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2016 Dec 20
Chatrikhi R, Wang W, Gupta A, Loerch S, Maucuer A, Kielkopf CL. "SF1 Phosphorylation Enhances Specific Binding to U2AF(65) and Reduces Binding to 3'-Splice-Site RNA." Biophysical journal. 2016 Dec 20; 111(12):2570-2586.
2016 Dec
Loerch S, Kielkopf CL. "Unmasking the U2AF homology motif family: a bona fide protein-protein interaction motif in disguise." RNA. 2016 Dec; 22(12):1795-1807.
2016 Oct
Fei DL, Motowski H, Chatrikhi R, Prasad S, Yu J, Gao S, Kielkopf CL, Bradley RK, Varmus H. "Wild-Type U2AF1 Antagonizes the Splicing Program Characteristic of U2AF1-Mutant Tumors and Is Required for Cell Survival." PLoS genetics. 2016 Oct; 12(10):e1006384. Epub 2016 Oct 24.
2016 Mar 8
Agrawal AA, Salsi E, Chatrikhi R, Henderson S, Jenkins JL, Green MR, Ermolenko DN, Kielkopf CL. "An extended U2AF(65)-RNA-binding domain recognizes the 3' splice site signal." Nature communications. 2016 Mar 8; 7:10950. Epub 2016 Mar 08.
2015 Sep 25
Loerch S, Kielkopf CL. "Dividing and Conquering the Family of RNA Recognition Motifs: A Representative Case Based on hnRNP L." Journal of molecular biology. 2015 Sep 25; 427(19):2997-3000. Epub 2015 Jun 20.
2015 Apr
Okeyo-Owuor T, White BS, Chatrikhi R, Mohan DR, Kim S, Griffith M, Ding L, Ketkar-Kulkarni S, Hundal J, Laird KM, Kielkopf CL, Ley TJ, Walter MJ, Graubert TA. "U2AF1 mutations alter sequence specificity of pre-mRNA binding and splicing." Leukemia. 2015 Apr; 29(4):909-17. Epub 2014 Oct 14.
2014 Dec 9
Agrawal AA, McLaughlin KJ, Jenkins JL, Kielkopf CL. "Structure-guided U2AF65 variant improves recognition and splicing of a defective pre-mRNA." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014 Dec 9; 111(49):17420-5. Epub 2014 Nov 24.
2014 Jun 20
Loerch S, Maucuer A, Manceau V, Green MR, Kielkopf CL. "Cancer-relevant splicing factor CAPER? engages the essential splicing factor SF3b155 in a specific ternary complex." The Journal of biological chemistry. 2014 Jun 20; 289(25):17325-37. Epub 2014 May 02.
2013 Apr 1
Jenkins JL, Agrawal AA, Gupta A, Green MR, Kielkopf CL. "U2AF65 adapts to diverse pre-mRNA splice sites through conformational selection of specific and promiscuous RNA recognition motifs." Nucleic acids research. 2013 Apr 1; 41(6):3859-73. Epub 2013 Feb 01.
2013 Apr
Gleghorn ML, Gong C, Kielkopf CL, Maquat LE. "Staufen1 dimerizes through a conserved motif and a degenerate dsRNA-binding domain to promote mRNA decay." Nature structural & molecular biology. 2013 Apr; 20(4):515-24. Epub 2013 Mar 24.
2013 Feb 5
Wang W, Maucuer A, Gupta A, Manceau V, Thickman KR, Bauer WJ, Kennedy SD, Wedekind JE, Green MR, Kielkopf CL. "Structure of phosphorylated SF1 bound to U2AF?? in an essential splicing factor complex." Structure. 2013 Feb 5; 21(2):197-208. Epub 2012 Dec 27.
2012 Jul 3
Jenkins JL, Laird KM, Kielkopf CL. "A Broad range of conformations contribute to the solution ensemble of the essential splicing factor U2AF(65)." Biochemistry. 2012 Jul 3; 51(26):5223-5. Epub 2012 Jun 19.
2012 Jan 27
Bauer WJ, Heath J, Jenkins JL, Kielkopf CL. "Three RNA recognition motifs participate in RNA recognition and structural organization by the pro-apoptotic factor TIA-1." Journal of molecular biology. 2012 Jan 27; 415(4):727-40. Epub 2011 Dec 02.
2011 Apr 1
Gupta A, Kielkopf CL. "Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of a central domain of human splicing factor 1." Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology and crystallization communications. 2011 Apr 1; 67(Pt 4):486-90. Epub 2011 Mar 25.
2011 Mar 8
McLaughlin KJ, Jenkins JL, Kielkopf CL. "Large favorable enthalpy changes drive specific RNA recognition by RNA recognition motif proteins." Biochemistry. 2011 Mar 8; 50(9):1429-31. Epub 2011 Feb 02.
2011 Feb 4
Gupta A, Jenkins JL, Kielkopf CL. "RNA induces conformational changes in the SF1/U2AF65 splicing factor complex." Journal of molecular biology. 2011 Feb 4; 405(5):1128-38. Epub 2010 Dec 10.
2010 May 28
McLaughlin KJ, Strain-Damerell CM, Xie K, Brekasis D, Soares AS, Paget MS, Kielkopf CL. "Structural basis for NADH/NAD+ redox sensing by a Rex family repressor." Molecular cell. 2010 May 28; 38(4):563-75.
