Richard V. Welles, M.D.

Richard V. Welles, M.D.

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Big Flats, NY 14814

Office: (607) 301-4141
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Welles, R. "Diabetic Polyneuropathy, A Review of the Need for Early Diagnosis and Treatment". Guthrie Journal. 2003; 72(1 and 2): 13-17.
Kalia, M.; Welles, R.V. "Brainstem projections of the aortic nerve in the cat; a study using tetramethyl-benzidine as the substrate for horseradish peroxidase". Brain Res. 1980; 188: 23-32.
Welles, R.V.; Kalia, M. "Brainstem projections of nerve afferents in the cat". Fed. Amer. Soc. Exp. Bio. 1979; 38: 1143.