 Nov 1; 94(6):490-503.
2006 Sep
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2006 Sep
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2005 Oct
Butler CE, Langstein HN, Kronowitz SJ. "Pelvic, abdominal, and chest wall reconstruction with AlloDerm in patients at increased risk for mesh-related complications." Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2005 Oct; 116(5):1263-75; discussion 1276-7.
2005 Jan
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2004 Feb
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2003 Feb
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2002 Oct
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2002 May
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2002 Jan
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2001 Jun
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2001 May
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2001 May
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2001 Apr
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2001 Mar
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2001 Feb
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2001 Feb
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2001 Jan
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2000 Nov
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2000 Jun
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2000 Jun
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2000 Apr
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1997 Nov
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1997 Feb
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1992 Feb
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1991 Nov
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1991 Jul
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1991 May 1
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1990 Jul 1
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1989 Sep 1
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