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2015 Sep 11
Fortuna RJ, Robinson L, Smith TH, Meccarello J, Bullen B, Nobis K, Davidson PW. "Health Conditions and Functional Status in Adults with Autism: A Cross-Sectional Evaluation." Journal of general internal medicine. 2015 Sep 11; Epub 2015 Sep 11.
2015 Feb
Fiscella K, Winters PC, Mendoza M, Noronha GJ, Swanger CM, Bisognano JD, Fortuna RJ. "Do clinicians recommend aspirin to patients for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease?" Journal of general internal medicine. 2015 Feb; 30(2):155-60.
2014 Jan
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Sanders MR, Winters P, Fortuna RJ, Mendoza M, Berliant M, Clark L, Fiscella K. "Internet access and patient portal readiness among patients in a group of inner-city safety-net practices." The Journal of ambulatory care management. 2013 36(3):251-9.
Joynt M, Train MK, Robbins BW, Halterman JS, Caiola E, Fortuna RJ. "The impact of neighborhood socioeconomic status and race on the prescribing of opioids in emergency departments throughout the United States." Journal of general internal medicine. 2013 28(12):1604-10.
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2011 Oct
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2010 Jul
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2009 Feb
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2008 Dec
Fortuna RJ; Ross-Degnan D; Finkelstein J; Zhang F; Campion FX; Simon SR. "Clinician Attitudes towards Prescribing and Implications for Interventions in a Multispecialty Group Practice". J Eval Clin Pract. 2008; 14(6)(14(6)): 969-73.
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