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Archibald S. Perkins, M.D., Ph.D.



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Juneja SC, Vonica A, Zeiss C, Lezon-Geyda K, Yatsula B, Sell DR, Monnier VM, Lin S, Ardito T, Eyre D, Reynolds D, Yao Z, Awad HA, Yu H, Wilson M, Honnons S, Boyce BF, Xing L, Zhang Y, Perkins AS. "Deletion of Mecom in mouse results in early-onset spinal deformity and osteopenia." Bone.. 2014 Mar 0; 60:148-61. Epub 2013 Dec 04.

Glass C, Wilson M, Gonzalez R, Zhang Y, Perkins AS. "The role of EVI1 in myeloid malignancies." Blood cells, molecules & diseases.. 2014 53(1-2):67-76. Epub 2014 Feb 01.

Bard-Chapeau EA, Szumska D, Jacob B, Chua BQ, Chatterjee GC, Zhang Y, Ward JM, Urun F, Kinameri E, Vincent SD, Ahmed S, Bhattacharya S, Osato M, Perkins AS, Moore AW, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG. "Mice carrying a hypomorphic Evi1 allele are embryonic viable but exhibit severe congenital heart defects." PloS one. 2014 9(2):e89397. Epub 2014 Feb 27.

Zhang Y, Owens K, Hatem L, Glass CH, Karuppaiah K, Camargo F, Perkins AS. "Essential role of PR-domain protein MDS1-EVI1 in MLL-AF9 leukemia." Blood.. 2013 Oct 17; 122(16):2888-92. Epub 2013 Sep 10.

Deng X, Cao Y, Liu Y, Li F, Sambandam K, Rajaraman S, Perkins AS, Fields AP, Hellmich MR, Townsend CM, Thompson EA, Ko TC. "Overexpression of Evi-1 oncoprotein represses TGF-? signaling in colorectal cancer." Molecular carcinogenesis.. 2013 Apr 0; 52(4):255-64. Epub 2011 Dec 07.

Bresnick EH, Katsumura KR, Lee HY, Johnson KD, Perkins AS. "Master regulatory GATA transcription factors: mechanistic principles and emerging links to hematologic malignancies." Nucleic acids research.. 2012 Jul 0; 40(13):5819-31. Epub 2012 Apr 05.

Zhang Y, Sicot G, Cui X, Vogel M, Wuertzer CA, Lezon-Geyda KA, Wheeler JC, Harki DA, Muzikar KA, Stolper DA, Dervan PB, Perkins AS. "Targeting a DNA binding motif of the EVI1 protein by a pyrrole-imidazole polyamide." Biochemistry.. 2011 Dec 6; 50(48):10431-41. Epub 2011 Nov 10.

Zhang Y, Stehling-Sun S, Lezon-Geyda K, Juneja SC, Coillard L, Chatterjee G, Wuertzer CA, Camargo F, Perkins AS. "PR-domain-containing Mds1-Evi1 is critical for long-term hematopoietic stem cell function." Blood.. 2011 Oct 6; 118(14):3853-61. Epub 2011 Jun 10.

Qiu Y, Lynch J, Guo L, Yatsula B, Perkins AS, Michalak M. "Regulation of the calreticulin gene by GATA6 and Evi-1 transcription factors." Biochemistry.. 2008 Mar 25; 47(12):3697-704. Epub 2008 Feb 28.

Perkins AS, Friedberg JW. "Burkitt lymphoma in adults." Hematology. 2008 :341-8.

Jackson-Fisher AJ, Bellinger G, Shum E, Duong JK, Perkins AS, Gassmann M, Muller W, Kent Lloyd KC, Stern DF. "Formation of Neu/ErbB2-induced mammary tumors is unaffected by loss of ErbB4." Oncogene.. 2006 Sep 14; 25(41):5664-72. Epub 2006 May 01.

Boyd KE, Xiao YY, Fan K, Poholek A, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Perkins AS. "Sox4 cooperates with Evi1 in AKXD-23 myeloid tumors via transactivation of proviral LTR." Blood.. 2006 Jan 15; 107(2):733-41. Epub 2005 Oct 04.

Yatsula B, Galvao C, McCrann M, Perkins AS. "Assessment of F-MuLV-induced tumorigenesis reveals new candidate tumor genes including Pecam1, St7, and Prim2." Leukemia.. 2006 Jan 0; 20(1):162-5.

