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Ann Julienne Russ, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Janet Shim; Ann Russ; and Sharon Kaufman. "Late life cardiac interventions and the treatment imperative". PLoS Medicine. 2008; 5(3): e7.

Ann Russ; Janet Shim; and Sharon Kaufman. "The value of "life at any cost": talk about stopping kidney dialysis". Social Science & Medicine. 2007; 64(11): 2236-2247.

Janet Shim; Ann Russ; and Sharon Kaufman. "Clinical life: expectation and the double edge of medical promise". Health. 2007; 11(2): 45-64.

Sharon Kaufman; Ann Russ; and Janet Shim. "Aged bodies and kinship matters: the ethical field of kidney transplant". American Ethnologist. 2006; 33(1): 81-99.

Sharon Kaufman, Janet Shim, and Ann Russ. "Old age, life extension, and the character of medical choice". Journal of Gerontology, Social Sciences. 2006; 61B(4): S175-S184.

Janet Shim; Ann Russ; and Sharon Kaufman. "Risk, life extension, and the pursuit of medical possibility". Sociology of Health and Illness. 2006; 28(4): 479-502.

Ann Russ and Genevieve Ames. "Policy and prevention as competing imperatives in US Navy life and medicine". Culture, Health, and Sexuality. 2006; 8(1): 1-15.

Ann Russ. "Love's labor paid for: gift and commodity at the threshold of death". Cultural Anthropology. 2005; 20(1): 128-55.

Ann Russ; Janet Shim; and Sharon Kaufman. ""Is there life on dialysis?": time and aging in a clinically sustained existence". Medical Anthropology. 2005; 24: 297-324.

Ann Russ and Sharon Kaufman. "Family perceptions of prognosis, silence, and the 'suddenness' of death". Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. 2005; 29(1): 103-123.

Sharon Kaufman; Janet Shim; and Ann Russ. "Revisiting the biomedicalization of aging: clinical trends and ethical challenges". The Gerontologist. 2004; 44(6): 731-8.

Carol Cunradi; Michael Duke; Ann Russ; and Genevieve Ames. "Alcohol-related risky sex expectancies and condom use among young adults in the US Navy". Sexual Health. .

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: "Choosing later" about dialysis treatment near the end of life
Book Title: The Sociology of Health and Illness, 8th ed.
Author List: Ann Russ, Janet Shim, and Sharon Kaufman
Edited By: Peter Conrad, editor
Published By: Worth Publishers2008

Chapter Title: High risk sexual behavior among young adults in the US Navy
Book Title: 21st Century Sexualities: Contemporary Issues in Health Education and Rights
Author List: Genevieve Ames, Andrew Bickford, and Ann Russ
Edited By: Gilbert Herdt and Cymene Howe, editors
Published By: Routledge2007 in New York

Chapter Title: Aged bodies and kinship matters: the ethical field of kidney transplant
Book Title: Social Bodies
Author List: Sharon Kaufman, Ann Russ, and Janet Shim
Edited By: Maryon McDonald and Helen Lambert, editors
Published By: Berghahn Press2006 in New York