2008 Nov 28
Jenkins JL, Shen H, Green MR, Kielkopf CL. "Solution conformation and thermodynamic characteristics of RNA binding by the splicing factor U2AF65." The Journal of biological chemistry. 2008 Nov 28; 283(48):33641-9. Epub 2008 Oct 08.
2008 Sep 5
Manceau V, Kielkopf CL, Sobel A, Maucuer A. "Different requirements of the kinase and UHM domains of KIS for its nuclear localization and binding to splicing factors." Journal of molecular biology. 2008 Sep 5; 381(3):748-62. Epub 2008 Jun 17.
2008 May 20
Lin Y, Kielkopf CL. "X-ray structures of U2 snRNA-branchpoint duplexes containing conserved pseudouridines." Biochemistry. 2008 May 20; 47(20):5503-14. Epub 2008 Apr 25.
2008 Mar 21
Kumar AO, Swenson MC, Benning MM, Kielkopf CL. "Structure of the central RNA recognition motif of human TIA-1 at 1.95A resolution." Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 2008 Mar 21; 367(4):813-9. Epub 2008 Jan 15.
2007 Apr 17
Swenson MC, Paranawithana SR, Miller PS, Kielkopf CL. "Structure of a DNA repair substrate containing an alkyl interstrand cross-link at 1.65 A resolution." Biochemistry. 2007 Apr 17; 46(15):4545-53. Epub 2007 Mar 22.
2007 Feb 23
Thickman KR, Sickmier EA, Kielkopf CL. "Alternative conformations at the RNA-binding surface of the N-terminal U2AF(65) RNA recognition motif." Journal of molecular biology. 2007 Feb 23; 366(3):703-10. Epub 2006 Dec 02.
2006 Jul 7
Sickmier EA, Frato KE, Shen H, Paranawithana SR, Green MR, Kielkopf CL. "Structural basis for polypyrimidine tract recognition by the essential pre-mRNA splicing factor U2AF65." Molecular cell. 2006 Jul 7; 23(1):49-59.
2006 May 1
Sickmier EA, Frato KE, Kielkopf CL. "Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of a U2AF65 variant in complex with a polypyrimidine-tract analogue by use of protein engineering." Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology and crystallization communications. 2006 May 1; 62(Pt 5):457-9. Epub 2006 Apr 12.
2006 Feb 24
Thickman KR, Swenson MC, Kabogo JM, Gryczynski Z, Kielkopf CL. "Multiple U2AF65 binding sites within SF3b155: thermodynamic and spectroscopic characterization of protein-protein interactions among pre-mRNA splicing factors." Journal of molecular biology. 2006 Feb 24; 356(3):664-83. Epub 2005 Dec 07.
2006 Feb
Manceau V, Swenson M, Le Caer JP, Sobel A, Kielkopf CL, Maucuer A. "Major phosphorylation of SF1 on adjacent Ser-Pro motifs enhances interaction with U2AF65." The FEBS journal. 2006 Feb; 273(3):577-87.
2005 Jan
Sickmier EA, Brekasis D, Paranawithana S, Bonanno JB, Paget MS, Burley SK, Kielkopf CL. "X-ray structure of a Rex-family repressor/NADH complex insights into the mechanism of redox sensing." Structure. 2005 Jan; 13(1):43-54.
2004 Jul 1
Kielkopf CL, L├╝cke S, Green MR. "U2AF homology motifs: protein recognition in the RRM world." Genes & development. 2004 Jul 1; 18(13):1513-26.
2002 Oct 1
Kielkopf CL, Burley SK. "X-ray structures of threonine aldolase complexes: structural basis of substrate recognition." Biochemistry. 2002 Oct 1; 41(39):11711-20.
2001 Sep 7
Kielkopf CL, Rodionova NA, Green MR, Burley SK. "A novel peptide recognition mode revealed by the X-ray structure of a core U2AF35/U2AF65 heterodimer." Cell. 2001 Sep 7; 106(5):595-605.
2000 Feb 25
Kielkopf CL, Ding S, Kuhn P, Rees DC. "Conformational flexibility of B-DNA at 0.74 A resolution: d(CCAGTACTGG)(2)." Journal of molecular biology. 2000 Feb 25; 296(3):787-801.
2000 Feb
Kielkopf CL, Erkkila KE, Hudson BP, Barton JK, Rees DC. "Structure of a photoactive rhodium complex intercalated into DNA." Nature structural biology. 2000 Feb; 7(2):117-21.
2000 Jan 21
Kielkopf CL, Bremer RE, White S, Szewczyk JW, Turner JM, Baird EE, Dervan PB, Rees DC. "Structural effects of DNA sequence on T.A recognition by hydroxypyrrole/pyrrole pairs in the minor groove." Journal of molecular biology. 2000 Jan 21; 295(3):557-67.
1998 Oct 2
Kielkopf CL, White S, Szewczyk JW, Turner JM, Baird EE, Dervan PB, Rees DC. "A structural basis for recognition of A.T and T.A base pairs in the minor groove of B-DNA." Science. 1998 Oct 2; 282(5386):111-5.
1998 Feb
Kielkopf CL, Baird EE, Dervan PB, Rees DC. "Structural basis for G.C recognition in the DNA minor groove." Nature structural biology. 1998 Feb; 5(2):104-9.