Yatsula B, Lin S, Read AJ, Poholek A, Yates K, Yue D, Hui P, Perkins AS. "Identification of binding sites of EVI1 in mammalian cells." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2005 Sep 2; 280(35):30712-22. Epub 2005 Jul 08.

Kluger HM, Kluger Y, Gilmore-Hebert M, DiVito K, Chang JT, Rodov S, Mironenko O, Kacinski BM, Perkins AS, Sapi E. "cDNA microarray analysis of invasive and tumorigenic phenotypes in a breast cancer model." Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology.. 2004 Mar 0; 84(3):320-31.

Amin DN, Perkins AS, Stern DF. "Gene expression profiling of ErbB receptor and ligand-dependent transcription." Oncogene.. 2004 Feb 19; 23(7):1428-38.

Chatterjee G, Rosner A, Han Y, Zelazny ET, Li B, Cardiff RD, Perkins AS. "Acceleration of mouse mammary tumor virus-induced murine mammary tumorigenesis by a p53 172H transgene: influence of FVB background on tumor latency and identification of novel sites of proviral insertion." The American journal of pathology.. 2002 Dec 0; 161(6):2241-53.

Kone J, Arroyo J, Savinelli T, Lin S, Boyd K, Wu Y, Nimmakayalu M, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Qumsiyeh M, Hu P, Prescott A, Wu H, Yang L, Roe B, Perkins AS. "F-MuLV acceleration of myelomonocytic tumorigenesis in SV40 large T antigen transgenic mice is accompanied by retroviral insertion at Fli1 and a novel locus, Fim4." Leukemia.. 2002 Sep 0; 16(9):1827-34.

Ma X, Husain T, Peng H, Lin S, Mironenko O, Maun N, Johnson S, Tuck D, Berliner N, Krause DS, Perkins AS. "Development of a murine hematopoietic progenitor complementary DNA microarray using a subtracted complementary DNA library." Blood.. 2002 Aug 1; 100(3):833-44.

Hui P, Glusac EJ, Sinard JH, Perkins AS. "Clonal analysis of cutaneous fibrous histiocytoma (dermatofibroma)." Journal of cutaneous pathology.. 2002 Aug 0; 29(7):385-9.

Perkins AS. "Functional genomics in the mouse." Functional & integrative genomics. 2002 Aug 0; 2(3):81-91. Epub 2002 Mar 09.

Kogan SC, Ward JM, Anver MR, Berman JJ, Brayton C, Cardiff RD, Carter JS, de Coronado S, Downing JR, Fredrickson TN, Haines DC, Harris AW, Harris NL, Hiai H, Jaffe ES, MacLennan IC, Pandolfi PP, Pattengale PK, Perkins AS, Simpson RM, Tuttle MS, Wong JF, Morse HC, . "Bethesda proposals for classification of nonlymphoid hematopoietic neoplasms in mice." Blood.. 2002 Jul 1; 100(1):238-45.

Wysolmerski JJ, Dann PR, Zelazny E, Dunbar ME, Insogna KL, Guise TA, Perkins AS. "Overexpression of parathyroid hormone-related protein causes hypercalcemia but not bone metastases in a murine model of mammary tumorigenesis." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.. 2002 Jul 0; 17(7):1164-70.

Zelazny E, Li B, Anagnostopoulos AM, Coleman A, Perkins AS. "Cooperating oncogenic events in murine mammary tumorigenesis: assessment of ErbB2, mutant p53, and mouse mammary tumor virus." Experimental and molecular pathology.. 2001 Jun 0; 70(3):183-93.

Hui P, Parkash V, Perkins AS, Carcangiu ML. "Pathogenesis of placental site trophoblastic tumor may require the presence of a paternally derived X chromosome." Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology.. 2000 Jun 0; 80(6):965-72.

Kim JH, Hui P, Yue D, Aycock J, Leclerc C, Bjoring AR, Perkins AS. "Identification of candidate target genes for EVI-1, a zinc finger oncoprotein, using a novel selection strategy." Oncogene.. 1998 Sep 24; 17(12):1527-38.

