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Vir B. Singh, Ph.D.

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Appointment: (585) 276-3000

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Dr. Singh is highly experienced in studying the regulation of gene expression via epigenetic mechanisms during stress and diseased state. His Doctoral research was focused on studying the transcriptional regulation of human eukaryotic initiation factor-2? (eIF2?) kinase in K-562 cells upon heme deficiency and heavy metal exposure (depicting anemic condition). His Postdoctoral research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute was in the area of genomic imprinting and cancer biology. At RPCI, he gained extensive experience in mouse genetics, cancer biology and epigenetics with specific emphasis on role of allele specific, differential DNA methylation and lncRNA (Kcnq1ot1) expression in regulating imprinted gene expression at KvDMR1 locus. Dr. Singh's current research encompasses mimicking HIV-1 infection in humanized mouse model and studying the course of HIV-1 infection in these mice as well as understanding the molecular mechanisms of blood brain barrier dysfunction and CNS damage. His research interests also include applying epigenetic approaches to understand the mechanism of HIV latency with specific focus on long non-coding RNAs.