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Farnsworth CW, Schott EM, Jensen SE, Zukoski J, Benvie AM, Refaai MA, Kates SL, Schwarz EM, Zuscik MJ, Gill SR, Mooney RA. "Adaptive Upregulation of Clumping Factor A (ClfA) by Staphylococcus aureus in the Obese, Type 2 Diabetic Host Mediates Increased Virulence." Infection and immunity.. 2017 Jun 0; 85(6)Epub 2017 May 23.

Blumberg N, Cholette JM, Schmidt AE, Phipps RP, Spinelli SL, Heal JM, Pietropaoli AP, Refaai MA, Sime PJ. "Management of Platelet Disorders and Platelet Transfusions in ICU Patients." Transfusion medicine reviews.. 2017 May 4; Epub 2017 May 04.

Agostini-Vulaj D, Francis CW, Refaai MA. "Management of concomitant factor VII deficiency and Factor V Leiden mutation." International journal of laboratory hematology.. 2017 Feb 0; 39(1):e10-e13.

Greener D, Henrichs KF, Liesveld JL, Heal JM, Aquina CT, Phillips GL, Kirkley SA, Milner LA, Refaai MA, Mendler JH, Szydlowski J, Masel D, Schmidt A, Boscoe FP, Schymura MJ, Blumberg N. "Improved outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia patients treated with washed transfusions." American journal of hematology.. 2017 Jan 0; 92(1):E8-E9.

Sharma AK, Sharma M, Refaai MA. "Looking Beyond INR of 1.5 and Fresh Frozen Plasma in Liver Disease." Cardiovascular and interventional radiology.. 2016 Dec 0; 39(12):1795-1796. Epub 2016 Jun 03.

Zaffuto BJ, Conley GW, Connolly GC, Henrichs KF, Francis CW, Heal JM, Blumberg N, Refaai MA. "ABO-immune complex formation and impact on platelet function, red cell structural integrity and haemostasis: an in vitro model of ABO non-identical transfusion." Vox sanguinis.. 2016 Apr 0; 110(3):219-26. Epub 2015 Nov 03.

Milling TJ, Refaai MA, Sarode R, Lewis B, Mangione A, Durn BL, Harman A, Lee ML, Goldstein JN. "Safety of a Four-factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Versus Plasma for Vitamin K Antagonist Reversal: An Integrated Analysis of Two Phase IIIb Clinical Trials." Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.. 2016 Apr 0; 23(4):466-75. Epub 2016 Mar 21.

Lannan KL, Refaai MA, Ture SK, Morrell CN, Blumberg N, Phipps RP, Spinelli SL. "Resveratrol preserves the function of human platelets stored for transfusion." British journal of haematology.. 2016 Mar 0; 172(5):794-806. Epub 2015 Dec 18.

Schmidt AE, Refaai MA, Blumberg N. "Platelet Transfusion and Thrombosis: More Questions than Answers." Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis.. 2016 Mar 0; 42(2):118-24. Epub 2015 Dec 30.

Milling TJ, Refaai MA, Goldstein JN, Schneider A, Omert L, Harman A, Lee ML, Sarode R. "Thromboembolic Events After Vitamin K Antagonist Reversal With 4-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate: Exploratory Analyses of Two Randomized, Plasma-Controlled Studies." Annals of emergency medicine.. 2016 Jan 0; 67(1):96-105.e5. Epub 2015 Jun 17.

Schmidt AE, Refaai MA, Blumberg N. "Past, present and forecast of transfusion medicine: What has changed and what is expected to change?" La Presse médicale.. 2016 45(7-8 Pt 2):e253-72. Epub 2016 Jul 26.

Refaai MA, Goldstein JN, Lee ML, Durn BL, Milling TJ, Sarode R. "Increased risk of volume overload with plasma compared with four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate for urgent vitamin K antagonist reversal." Transfusion.. 2015 Nov 0; 55(11):2722-9. Epub 2015 Jul 01.

Schmidt AE, Kirkley S, Patel N, Masel D, Bowen R, Blumberg N, Refaai MA. "An alternative method to dithiothreitol treatment for antibody screening in patients receiving daratumumab." Transfusion.. 2015 Sep 0; 55(9):2292-3.

Blumberg N, Refaai M, Heal J. "ABO matching of platelet transfusions - "Start Making Sense". "As we get older, and stop making sense…" - The Talking Heads (1984)." Blood transfusion = Trasfusione del sangue.. 2015 Jul 0; 13(3):347-50. Epub 2015 Feb 02.

Goldstein JN, Refaai MA, Milling TJ, Lewis B, Goldberg-Alberts R, Hug BA, Sarode R. "Four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate versus plasma for rapid vitamin K antagonist reversal in patients needing urgent surgical or invasive interventions: a phase 3b, open-label, non-inferiority, randomised trial." Lancet.. 2015 May 23; 385(9982):2077-87. Epub 2015 Feb 27.

Zantek ND, Hsu P, Meijer P, Smock KJ, Plumhoff EA, Refaai MA, Van Cott EM. "Quality of factor XI activity testing in North American Specialized Coagulation Laboratories." International journal of laboratory hematology.. 2015 May 0; 37 Suppl 1:99-107.

Stolla M, Refaai MA, Heal JM, Spinelli SL, Garraud O, Phipps RP, Blumberg N. "Platelet transfusion - the new immunology of an old therapy." Frontiers in immunology. 2015 6:28. Epub 2015 Feb 02.

