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Marsha N. Wittink, M.D., M.B.E.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
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Wittink, MN; Yilmaz, S;Walsh, P;Chapman, B;Duberstein, P. "Customized Care: An intervention to Improve Communication and Health Outcomes in multimorbidity". Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. 2016; 4: 214-221. Link
2015 Nov
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2015 Jul
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2015 Mar 21
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2013 Nov
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2012 Oct
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2011 Oct
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2011 Aug
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2009 Sep 1
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2009 Mar
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2008 Nov 1
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2008 Oct 27
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2008 Sep
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2008 Jun
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2006 Nov
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2006 Nov
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2006 Jan
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2005 Oct 1
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2005 Oct
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2003 Feb
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