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1998 Apr
Liang Y, Wang A, Probst FJ, Arhya IN, Barber TD, Chen KS, Deshmukh D, Dolan DF, Hinnant JT, Carter LE, Jain PK, Lalwani AK, Li XC, Lupski JR, Moeljopawiro S, Morell R, Negrini C, Wilcox ER, Winata S, Camper SA, Friedman TB. "Genetic mapping refines DFNB3 to 17p11.2, suggests multiple alleles of DFNB3, and supports homology to the mouse model shaker-2." American journal of human genetics. 1998 Apr; 62(4):904-15.
1997 Aug
Kalinec F, Kalinec G, Negrini C, Kachar B. "Immunolocalization of anion exchanger 2alpha in auditory sensory hair cells." Hearing research. 1997 Aug; 110(1-2):141-6.
1996 Jun
O'Neill ME, Marietta J, Nishimura D, Wayne S, Van Camp G, Van Laer L, Negrini C, Wilcox ER, Chen A, Fukushima K, Ni L, Sheffield VC, Smith RJ. "A gene for autosomal dominant late-onset progressive non-syndromic hearing loss, DFNA10, maps to chromosome 6." Human molecular genetics. 1996 Jun; 5(6):853-6.
M.N. Rivolta; C. Negrini and E. Wilcox. "A novel Zinc Finger gene preferentially Expressed in the retina and the organ of Corti localizes to human chromosome 12q24.3". Biochim. Biophys. 1996; : 127-132. Link
C. Negrini; M.N. Rivolta; F. Kalinec and B. Kachar. "Cloning of an organ of Corti anion exchanger isoform with a truncated C-terminal domain." Biochim. Biophys. 1995; : 207-211. Link