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Rachel L. Farkas, M.D.

Cancer, Surgery


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Journal Articles

Moalem, J, Farkas, FL, Ruan, D, Khu, QY. "Laparoscopic enucleation for insulinoma: the procedure of choice?". Surgical Endoscopy. 2012; .

Iannuzzi JC; Choi DX; Farkas RL; Ruan DT; Peacock JL; Moalem J. ""Surgeon beware: many patients referred for parathyroidectomy are misdiagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism"". Surgery. 2012; 152(4): 635-640.

Oberheim, NA, Kim, A, Farkas, RL, Ruan, DT, Schoeniger, LO, Schiffhauer, LM and Moalem, J. "Giant pancreatic tumor with clinical presentation of insulinoma without common pathological features". Endocrine Practice. 2011; 16: 1-13.

Moalem, J, Choi, D, Farkas, RI, Ruan, D, Khanafskar, E, and Kebebew, E, Moalem, J. "Delayed diagnosis of metastatic papillary thyroid cancer misdiagnosed as non-small cell lung cancer". Thyroid. 2011; 21(3).

Moalem, J, Ruan, DT, Farkas, RL, Shen, W, Miller, S, Duh, Q-Y, Clark, OH, Kebebew, E. "Prospective evaluation of the rate and impact of hemolysis on intraoperative parathyroid hormone assay (IOPTH) results". Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2010; 17(11): 2963-9.

Moalem J, Farkas, RL, Ruan, DT, Shen, W, Kebebew, E, Clark, OH, Duh, Q-Y. "Patterns of antibiotic prophylaxis use for thyroidectomy & parathyroidectomy: results of an international survey of endocrine surgeons". Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2010; 210(6): 949-56.

Moalem, J, Salzman, P, Ruan, DT, Freiburg, C, Cherr, G, Farkas, RL, Brewster, L, James, T. "Should all duty hours be the same?". Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2009; 209(1): 47-54.

Moalem, J, Ruan, D, Farkas, RL, Shen, W, Gosnell, J, Miller, S, Duh, QY, Clark, OH, Kebebew, E. "Hemolysis is frequent and falsely lowers intraoperative parathyroid hormone levels". American Journal of Surgery. 2009; 197(2): 222-6.

Farkas, RL, Moalem, J, Hammond, J. "Chilaiditi's sign in a blunt trauma patient: a case report and review of the literature". Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection, and Critical Care. 2008; 65(6): 1540-2.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: "Asymptomatic" patients with primary hyperparathyroidism
Book Title: Handbook of Parathyroid Diseases
Author List: Farkas, RL, Moalem, J, Clark, OH
Edited By: Clark, OH and Kahn, AV
Published By: Human Press2012