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2016 Feb
Schroeder AR, Shen MW, Biondi EA, Bendel-Stenzel M, Chen CN, French J, Lee V, Evans RC, Jerardi KE, Mischler M, Wood KE, Chang PW, Roman HK, Greenhow TL. "Bacteraemic urinary tract infection: management and outcomes in young infants." Archives of disease in childhood. 2016 Feb; 101(2):125-30. Epub 2015 Jul 15.
2015 Jun
Schroeder AR, Chang PW, Shen MW, Biondi EA, Greenhow TL. "Diagnostic accuracy of the urinalysis for urinary tract infection in infants <3 months of age." Pediatrics. 2015 Jun; 135(6):965-71.
2015 Jun
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2015 May
Biondi EA, Gottfried JA, Dutko Fioravanti I, Schriefer JA, Aligne CA, Leonard MS. "Interobserver reliability of attending physicians and bedside nurses when using an inpatient paediatric respiratory score." Journal of clinical nursing. 2015 May; 24(9-10):1320-6. Epub 2014 Nov 25.
2015 Apr
Biondi EA, Varade WS, Garfunkel LC, Lynn JF, Craig MS, Cellini MM, Shone LP, Harris JP, Baldwin CD. "Discordance between resident and faculty perceptions of resident autonomy: can self-determination theory help interpret differences and guide strategies for bridging the divide?" Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. 2015 Apr; 90(4):462-71.
McCulloh RJ, Koster MP, Yin DE, Milner TL, Ralston SL, Hill VL, Alverson BK, Biondi EA. "Evaluating the use of blood cultures in the management of children hospitalized for community-acquired pneumonia." PloS one. 2015 10(2):e0117462. Epub 2015 Feb 06.
2014 Nov
Biondi E. "The superbugs are coming!" Hospital pediatrics. 2014 Nov; 4(6):408-10.
2014 Sep
Biondi EA, Mischler M, Jerardi KE, Statile AM, French J, Evans R, Lee V, Chen C, Asche C, Ren J, Shah SS, . "Blood culture time to positivity in febrile infants with bacteremia." JAMA pediatrics. 2014 Sep; 168(9):844-9.
2014 Jul
Biondi E. "It Doesn't Have to be EviDense." Hospital pediatrics. 2014 Jul; 4(4):259-60.
2014 Jun
Biondi E, McCulloh R, Alverson B, Klein A, Dixon A, Ralston S. "Treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia: a systematic review." Pediatrics. 2014 Jun; 133(6):1081-90.
2014 May
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2014 May
Biondi E. "It doesn't have to be EviDense." Hospital pediatrics. 2014 May; 4(3):188-9.
2014 Mar
Biondi E. "It Doesn't Have to be EviDense." Hospital pediatrics. 2014 Mar; 4(2):113-5.
2014 Feb
Biondi EA, Leonard MS, Nocera E, Chen R, Arora J, Alverson B. "Tempering pediatric hospitalist supervision of residents improves admission process efficiency without decreasing quality of care." Journal of hospital medicine. 2014 Feb; 9(2):106-10. Epub 2013 Dec 31.
2014 Jan
Biondi E. "It doesn't have to be evidense." Hospital pediatrics. 2014 Jan; 4(1):48-50.
2013 Dec
Biondi E, Evans R, Mischler M, Bendel-Stenzel M, Horstmann S, Lee V, Aldag J, Gigliotti F. "Epidemiology of bacteremia in febrile infants in the United States." Pediatrics. 2013 Dec; 132(6):990-6. Epub 2013 Nov 11.
2013 Jul
Biondi E, Macduff S, Capucilli P, Tsuboyama M, Wu S, Beck C, Lynn J, van der Jagt E, Wilson K. "Using patient characteristics to predict usefulness of abdominal computed tomography in children." Hospital pediatrics. 2013 Jul; 3(3):226-32.
2013 Jan
Biondi E. "In defense of my lazy and entitled generation: an open letter to my elders." Hospital pediatrics. 2013 Jan; 3(1):76-8.
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Biondi E; Krysan D. "Treatment with oseltamivir decreases the length of hospital stay in critically ill children with influenza." The Journal of Pediatrics. 2012; 160 (3): 528-9.
2010 Sep
Biondi EA. "Focus on diagnosis: cardiac arrhythmias in children." Pediatrics in review. 2010 Sep; 31(9):375-9.