Spinelli SL, Lannan KL, Casey AE, Croasdell A, Curran TM, Henrichs KF, Pollock SJ, Milne GA, Refaai MA, Francis CW, Phipps RP, Blumberg N. "Isoprostane and isofuran lipid mediators accumulate in stored red blood cells and influence platelet function in vitro." Transfusion.. 2014 Jun 0; 54(6):1569-79. Epub 2013 Nov 05.

Refaai MA, Blumberg N. "Transfusion immunomodulation from a clinical perspective: an update." Expert review of hematology. 2013 Dec 0; 6(6):653-63. Epub 2013 Oct 30.

Sarode R, Milling TJ, Refaai MA, Mangione A, Schneider A, Durn BL, Goldstein JN. "Efficacy and safety of a 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate in patients on vitamin K antagonists presenting with major bleeding: a randomized, plasma-controlled, phase IIIb study." Circulation.. 2013 Sep 10; 128(11):1234-43. Epub 2013 Aug 09.

Zantek ND, Hsu P, Refaai MA, Ledford-Kraemer M, Meijer P, Van Cott EM. "Factor VII assay performance: an analysis of the North American Specialized Coagulation Laboratory Association proficiency testing results." International journal of laboratory hematology.. 2013 Jun 0; 35(3):314-21.

Refaai MA, Blumberg N. "The transfusion dilemma--weighing the known and newly proposed risks of blood transfusions against the uncertain benefits." Best practice & research. Clinical anaesthesiology.. 2013 Mar 0; 27(1):17-35.

Refaai MA, Carter J, Henrichs KF, Davidson DC, Pollock SJ, Casey AE, Spinelli SL, Phipps RP, Francis CW, Blumberg N. "Alterations of platelet function and clot formation kinetics after in vitro exposure to anti-A and -B." Transfusion.. 2013 Feb 0; 53(2):382-93. Epub 2012 May 25.

Henrichs KF, Howk N, Masel DS, Thayer M, Refaai MA, Kirkley SA, Heal JM, Blumberg N. "Providing ABO-identical platelets and cryoprecipitate to (almost) all patients: approach, logistics, and associated decreases in transfusion reaction and red blood cell alloimmunization incidence." Transfusion.. 2012 Mar 0; 52(3):635-40. Epub 2011 Sep 02.

Refaai MA, Fialkow LB, Heal JM, Henrichs KF, Spinelli SL, Phipps RP, Masel E, Smith BH, Corsetti JP, Francis CW, Bankey PE, Blumberg N. "An association of ABO non-identical platelet and cryoprecipitate transfusions with altered red cell transfusion needs in surgical patients." Vox sanguinis.. 2011 Jul 0; 101(1):55-60. Epub 2011 Mar 18.

Refaai MA, Phipps RP, Spinelli SL, Blumberg N. "Platelet transfusions: impact on hemostasis, thrombosis, inflammation and clinical outcomes." Thrombosis research.. 2011 Apr 0; 127(4):287-91. Epub 2010 Nov 19.

Refaai MA, Henrichs KF, Spinelli SL, Phipps RP, Masel E, Smith BH, Francis CW, Blumberg N. "Platelet Activation Following Exposure to Anti-ABO Antibodies-An In Vitro Study." US oncology & hematology.. 2011 Jan 1; 7(1):72-74.

Sahler J, Grimshaw K, Spinelli SL, Refaai MA, Phipps RP, Blumberg N. "Platelet storage and transfusions: new concerns associated with an old therapy." Drug discovery today. Disease mechanisms. 2011 8(1-2):e9-e14. Epub 2011 Jul 20.

Blumberg N, Heal JM, Gettings KF, Phipps RP, Masel D, Refaai MA, Kirkley SA, Fialkow LB. "An association between decreased cardiopulmonary complications (transfusion-related acute lung injury and transfusion-associated circulatory overload) and implementation of universal leukoreduction of blood transfusions." Transfusion.. 2010 Dec 0; 50(12):2738-44.

Refaai MA, Chuang C, Menegus M, Blumberg N, Francis CW. "Outcomes after platelet transfusion in patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia." Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH.. 2010 Jun 0; 8(6):1419-21. Epub 2010 Mar 19.

Sarode R, Refaai MA, Matevosyan K, Burner JD, Hampton S, Rutherford C. "Prospective monitoring of plasma and platelet transfusions in a large teaching hospital results in significant cost reduction." Transfusion.. 2010 Feb 0; 50(2):487-92. Epub 2009 Oct 05.

Refaai MA, Frenkel E, Sarode R. "Platelet aggregation responses vary over a period of time in healthy controls." Platelets.. 2010 21(6):460-3.

Holland L, Warkentin TE, Refaai M, Crowther MA, Johnston MA, Sarode R. "Suboptimal effect of a three-factor prothrombin complex concentrate (Profilnine-SD) in correcting supratherapeutic international normalized ratio due to warfarin overdose." Transfusion.. 2009 Jun 0; 49(6):1171-7. Epub 2009 Feb 06.

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Refaai MA, Van Cott EM, Lukoszyk M, Hughes J, Eby CS. "Loss of factor VIII and von Willebrand factor activities during cold storage of whole blood is reversed by rewarming." Laboratory hematology : official publication of the International Society for Laboratory Hematology.. 2006 12(2):99-102.

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