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Joan E. Adamo, Ph.D.


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Gravelin M, Adamo JE, Ellison S, Segear E, Parrish AB, Deeter C, Hamill J, Rigan L, Mashour GA, Weatherwax KJ. "National landscape assessment of academic medical center support for expanded access to investigational products." Journal of clinical and translational science.. 2023 7(1):e4. Epub 2022 Nov 16.

Adamo JE, Bienvenu RV, Fields FO, Ghosh S, Jones CM, Liebman M, Lowenthal MS, Steele SJ. "The integration of emerging omics approaches to advance precision medicine: How can regulatory science help?" Journal of clinical and translational science.. 2018 Oct; 2(5):295-300. Epub 2018 Dec 06.

Adamo JE, Grayson WL, Hatcher H, Brown JS, Thomas A, Hollister S, Steele SJ. "Regulatory interfaces surrounding the growing field of additive manufacturing of medical devices and biologic products." Journal of clinical and translational science.. 2018 Oct; 2(5):301-304. Epub 2018 Nov 29.

Holbein ME, Berglund JP, Weatherwax K, Gerber DE, Adamo JE. "Access to Investigational Drugs: FDA Expanded Access Programs or "Right-to-Try" Legislation?" Clinical and translational science.. 2015 Oct; 8(5):526-32. Epub 2015 Jan 15.

Adamo JE, Wilhelm EE, Steele SJ. "Advancing a Vision for Regulatory Science Training." Clinical and translational science.. 2015 Oct; 8(5):615-8. Epub 2015 Jun 17.

Holbein ME, Berglund JP, O'Reilly EK, Hartman K, Speicher LA, Adamo JE, O'Riordan G, Brown JS, Schuff KG, . "Recommendations from the Investigational New Drug/Investigational Device Exemption Task Force of the clInical and Translational Science Award Consortium: developing and implementing a sponsor-investigators training program." Journal of investigative medicine : the official publication of the American Federation for Clinical Research.. 2014 Jun; 62(5):797-803.

Adamo, J.; Hancock, S.; Bens, C.; Marshall, M.; Kleinert, L; and Sarzotti-Kelsoe, M. "Options for Financially Supporting GLP and GCLP Quality Assurance Programs within an Academic Institution" . Journal of GXP Compliance. 2014; 18(1).

Schmeisser F, Adamo JE, Blumberg B, Friedman R, Muller J, Soto J, Weir JP. "Production and characterization of mammalian virus-like particles from modified vaccinia virus Ankara vectors expressing influenza H5N1 hemagglutinin and neuraminidase." Vaccine.. 2012 May 14; 30(23):3413-22. Epub 2012 Mar 29.

Adamo JE, Bauer G, Berro M, Burnett BK, Hartman KA, Masiello LM, Moorman-White D, Rubinstein EP, Schuff KG. "A roadmap for academic health centers to establish good laboratory practice-compliant infrastructure." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2012 Mar; 87(3):279-84.

Adamo JE, Meseda CA, Weir JP, Merchlinsky MJ. "Smallpox vaccines induce antibodies to the immunomodulatory, secreted vaccinia virus complement control protein." The Journal of general virology.. 2009 Nov; 90(Pt 11):2604-8. Epub 2009 Jul 08.

Adamo JE, Liu T, Schmeisser F, Ye Z. "Optimizing viral protein yield of influenza virus strain A/Vietnam/1203/2004 by modification of the neuraminidase gene." Journal of virology.. 2009 May; 83(9):4023-9. Epub 2009 Feb 18.

Adamo JE, Schröer J, Shenk T. "Human cytomegalovirus TRS1 protein is required for efficient assembly of DNA-containing capsids." Journal of virology.. 2004 Oct; 78(19):10221-9.

Adamo JE, Moskow JJ, Gladfelter AS, Viterbo D, Lew DJ, Brennwald PJ. "Yeast Cdc42 functions at a late step in exocytosis, specifically during polarized growth of the emerging bud." The Journal of cell biology.. 2001 Nov 12; 155(4):581-92. Epub 2001 Nov 12.

Adamo JE, Rossi G, Brennwald P. "The Rho GTPase Rho3 has a direct role in exocytosis that is distinct from its role in actin polarity." Molecular biology of the cell.. 1999 Dec; 10(12):4121-33.

Lehman K, Rossi G, Adamo JE, Brennwald P. "Yeast homologues of tomosyn and lethal giant larvae function in exocytosis and are associated with the plasma membrane SNARE, Sec9." The Journal of cell biology.. 1999 Jul 12; 146(1):125-40.