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Ethan David Cohen, Ph.D.


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Burris J, Beutner G, Cohen ED, Yee M, O'Reilly MA, Porter GA. "Cyclophilin D inhibition rescues cardiac function in neonatal hypoxia." Biophysical journal.. 2023 Feb 10; 122(3S1):96a.

Quijada P, Trembley MA, Misra A, Myers JA, Baker CD, Pérez-Hernández M, Myers JR, Dirkx RA, Cohen ED, Delmar M, Ashton JM, Small EM. "Coordination of endothelial cell positioning and fate specification by the epicardium." Nature communications.. 2021 Jul 6; 12(1):4155. Epub 2021 Jul 06.

Cohen ED, Yee M, Porter GA, Ritzer EE, McDavid AN, Brookes PS, Pryhuber GS, O'Reilly MA. "Neonatal hyperoxia inhibits proliferation and survival of atrial cardiomyocytes by suppressing fatty acid synthesis." JCI insight.. 2021 Jan 28; Epub 2021 Jan 28.

Yee M, Cohen ED, Haak J, Dylag AM, O'Reilly MA. "Neonatal hyperoxia enhances age-dependent expression of SARS-CoV-2 receptors in mice." bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology.. 2020 Jul 22; Epub 2020 Jul 22.

Yee M, Cohen ED, Domm W, Porter GA, McDavid AN, O'Reilly MA. "Neonatal hyperoxia depletes pulmonary vein cardiomyocytes in adult mice via mitochondrial oxidation." American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology.. 2018 May 1; 314(5):L846-L859. Epub 2018 Jan 18.

Ajima R, Bisson JA, Jay-Christian Helt , Nakaya MA, Habas R, Tessarollo L, He X, Morrisey EE, Yamaguchi TP, Cohen ED. "DAAM1 and DAAM2 are co-required for myocardial maturation and sarcomere assembly." Developmental biology.. 2015 Dec 1; 408(1):126-39. Epub 2015 Oct 23.

Bisson JA, Mills B, Paul Helt JC, Zwaka TP, Cohen ED. "Wnt5a and Wnt11 inhibit the canonical Wnt pathway and promote cardiac progenitor development via the Caspase-dependent degradation of AKT." Developmental biology.. 2015 Feb 1; 398(1):80-96. Epub 2014 Dec 05.

Kadzik RS, Cohen ED, Morley MP, Stewart KM, Lu MM, Morrisey EE. "Wnt ligand/Frizzled 2 receptor signaling regulates tube shape and branch-point formation in the lung through control of epithelial cell shape." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 2014 Aug 26; 111(34):12444-9. Epub 2014 Aug 11.

Miller MF, Cohen ED, Baggs JE, Hogenesch JB, Morrisey EE. "High throughput genomic screen identifies multiple factors that promote cooperative Wnt signaling." PloS one.. 2013 8(1):e55782. Epub 2013 Jan 31.

Miller MF, Cohen ED, Baggs JE, Lu MM, Hogenesch JB, Morrisey EE. "Wnt ligands signal in a cooperative manner to promote foregut organogenesis." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 2012 Sep 18; 109(38):15348-53. Epub 2012 Sep 04.

Cohen ED, Miller MF, Wang Z, Moon RT, Morrisey EE. "Wnt5a and Wnt11 are essential for second heart field progenitor development." Development.. 2012 Jun; 139(11):1931-40.

Shen D, Li J, Lepore JJ, Anderson TJ, Sinha S, Lin AY, Cheng L, Cohen ED, Roberts JD, Dedhar S, Parmacek MS, Gerszten RE. "Aortic aneurysm generation in mice with targeted deletion of integrin-linked kinase in vascular smooth muscle cells." Circulation research.. 2011 Sep 2; 109(6):616-28. Epub 2011 Jul 21.

Goss AM, Tian Y, Cheng L, Yang J, Zhou D, Cohen ED, Morrisey EE. "Wnt2 signaling is necessary and sufficient to activate the airway smooth muscle program in the lung by regulating myocardin/Mrtf-B and Fgf10 expression." Developmental biology.. 2011 Aug 15; 356(2):541-52. Epub 2011 Jun 16.

Yuan L, Wang T, Liu F, Cohen ED, Patel VV. "An evaluation of transmitral and pulmonary venous Doppler indices for assessing murine left ventricular diastolic function." Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography : official publication of the American Society of Echocardiography.. 2010 Aug; 23(8):887-97. Epub 2010 Jun 29.

Tian Y, Cohen ED, Morrisey EE. "The importance of Wnt signaling in cardiovascular development." Pediatric cardiology.. 2010 Apr; 31(3):342-8. Epub 2009 Dec 05.

Tian Y, Yuan L, Goss AM, Wang T, Yang J, Lepore JJ, Zhou D, Schwartz RJ, Patel V, Cohen ED, Morrisey EE. "Characterization and in vivo pharmacological rescue of a Wnt2-Gata6 pathway required for cardiac inflow tract development." Developmental cell.. 2010 Feb 16; 18(2):275-87.

Cohen ED, Ihida-Stansbury K, Lu MM, Panettieri RA, Jones PL, Morrisey EE. "Wnt signaling regulates smooth muscle precursor development in the mouse lung via a tenascin C/PDGFR pathway." The Journal of clinical investigation.. 2009 Sep; 119(9):2538-49. Epub 2009 Aug 17.

Goss AM, Tian Y, Tsukiyama T, Cohen ED, Zhou D, Lu MM, Yamaguchi TP, Morrisey EE. "Wnt2/2b and beta-catenin signaling are necessary and sufficient to specify lung progenitors in the foregut." Developmental cell.. 2009 Aug; 17(2):290-8.

Zhang Y, Goss AM, Cohen ED, Kadzik R, Lepore JJ, Muthukumaraswamy K, Yang J, DeMayo FJ, Whitsett JA, Parmacek MS, Morrisey EE. "A Gata6-Wnt pathway required for epithelial stem cell development and airway regeneration." Nature genetics.. 2008 Jul; 40(7):862-70. Epub 2008 Jun 08.

Cohen ED, Morrisey EE. "A house with many rooms: how the heart got its chambers with foxn4." Genes & development.. 2008 Mar 15; 22(6):706-10.

Cohen ED, Tian Y, Morrisey EE. "Wnt signaling: an essential regulator of cardiovascular differentiation, morphogenesis and progenitor self-renewal." Development.. 2008 Mar; 135(5):789-98.

Cohen ED, Wang Z, Lepore JJ, Lu MM, Taketo MM, Epstein DJ, Morrisey EE. "Wnt/beta-catenin signaling promotes expansion of Isl-1-positive cardiac progenitor cells through regulation of FGF signaling." The Journal of clinical investigation.. 2007 Jul; 117(7):1794-804.

Cohen ED, Mariol MC, Wallace RM, Weyers J, Kamberov YG, Pradel J, Wilder EL. "DWnt4 regulates cell movement and focal adhesion kinase during Drosophila ovarian morphogenesis." Developmental cell.. 2002 Apr; 2(4):437-48.

Janson K, Cohen ED, Wilder EL. "Expression of DWnt6, DWnt10, and DFz4 during Drosophila development." Mechanisms of development.. 2001 May; 103(1-2):117-20.