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Paul G. van der Sloot, M.D.

Cancer, Otolaryngology, Surgery


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Journal Articles

Tiu J., Li H., Rassekh C., van der Sloot P.G., Kovach R., Zhang P. "Molecular Basis of Posttransplant Squamous Cell Carcinoma : The Potential Role Of Cyclosporin A in Carcinogenesis". Laryngoscope. 2006; 5(116): 762-9.

van der Sloot P.G. "Hard and Soft Palate Reconstruction". Current Opinion in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. 2003; 4(11): 225-9.

van der Sloot P.G..; Seikaly H.; Harris J. "Effects of a Non-compressive hematoma on free flap viability". Journal of Otolaryngology. 2002; 3(31): 144-6.

Zochodne D.W.; Murray M.M.; van der Sloot P.G.; and Riopelle R.J. "Distal tibial mononeuropathy in diabetic and nondiabetic rats reared on wire cages: an experimental entrapment neuropathy". Brain Research. 1995; 1-2(698): 130-6.

van der Sloot P.G.; Mizisin A.; and Zochodne D.W. "Sulindac in Established Experimental Diabetes: a Follow-up Study". Can J Neurol Sci. 1995; 3(22): 198-201.