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2010 Nov 15
Milano MT, Okunieff P, Donatello RS, Mohile NA, Sul J, Walter KA, Korones DN. "Patterns and timing of recurrence after temozolomide-based chemoradiation for glioblastoma." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 2010 Nov 15; 78(4):1147-55. Epub 2010 Mar 06.
2010 Aug
Liu Y, Carson-Walter EB, Cooper A, Winans BN, Johnson MD, Walter KA. "Vascular gene expression patterns are conserved in primary and metastatic brain tumors." Journal of neuro-oncology. 2010 Aug; 99(1):13-24. Epub 2010 Jan 09.
2010 May
Milano MT, Johnson MD, Sul J, Mohile NA, Korones DN, Okunieff P, Walter KA. "Primary spinal cord glioma: a Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database study." Journal of neuro-oncology. 2010 May; 98(1):83-92. Epub 2009 Nov 07.
2010 Jan
Tomycz ND, Germanwala AV, Walter KA. "Contralateral acute subdural hematoma after surgical evacuation of acute subdural hematoma." The Journal of trauma. 2010 Jan; 68(1):E11-2.
2009 Nov 30
Carson-Walter EB, Winans BN, Whiteman MC, Liu Y, Jarvela S, Haapasalo H, Tyler BM, Huso DL, Johnson MD, Walter KA. "Characterization of TEM1/endosialin in human and murine brain tumors." BMC cancer. 2009 Nov 30; 9:417. Epub 2009 Nov 30.
2009 Mar 17
Biswas T, Okunieff P, Schell MC, Smudzin T, Pilcher WH, Bakos RS, Vates GE, Walter KA, Wensel A, Korones DN, Milano MT. "Stereotactic radiosurgery for glioblastoma: retrospective analysis." Radiation oncology. 2009 Mar 17; 4:11. Epub 2009 Mar 17.
2008 Feb 26
Shue EH, Carson-Walter EB, Liu Y, Winans BN, Ali ZS, Chen J, Walter KA. "Plasmalemmal vesicle associated protein-1 (PV-1) is a marker of blood-brain barrier disruption in rodent models." BMC neuroscience. 2008 Feb 26; 9:29. Epub 2008 Feb 26.
2007 Dec 19
Okada H, Lieberman FS, Walter KA, Lunsford LD, Kondziolka DS, Bejjani GK, Hamilton RL, Torres-Trejo A, Kalinski P, Cai Q, Mabold JL, Edington HD, Butterfield LH, Whiteside TL, Potter DM, Schold SC, Pollack IF. "Autologous glioma cell vaccine admixed with interleukin-4 gene transfected fibroblasts in the treatment of patients with malignant gliomas." Journal of translational medicine. 2007 Dec 19; 5:67. Epub 2007 Dec 19.
2007 Sep 18
Beckner ME, Jane EP, Jankowitz B, Agostino NR, Walter KA, Hamilton RL, Pollack IF. "Tumor cells from ultrasonic aspirations of glioblastomas migrate and form spheres with radial outgrowth." Cancer letters. 2007 Sep 18; 255(1):135-44. Epub 2007 May 31.
2007 Aug
Stippler M, Fischer MR, Puccio AM, Wisniewski SR, Carson-Walter EB, Dixon CE, Walter KA. "Serum and cerebrospinal fluid magnesium in severe traumatic brain injury outcome." Journal of neurotrauma. 2007 Aug; 24(8):1347-54.
2006 Jan
Pradilla G, Wang PP, Gabikian P, Li K, Magee CA, Walter KA, Brem H. "Local intracerebral administration of Paclitaxel with the paclimer delivery system: toxicity study in a canine model." Journal of neuro-oncology. 2006 Jan; 76(2):131-8.
2005 Nov 1
Carson-Walter EB, Hampton J, Shue E, Geynisman DM, Pillai PK, Sathanoori R, Madden SL, Hamilton RL, Walter KA. "Plasmalemmal vesicle associated protein-1 is a novel marker implicated in brain tumor angiogenesis." Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2005 Nov 1; 11(21):7643-50.
2004 Aug
Madden SL, Cook BP, Nacht M, Weber WD, Callahan MR, Jiang Y, Dufault MR, Zhang X, Zhang W, Walter-Yohrling J, Rouleau C, Akmaev VR, Wang CJ, Cao X, St Martin TB, Roberts BL, Teicher BA, Klinger KW, Stan RV, Lucey B, Carson-Walter EB, Laterra J, Walter KA. "Vascular gene expression in nonneoplastic and malignant brain." The American journal of pathology. 2004 Aug; 165(2):601-8.
2003 Aug 15
Li KW, Dang W, Tyler BM, Troiano G, Tihan T, Brem H, Walter KA. "Polilactofate microspheres for Paclitaxel delivery to central nervous system malignancies." Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2003 Aug 15; 9(9):3441-7.
Walter, K. A.; Hossain, M. A.; Luddy, C.; Goel, N.; Reznik, T. E.; Laterra, J. "Scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor stimulation of glioblastoma cell cycle progression through G(1) is c-Myc dependent and independent of p27 suppression, Cdk2 activation, or E2F1-dependent transcription". Molecular & Cellular Biology. 2002; 22(8): 2703-2715.
2000 Aug 1
Bowers DC, Fan S, Walter KA, Abounader R, Williams JA, Rosen EM, Laterra J. "Scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor protects against cytotoxic death in human glioblastoma via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase- and AKT-dependent pathways." Cancer research. 2000 Aug 1; 60(15):4277-83.
1997 Nov
Tamargo RJ, Walter KA, Oshiro EM. "Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: prognostic features and outcomes." New horizons : an official publication of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. 1997 Nov; 5(4):364-75.
1997 Jul
Oshiro EM, Walter KA, Piantadosi S, Witham TF, Tamargo RJ. "A new subarachnoid hemorrhage grading system based on the Glasgow Coma Scale: a comparison with the Hunt and Hess and World Federation of Neurological Surgeons Scales in a clinical series." Neurosurgery. 1997 Jul; 41(1):140-7; discussion 147-8.
1994 Apr 15
Walter KA, Cahan MA, Gur A, Tyler B, Hilton J, Colvin OM, Burger PC, Domb A, Brem H. "Interstitial taxol delivered from a biodegradable polymer implant against experimental malignant glioma." Cancer research. 1994 Apr 15; 54(8):2207-12.
Cahan, M. A.; Walter, K. A.; Colvin, O. M.; Brem, H. "Cytotoxicity of taxol in vitro against human and rat malignant brain tumors". Cancer Chemotherapy & Pharmacology. 1994; 33(5): 441-444.
Kegley, S.E.; Walter, K.A.; Bergstrom, D.T.; Macfarland, D.K.; Young, B.G.; Rheingold, A.L. ""Stereoselective binding of olefins to a molybdenum center and synthesis of a chiral molybdenum olefin complex"". Organometallics. 1993; 12(6): 2339-2353.


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