Roberts A, Kretzschmar E, Perkins AS, Forman J, Price R, Buonocore L, Kawaoka Y, Rose JK. "Vaccination with a recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus expressing an influenza virus hemagglutinin provides complete protection from influenza virus challenge." Journal of virology.. 1998 Jun 0; 72(6):4704-11.

Krause DS, Perkins AS. "Gotta find GATA a friend." Nature medicine.. 1997 Sep 0; 3(9):960-1.

Li B, Rosen JM, McMenamin-Balano J, Muller WJ, Perkins AS. "neu/ERBB2 cooperates with p53-172H during mammary tumorigenesis in transgenic mice." Molecular and cellular biology.. 1997 Jun 0; 17(6):3155-63.

Khanna-Gupta A, Lopingco MC, Savinelli T, Zibello T, Berliner N, Perkins AS. "Retroviral insertional activation of the EVI1 oncogene does not prevent G-CSF-induced maturation of the murine pluripotent myeloid cell line 32Dcl3." Oncogene.. 1996 Feb 1; 12(3):563-9.

Perkins AS, Kim JH. "Zinc fingers 1-7 of EVI1 fail to bind to the GATA motif by itself but require the core site GACAAGATA for binding." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 1996 Jan 12; 271(2):1104-10.

Lopingco MC, Perkins AS. "Molecular analysis of Evi1, a zinc finger oncogene involved in myeloid leukemia." Current topics in microbiology and immunology.. 1996 211:211-22.

Wolff L, Perkins AS. "Molecular regulation of myelopoiesis." Trends in cell biology. 1995 Sep 0; 5(9):369-71.

Brannan CI, Perkins AS, Vogel KS, Ratner N, Nordlund ML, Reid SW, Buchberg AM, Jenkins NA, Parada LF, Copeland NG. "Targeted disruption of the neurofibromatosis type-1 gene leads to developmental abnormalities in heart and various neural crest-derived tissues." Genes & development.. 1994 May 1; 8(9):1019-29.

Liu JP, Baker J, Perkins AS, Robertson EJ, Efstratiadis A. "Mice carrying null mutations of the genes encoding insulin-like growth factor I (Igf-1) and type 1 IGF receptor (Igf1r)." Cell.. 1993 Oct 8; 75(1):59-72.

Stanton BR, Perkins AS, Tessarollo L, Sassoon DA, Parada LF. "Loss of N-myc function results in embryonic lethality and failure of the epithelial component of the embryo to develop." Genes & development.. 1992 Dec 0; 6(12A):2235-47.

Skalnik DG, Dorfman DM, Perkins AS, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Orkin SH. "Targeting of transgene expression to monocyte/macrophages by the gp91-phox promoter and consequent histiocytic malignancies." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 1991 Oct 1; 88(19):8505-9.

Perkins AS, Fishel R, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG. "Evi-1, a murine zinc finger proto-oncogene, encodes a sequence-specific DNA-binding protein." Molecular and cellular biology.. 1991 May 0; 11(5):2665-74.

Perkins AS, Mercer JA, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG. "Patterns of Evi-1 expression in embryonic and adult tissues suggest that Evi-1 plays an important regulatory role in mouse development." Development.. 1991 Feb 0; 111(2):479-87.

Skalnik DG, Dorfman DM, Perkins AS, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Orkin SH. "Targeting of transgene expression to monocytes by cytochrome b heavy chain gene 5'-flanking sequences induces histiocytic malignancies." Transactions of the Association of American Physicians. 1990 103:129-36.

Perkins AS, Kirschmeier PT, Weinstein IB. "Transduction of the human insulin gene via retroviral vectors fails to yield spliced transcripts." DNA (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.). 1989 8(1):59-68.

Perkins AS. "The pathology of murine myelogenous leukemias." Current topics in microbiology and immunology.. 1989 149:3-21.

Kirschmeier PT, Housey GM, Johnson MD, Perkins AS, Weinstein IB. "Construction and characterization of a retroviral vector demonstrating efficient expression of cloned cDNA sequences." DNA (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.). 1988 Apr 0; 7(3):219-25.

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Segre GV, Perkins AS, Witters LA, Potts J. "Metabolism of parathyroid hormone by isolated rat Kupffer cells and hepatocytes." The Journal of clinical investigation.. 1981 Feb 0; 67(2):449-57.